Happily Everafter? episode 4

Authors notes-
I usually do not write before a chapter, but as there were a few questions I’d like to answer them beforehand.

The plot of the story remains same as that of yrkkh..ditto same. Which means akshara has died, Kartik was accused and later proven innocent by Naira.
Marriage has already happened though. I’m hoping that Aditya track would be done by marriage thus not including him, I really do not like that character. People might say he’s grey for me he is black and I really wouldn’t like to do anything with him. And bearing him under the same roof after marriage, so close to Naira. I’d rather not, but as they say never say never. Thus let’s just keep that on hold.

And one more thing this is a KAIRA ff other characters are sideys and they’ll remain so
Now that this is out of the way, without further ado I present to you!

Chapter 4
There was some fly on me. It was on my hand, jumping on cheeks, my face, disturbing my sleep. I swatted the fly, just then the fly shouted, “Ouch! I was only trying to wake you up!” Oops! It wasn’t a fly. It was a frog. My frog at that..”Kartik? What are you doing here?” To which he just raised his eyebrows and smiled.
It was then I recalled, I was in his room, I was married to him. “Forgot so soon that we are married now?”, he teased. To which I just kissed him on cheeks and said, “Good Morning!” “Hmm..it indeed is a beautiful morning! And it would be everyday henceforth. I’d be waking up to you, how can it not be good?”, he replied. I rolled my eyes to that, so cheesy “Isn’t someone romantic this early in morning?”
He retorted, “I am always romantic my sweetheart. It is you who is always roaring.” I was about to rush after him when he ran towards the bathroom saying “I’ll come in 5, then you can go and freshen up!” I laughed at his antics! My Mendak and his tar tar!

Today was my first day in Goenka Villa (GV). I was just trying to r ub the sleep out of my eyes when someone knocked. It was Luv Kush, they are adorable cuties, I opened the door and gave them a hug, they said, “Tai ma asked to wake you up Bhabhi!” To which I replied “Tell Suvarna aunty I’m awake, will freshen up and come down in half an hour!” They ran away.

Kartik just then came out of bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. I was just eyeing his well toned abs when he caught me staring, “Like what you see?” He asked. I blushed but two can play this game right! “Oh yes! I never knew my husband was such a treat to eyes, otherwise I’d have asked you to strip very early” I said. It was his turn to blush now. I could see his chest turning red too..I very much liked what I saw, but before something happened I had to get ready. It was after all my first day in my sasural.

After freshening up, I removed a blue saree, also got a blue shirt with khaki pants out for him! I knew it was his favourite colour. I got dressed pretty quickly when he came up, I could read appreciation in his eyes, he said, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” I said “No. I was waiting for you!” He then put sindoor to me and also tied mangalsootra around my neck. We both smiled and hugged each other. He planted a small kiss on my head. We glowed with happiness of togetherness (imagine yrkkh kaira version playing)

We both went down together for morning prayers! All were already there, waiting for us. I sang the prayer and both Kartik and I did aarti together. It was a good way of beginning our new lives. We bent and touched everyone’s feet.
First of all dadi’s she said, ” Both of you look very good together! May God always keep his blessing on you! And you always stay happy together keeping the family tightly knit.” I looked over to Kartik I knew what he was thinking, we were planning to leave the house in few days. He was guilty that dadi would suffer, but he could not bear staying with Manish uncle.

We touched chachi chachu’s feet. Knowing Kartik would not accompany me I went to Suvarna aunty and Manish uncle. I touched their feet, Suvarna aunty took me in for a hug. She told me, “You should start calling me mother and Manish ji father now. Take your time though, we are in no hurry.” Kartik who already looked ready to blow up left the room without a word. I replied, “I try to remember aun..maa”. I gave a hug to Keerti di and Mansi, and a small kiss to Luv Kush. I signed to Keerti di that I’ll be back soon and rushed to our room before Kartik’s temper reached new heights.
As expected, he was in our room sitting looked ready to burst. I went closer to him, kept a hand on his shoulder.

He jerked my hand off, “You know I do not like you talking to them. But you have to go every time even after I tell you not to do it? I’m not forcing you Naira, and I won’t but they are not good people. The only thing they care about is themselves, family name and business. They don’t care for people getting hurt in the process. They are not like the people in your house. They are mean, greedy and selfish. They won’t think once before hurting you and that Naira, that I cannot see..but the way things are going I can see that they’ll try to use you. I don’t want this to happen. I cannot see you getting hurt. I do not know what I’ll do if they even touch a hair on your head, and I hope for your sake that you never see that!”

I had tears rolling down my eyes, not only seeing his concern for me, yes it was there and I loved it, but also from seeing all the hate he had filled up in his heart for his parents. Every passing day he begins to hate him even more, I wonder what had happened all those years ago. What is the truth? Is there anything salvageable left or we’ll forever be alone? He has lost too many years in this hatred dear God I hope it gets over soon.

Breaking my thoughts he said, “This is one thing I ask of you Naira, please try and stay as far away from Mr and Mrs Goenka as possible.”
To which I only reply, “Nothing will happen to me Kartik. Suvarna aunty is very nice to me. But only because you said I’ll be careful.” I wiped his tears as I said that.
And also I haughtily added, “And if anything does happen you are always there for me, I know that!” Placing my hands over my hips almost begging him to take the hint and change the topic.
He caught it and replied, “Oh really? Who told you that? Why would I always be with you? What are you to me?”

Like really? After everything we went through he asked that question, come on now, I was Naira Singhania oops…Naira Goenka I had a reply to that, “Your everything! You friend, partner, your lover, your wife! Everything!”
To which he smiled, a shy smile, “That you are, aren’t you!” He said coming closer to me. He put his hands around my waist his front to my back giving me a peck on my cheek. “What will I do with you?”
“You’ll accompany me for breakfast downstairs.” I said.
He rolled his eyes and grudgingly agreed.

Precap – Sugar free breakfast.

Authors notes-
So how was it? We have had a big authors note already so I won’t really take up lot of your time
Do tell me how you like it? Keep commenting, keep watching yrkkh, keep loving kaira!
Happy Sunday!
Happy reading!

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