Happily Everafter? episode 3

After our marraige my new innings had began. I was not only a daughter but a daughter in law. A new home, a new family, a new name all in all a new life. I was scared, really scared only thing that kept me going was kartik. I wouldn’t have had been able to do anything if it wasn’t for him.

We returned from our wedding palace the next day. And went through with all the post marraige rituals. They were fun games after which Keerti di took me to Kartik’s, no our room!
 It was quite late in the night and I was waiting for Kartik to come in! Knowing that he had 4 very naughty siblings I knew it was going to take some time. I laughed imagining his condition, knowing him I’m sure all he wants right now is to come in this room! So I waited, by the time looked around his room. I had seen his room in our chats, videocalls, but seeing it for the first time really..it was very beautiful!
And this was now my personal space too..this was our world, only ours! That flat also came in my mind that time, just then he entered! “Finally! I thought they’ll never leave me alone!”
“I thought you wouldn’t turn up today. Mr.Goenka may I remind you how much I hate tardiness!” I teased.
“Mrs.Goenka I know that. But you sure must appreciate the efforts I took so that I could come to you ASAP. After all this is the first day we are married my lady!” He replied
I loved it when he called me that!

I rushed into his arms. “I love you, Miss Hrishikesh. I know this is a big family but I would never want you to change, for me, for my family, for anything! I always want my sherni.” He said.
I was overwhelmed, I knew he loved me very much but sometimes just the intensity of his pure love was enough to shock me. I was very lucky to have him indeed.
I looked up, into his eyes,  all I could see was love in that minute all my fears ran away! Even they realised where there is love there is no place for fear.
He bent down never breaking our eye lock. Asking for my permission, seeking for any hesitation, I’m sure he found none. At that moment all I felt was love for him. He kissed me softly, it was enough to send electric shock down my spine. I responded, I didn’t want it to stop but he had other thoughts in mind.
 He pulled back. Asked for my permission to be back just in a minute, I probably was too shocked to say anything to which he just smiled and went back.
 He had gift for me. It was a wall hanging, there were many hearts, and in within each of them there was my family. 
“Just because you are married now, doesn’t mean you have to miss everyone in your family! We’ll go to Singhania house often, but just in case we can’t I want them here with you!”

 A lone tear escaped my eyes at his thoughtfulness, wasn’t he the most considerate person ever. I went and gave him a very tight hug, hiding my face in his chest, soaking his shervani in tears. I digged in his chest further when my jewellery started to hurt him, it was huge after all. To which he said we should get rid of it immediately!
Very gently he got the mang tika out removing around a hundreds of pins, I could hear him sigh from time to time, though he did it. I had a thought of helping him, but thought better of it! Finally he got the dupatta out..I could see him overjoyed at success. He then started working on my necklace..planting small kisses on my back over my shoulder, it was driving me mad. He saved those earrings for last, I knew he loved playing with them. Though it was not very pleasant for my ears, those earrings are heavy really! But I wasn’t going to complain, not today atleast.
Then gently with cotton and milk he removed all my makeup and said “There she is! My jhalli sherni! Make up and all is very good but this is what I fell for!”
 I smiled, a shy smile! He still marvelled at the idea of making me shy! He then picked me up and took me to the bed, and kissed my forehead “I love you jaan!”
 And encircled me in his arms, my face on his chest I curled up to his side! “I love you too jaan!”
We both slept just like that by each other for the first time!

Precap – Good Morning

Authors notes –
Is it safe? Do I come out? They didn’t do anything, they were tired. But don’t kill me yet, they will soon enough.
Hahaha..they are just kaira..I cannot imagine them doing anything on the night 😀 I hope they prove me wrong!

Do tell me how was the chapter. Was the length ok? Want them any longer or shorter?
And thanks to all the generous people out there who take some time to drop in a comment. I cannot express how much it motivates me to write.
Keep commenting. Keep loving kaira! Happy reading!

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  1. Vinni05

    Excellent part just loved it
    Eagerly waiting for next

    1. Khush

      Thank you so much.
      Happy to see you like it!

  2. AnikaSaini

    Awww….it was just awesome????
    Loved it❤❤❤❤
    Post next asap?

    1. Khush

      It’s just kaira! They are so adorable! Glad you like it!

  3. Soumya85

    It was really awesome

    1. Khush

      Aww. Tysm!

  4. it’s excellent…..I could imagined them like this….their scene was cute…..karthik’s surprise was awesome…..try to write little longer…if it’s possible to u….Otherwise it’s ok…

    1. Khush

      Yea they can do this! But the writers would manage

      1. Khush

        *manage something better!
        Thank you for commenting! And will try to work on length of chapters.

  5. Ridi_Loves_Kaira

    Really nice chapter
    Loved it to the core
    You explain really well
    Waiting eagerly for the next update
    Update asap!!

    1. Khush

      Thank you! Glad you liked!
      Will update soon.

  6. Kirtana.sainath

    This is very good.. please post fast…am sure dadi is going to create drama for every small thing..

    Also I would like to see karthik helping keerthi.. which we are missing in the show right now I want Karthik to see creep beating keerthi and then he teaching a lesson to creep

    1. Khush

      Thanx! I’ll try to post faster!
      KDadi no one can help her..I’ll try!
      And about Aditya! I’m sorry to disappoint you I won’t do anything with him..I’m happy thinking he doesn’t exist. Won’t write about him. I am sorry..I hope you understand

  7. Awesome!!!!
    Loved it!!!
    But could you just clear my doubts about naira’s family like is it the same as the show or is it different like is akshara alive, was kartik accused of her accident and questions like that actually am a little bit confused

    1. Khush

      Hey thanx for liking it
      And it’s exactly same as what has already happened..kartik had been blamed of killing akshara!

  8. Good work
    waiting for next.

    1. Khush

      Thank you
      Will upload next one soon!

  9. Vrushy

    Awsome update.
    Can’t wait for next !!

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