Happily Everafter? episode 15

We were at our flat. Both of us had just sagged down into the sofa, day had been very taxing, both physically, and emotionally. I had finally managed to break down a joint family. I was great wasn’t I? It took me what 3 weeks to achieve this feat. People do not curse daughters in law for nothing, if they are anything like me they very well deserve it. I left behind every teaching of my family, to walk out with my husband. Yes he was angry, but I was the reason of his anger. He was forced to break his promise made to dadi only because of me. If it wasn’t for me, he would have stayed in that house. He may not be too happy, but he would be content, seeing his dadi, his siblings. I had taken away everything from him. And I called, held pride in myself for being his lover? The one who claimed that her every wish began and ended at his happiness?

It was for me he came down to Hrishikesh, for me this house was made. Everything happened for me. If I wasn’t in the equation he would never have had taken this decision. I had tears in my eyes, threatening to fall over anytime. I decided to run for it, I never liked being a cry-baby. But I couldn’t take it anymore. I was about to rush into the bedroom, when he caught my hand and pulled me into his lap.

Caressing me gently he tried to calm me down, even he was crying, I buried my head in his chest, I could feel tears hut my head. We both tried to calm each other down. We had just now lost our family. Both of us had expected this, but for it to actually happen was more terrifying than the thoughts of it.

“I’m sorry, you lost your family just due to me.” I voiced my thoughts. “I’m a very bad lover, wife and daughter in law.” He was stunned.

He had stopped caressing almost when I started, he pulled me out, his hands gripping my shoulders very firmly. He stayed that way, waiting for me to meet his eyes. Only then he said, “You are not the reason for this. I have stayed away from my family even when you were not there. They and only they are reason for pushing me away. I couldn’t say in that mad house. We will make our own world. Full of happiness and love.”

He didn’t hold me the reason for this, I knew that. But I was it somewhere. And if this mess is created because of me, I will sort it out. Though I nodded, telling him I was with him. Now and forever.

“Come we’ll go sleep. Begin a new day tomorrow.” And they found solace in each others arms, letting others heartbeat calm them, and drag them to sleep.”

We woke up the same way, our legs entwined, bodies attached, my head on his chest, his arm around my body. I didn’t want to move. I wanted to stay like this forever more. But then, reality hit home. I couldn’t stay here I had a urgent natural call, I rushed to the washroom. Oh crap I had bled, now I would have to deal with cramps and blood all day.

It was a good thing it happened, we had forgotten one thing about making love, babies. We both of us weren’t prepared for anything like that right now, neither emotionally nor financially. Both of us earned enough for us to sustain, but babies meant a lot. They needed a constant and proper flow of money, and a lot of time on hands. They needed pampering and attention. And to add the matter, we both were babies yet. Didn’t have the brain to care for sweeties.

Both of us would have to discuss this. I wanted to know what he wanted. He was great with kids, but I hoped it was in future that he expected some.

I had taken up a lot of time in the washroom, I could hear shuffling of feet outside. He had woken up. I hurried up, before he started panicking on not seeing me around. I went running to him. Hugged him from behind.

He was startled but took my hands in his, pulling me closer. “Good morning love. Don’t disappear on me like that.”

“I just had something to do, didn’t really disappear on you.” He turned me around, keeping me in his chest. My home was him. My safe place.

“So what do you want to do today? I’ll finish office work as soon as possible and come to you” he asked. I was planning on going to the new place of kids. It required painting and small little touches of love. I would go there today. I told him so, he said he would join me soon.

“I’ll b waiting.” I told him. I went on my toes and gave him a peck. He deepened it, picking me up. I pulled before matter got our of my hands. And he gave me a incredulous look, “What? Don’t tell me you don’t want it”

“I want it, but I also have cramps we cannot do it today, so let’s not start something that cannot be finished.” I said.

“Cramps? Are you fine? Where does it pain.” He asked, concerned now.

“Buddhu. I’m on my periods. And first day is painful.” I said. He cringed. “You better get used to this. If you are to be a sensible husband keep track of them. I have a 26 day cycle, keep notes.”

His face clearly said he didn’t want to, “You didn’t have to tell me that. I was better off not knowing.” I laughed at his expression. “Get used to this Mr. Husband. It happens every month.”

“OK, I’m going to freshen up. Cold shower is required I think” he said winking on to me. I smiled, boys! “Think about babies while you are at it.” I said. Just to annoy him.

He ran back to me, “What babies? We are not?” he was shocked. I expected supreme may be but not shock. He did want babies, didn’t he? “No, we are not. I just said I’m on periods.” He breathed out in relief.

“But you want babies don’t you?” I asked him. He got hold of my hand. Drawing small circles on it, “Yes, in future sometime. We are not prepared right now. I’m not sure if I earn enough to keep us happy let alone a baby. And I want you all for myself for some time more. No sharing.”

I was relieved. I didn’t know I was holding a breath while he answered. He might have guessed, thus he added, “But prospect of babies sure is interesting isn’t it? Baby Naira in our arms. She would be my princess. I’ll get the world for her” he had an awed face, and I was assured that we would have baby in future definitely.

I pushed him into bathroom after that, and made some breakfast for both of us, with some ginger tea. We had it together, talking about his princess. We agreed on one consensus, no babies for at least 2 more years. We were both young enough, and had a career I’m front of us and weren’t ready to share each other even with our own creations.

Authors notes-

Well a light chapter really, last few had too much drama in it. We touched a taboo topic and I wish every couple discussed this. Do tell me how you like it.

We are on our 15th chapter people. I’m awed on the response you guys are giving. Please continue commenting, I’ll try updating faster. But only if you guys comment

Keep loving kaira, shivin and yrkkh

Happy reading.

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    1. Khush

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  6. I love this program havent even missed a single episode i love naira and naksh and the entire family waiting for some lovey dovy episodes of naira and naksh with thier new married life.
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