Happily Everafter? episode 17

It began as a normal day. But it wasn’t a normal day today, today was our one month anniversary. Oh yes, it had already been a month. And despite of the problems we had, I loved every tiny mind second of this month.

He remembered of course, and wished and celebrated this last night, in a way that is unforgettable. And too fresh on my mind yet. He had kept a lacy lingerie on our bed, blue in colour made of silk, a material so smooth that my hands floated over it. There were two velvet boxes, one with blue diamonds, small little drops, which matched the colour perfectly. Another was a locket, with Kaira written over it inside a heart.

There was a note, “Honour me by wearing this, my lady. I’ll be waiting for you.” And I did, how could I not? I was shy at first, as the material barely covered anything, but taking a leap of faith I went. After all it was Kartik, I wasn’t embarrassed of my body in front of him. He treated me like a glass, as I would break down on gentlest pressure, but he was being a gentleman which every girl deserves.

Kartik wasn’t a normal guy sort of guy. He was a girl when it came to our relationship, he fell in love, he saw the dreams, he proposed, he got rejected, he ignored, he was angry, and accepted only when I had said ‘I love you’ to him. Usually guys barely pass the stage of differentiating liking from loving. But I was the dumb one here. I didn’t know the difference.

The proposal I got must have been every girls dream. He said I LOVE YOU, almost 25 times, in the city of love Zurich. Going on his knees, with not only the three words but a proper speech, saying I was his world, if not me then no to anything. That I was his love, his life. That everything my mendak did would be for me, only me. Sometimes words do matter, this was one of those times.

I being dunderhead not only ran away, but created an all together different story. Thank god for mishti. Otherwise I would be dead by now. But today is a happy day, there is no place for these memories now, we have new ones to make.

I had prepared surprises for him. He was yet sleeping, but I couldn’t sleep anymore. Cake was already in the oven. His gift was on the side table, I hoped he liked it. It had taken a lot of effort. I was pushing helium balloons I’m our rooms, there was I love you written in different languages, there were 25 of these balloons. They were heart shaped balloons, all over our bedroom ceiling.

I wanted him to wake up to most beautiful sight. Thus I wanted to look perfect, I was wearing a blue strapless dress, which went over my knees, hugging every curve of my body. I had curled my hair in small little ringlets, and placed them over my left shoulder. I had paired it up with the earing and neck piece he gifted me yesterday, they weren’t perfect match but it would do. I had even put on light make up, I thought I looked decent.

I went to the bed to lie with him, he immediately shifted to accommodate me. I loved how our bodies were attuned to each others, how we could feel each other. I wanted him to wake up, I decided to be naughty, I kissed him all over his chest, over his face, very lightly, he grumbled in his sleep.

I wanted to wake him up, for him to see me. That’s when I decided to start dancing, he had always loved seeing me dance, so it would probably be the best present. I switched on the music player, and started dancing to zehnaseeb.

He was disturbed with the music, and peeked to see what was happening. The expression on his face of surprise, of love, of ‘hey Krishnaji what a morning’ was what I had always wanted. I asked for his hand, and in his partially dressed state we started dancing. I revolved him, to place him in front of mirror. Seeing his chest, he smirked, “Someone has been busy I see, and anyway I hate that lipstick on you, let me wipe it all off.”

“What a pick up line. I expected you to do better Mr. Mendak.” I laughed.

“Well, not this early in the morning, definitely not when my brain anyways has less brain supply.” Men had two brains you see, and when the second one started working, first one has to shut up.

He took into consideration the room, it looked beautiful with all the balloons. That’s what I felt anyways. “It’s beautiful”, he said, pulling on their ribbons, reading the tags. He didn’t know all the languages. But love didn’t really require any language. Smile on his face was the cutest one, like Christmas came early.

He came near me, and whispered in my ear, his breath hitting me, “Now I have to pay you back. You’ll have all those marks that you gave me. But it’s just that yours won’t go as soon as mine.” I was excited, I was all for sweet love making, but those marks kind of love was something out of this world. I was growing impatient I wanted him and them, he saw my impatience and chuckled. “I can see the prospect doesn’t frighten you, well if that’s what you wish. You only had to ask my lady.”

To say we were busy for some time, would be a lie, we were busy for lot of time after that.

While he freshened up I put finishing touches on the cake. He finally noticed the side table and the envelopes, the first one he opened. It read,

Dearest husband,
It is our first month anniversary, and to make it special I made this. On each and every envelope you’ll find a mood, a future, a moment that may happen in our lives. I want you to open them when they happen. These are my words now, when we are newly married, I want so see how much I change in future, and you’ll be the best judge for that.
I also want you to know that this will be a proof, that love only grows. That if I love you so much on our 1st month anniversary, I’d love you much much more than that on our 25th.
Thank you Kartik, for making me complete.
Yours for now and ever,
Miss Hrishikesh

The play of emotions which I could read on his face was priceless. Love was all he felt at that time, which I knew he would. So I had already kept a envelope of LOVE just beneath the first.

He came after some time, picked me up and started twirling, I held on his shoulders, laughing all the while. His happiness was infectious. He was chanting thank you all the while. When he kept me down, both of us kept our foreheads on each others, trying to catch our breaths.

We then cut a small little chocolate cake, we both ate it, it was yummy indeed. Both of us glowing with love started to get about our day.

Authors notes-

It’s a month to their marriage. And they made it special. Do tell me how you like it!!

And the poll is unanimous, everyone wants Reunion first, you got your wish. That’s what I will do. So this may be the last light hearted chapter, I’ll try to fill in some kaira moments here and there, but it depends. Don’t worry, then we can have a honeymoon, and all complaints would go away.

Keep commenting. Keep loving kaira, shivin and yrkkh.

Happy reading.

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    superb you are too good what an amzing episode i loved it pls do add cute kaira moments among all the stress coming up with the reunion

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