Happily Everafter? episode 5

We both went down stairs hand in hand. Relief of our getting down was visible on everyone’s faces if their sigh and smile was any indication.
As we joined our family, Dadi called me to her and said, “It’s your first day in this house and I want you to make something for all of us. Its a ritual of making first meal for the family. Make something sweet, make sure it’s good after all this is your first meal you are making for us.”
I had to make something, but everyone here eats sugar free food, low fat at that, what am I to make? Every sweet I know to make has loads and more than that fat in it! And how in the world I make the food sweet and sugar free at same time, I wondered

But then I didn’t really have a lot of time to deliberate, they were waiting for me to say something. So I replied, “I’ll do my best dadi.” And went to the kitchen to see what I could do. I thought I’ll make full breakfast and add sweet as a side dish, any ways I had never seen any of them eat sweets in the past months. I decided on fries, pancakes with maple syrup, soya sticks, sandwiches, noodles along with some badam halwa. And some organic kiwi juice. I also added a surprise only for Kartik, and even I had to eat right. I again thanked those sweetie children of Hrishikesh for whom I had learned cooking, if it wasn’t for them I would have never had learned it.
I got to work could see a long journey ahead. Not complaining though, I love to do this.
I had already prepared batter for pancakes, put the fries in oven (yes low fat remember), and made the noodles when he came in and grabbed me by my waist from behind. Damn, always you manage to startle me. I huffed at him, “What is it that you want? I’m bit busy here!”
He said, “When are you not? Anyways I’m not here to disturb you really. I just wanted some tea.”
“I would have made it for you, I’m just a bit preoccupied. If you wait and be nice to me you might still get it.” I replied
“Huh! Then I’d have to wait alone, where is the fun in that. Might as well do it myself. And side by side I can do my favourite job as well.” He said. I had started pouring pancakes batter onto the pan while talking to him.
I raised my eyebrow to that, “Your favourite job? Making tea?”. He gave me an incredulous look, which clearly meant I was so wrong, “Watching you idiot. I love drinking tea, not making it.”

After saying that he turned me around kept his one hand wrapped around my waist and pushed my chin up with his second hand, “I love watching you, your eyes, light brown in colour which twinkle when you talk” He ran his hand around my eyes when he said that, I shivered under his touch, “Your long wavy hair” playing with may hair. He then cupped my face with his hand and ran his thumb along my lower lip which has parted from the upper one, “The perfect curve of your lips” I had my eyes closed by then, he leaned in to grab my lips with his, just then he shouted, “Oh Krishnaji what have you done” I regained my senses, I could smell something burning, crap, it was my pancake.
“Didn’t you get some other time to romance. See my pancake burned because of you. Don’t you dare turn up in the kitchen and distract me, your tea is done pour it and go.” I started clearing off the mess.
He got worried, “Can I help you in some way?” he asked. “Yes” I replied, “by not distracting me.” He saw he really would not be able help so decided to take a leave.
He was only leaving when dadi came in the kitchen, “Kittu? What are you doing here? At our place guys never turn up in the kitchen. If your wife wanted help she could have asked us, or did she want to prove that no one in family is with her?”
Oh now only this was remaining, hey ganga maiya.. let one day of my life be boring. Don’t want so much drama. I like dadi, really, but she was too conservative. She was modern too but believed too much in the traditions I would rather forget. But they were important to her, she was important to Kartik and thus to me too.

I tried to say something when Kartik held my hand and said, “Dadi I had come here to make tea for myself. She was working alone only, I never helped her.” I had to say he destroyed a well done work too. But I held my tongue knowing she wouldn’t appreciate our banter.
“You don’t have to lie for her Kartik, I can judge true from false.” Saying that she left. Kartik looked over at me giving an exasperated look followed by a sympathising one. Kartik took a leave too.
I finished with the pancakes. Assembled the sandwiches, after tossing noodles in some olive oil I went to make badam halwa. After using bare minimal ghee with saccharine I hade the badam halwa.
After which I made a surprise dish for my mendak. I knew he would love it.
Then I arranged the dining table with well presented food. Never believed in presentation myself but my mother used to say, taking some efforts to make better relationships never goes waste. Slowly everyone started coming to dining table. I served everyone and after praying they start eating.
I watched them eating, kept my fingers crossed behind my back. Kartik saw I was nervous and signed me to calm down. I asked him to taste it, to which he made faces, I know he doesn’t like the menu very much. But I requested him again. And he tasted giving a simple thumbs up to signify that it was ok. After tasting the food every one praised me, dadi even gave me some shagun for this first meal. I thanked her and touched her feet again, I was very happy.
Everyone ate and left the dining area. I took some sandwiches and my surprise to my room along with a kettle of tea.

Kartik was there waiting for me. “I knew you’d turn up here for eating. Thus even left some space to hog some of your breakfast.” He said. Like I didn’t know? I stuck out my tongue. “Now because you have been so considerate for your wife’s feelings you deserve a gift.” I went close to his ear while I said that.
“I already love this surprise when do I get it?” He replied bouncing already.
I laughed, “Out of the gutter. For now will this do?” I gave him the plate, full of kachoris. Along with makhane and real halwa with lot of ghee and real sugar.” He eyed the plate greedily, “You are telling me that I just ate all that for nothing. You had this prepared all this already? This is very unfair Mrs. Naira Kartik”
“Mr. Kartik may I remind you that if it wasn’t for me you’d still be eating low fat, natural organic food with artificial sweetners.” I retorted.
“Point” He said laughing a little.
And we ate our breakfast together talking nonsensical things being hopelessly in love.

Precap- Singhania House.

Authors notes-
Another chapter done. I’m already on chapter 5 can’t believe it! Thank you for all your lovely comments, it motivates me so much to write.
This is the best chapter length we can have. I hope you understand. Now that we are on chapter 5 let’s try something new, after telling me about the chapter you have to tell me something you wish was added, some sort of criticism. Or anything you wish I should take care about.
And guys one more thing writing scenes with KDadi is really difficult as I’m a bit prejudiced against her and Naira is angelic. Do forgive me if I can’t do justice to her.
Any questions are always welcome. Keep reading, keep commenting
May everything always be as awesome as kaira. Keep watching yrkkh.

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