Happily Everafter? episode 2

Kartik Goenka..he is the love of my life. He is the person who made me realise the meaning of friendship, trust and most of all love. Saying that, ‘We have had quite a few roadblocks till our journey of marraige’ could be aptly termed as understatement of century. We were enemies, frenemies, friends, best friends, and finally lovers. He never once gave me a reason to not trust him. Even when we were enemies, he was there to help me in any situation that may arise. I like the supreme idiot that I am, did not trust him, accused him of two big things. That was unworthy of me! Of him! But no more, I trust him completely now. I would never make the same mistakes again in life.
And did I mention he is handsome, smart, a business graduate, has a billions worth to his name yet works in my father’s firm to meet ends.

After getting over the fact that I had accused him of something as foul as my mother’s accident, we have had a stable relationship(as stable as it can ever get with both our tempers)..at least from our side. He is a generous soul, isn’t he? Now the problems that were created in our lives were not because of us..but of the two big and extremely opposite families that we live in. Both our families are poles apart, to get them united in the sacred relationship of marraige was herculean task to say the least. There were many difficulties in the marraige itself starting right from the kundalies till the final sindurdaan. I swear I was unsure if the marraige is going to happen till the last thing actually happened. Don’t get me wrong here, I was sure of his love, only marraige is what I was unsure about.
But the roller coaster journey did come to end. We were finally married, we were finally KAIRA.

Precap – The Wedding night

Authors notes-
Till now you would have understood that the story is canon based..it is following yrkkh to the core. I’ll try as much as possible to keep the essence of characters the same as it is in yrkkh! If at any time it doesn’t look so, constructive criticism is always welcome. This story is just ‘my guess’ of what is going to happen.
For the next 2-3 chapters I’ll go with the 2 weeks in between marraige and Hrishikesh.

Do tell me what you think about it! Keep commenting!

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    Awsome work.
    Doesn’t matter if its not similar to the serial as something new is always interesting to read.
    Can’t wait for next part.

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      Thank you so much. Happy to see you guys like it!

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