Happily Everafter? episode 13

I showed him around Hrishikesh that day, telling stories as we went. I didn’t show him the places I had to tourists. No, he had been here. He knew those areas. I showed him my places. What was it like for me. The place I went to pray, to cry. Places I and Pungi went to have fun, the place which was mine and only mine.

It was secluded one, there were stones on one side, steps on another. The place was far from bigger, overly crowded place. It was quite and calm here, well relatively. I held my hands out, letting the familiar breeze hit me again. Letting it rejuvenate my sense. I had missed this, this place, the water, this very air. It gave me a feeling of freedom. Not that I wasn’t free in Udaipur, don’t get me wrong my parents were best ones, I was doing everything I did before even. But here I wasn’t answerable to anyone. It is a completely different feeling of residing alone, earning your own self. The satisfaction, happiness gained by that couldn’t compete anything.

Kartik was there, seeing me rejoicing in the fact of seeing me free. He knew how much I loved my freedom. He did small little things to let me know, I would always be free. Just today, he hired a open jeep for both of us. I was driving it. It was exhilarating really to have a partner who cares about you so much. I was a very lucky woman.

He had told me, last time when he was here, he had prayed to ganga maiya for dissipating all my problems, he wished this for an unknown person. Today we together wanted to do this ritual, we tossed one coin asking for the same thing I guess, togetherness.. because till the moment kaira was there, where was fear. We together would toss each and every problem into the bin. Nothing can hurt us, together.

After a final look onto the holy water we went back to face the realities of life. We had to convince Negi uncle to be back with us. Which was a difficult task, I had to ask a person who belonged to this land, with both birth and work to leave the sacred place and come with me to Udaipur. A new world basically. But this I was going to get done, no matter what.

We went to the hospital, and signed the discharge papers. After getting him back to Ashram, we decided it was time to initiate the talk. We explained to him our condition, why it was important for him to be there. He wasn’t giving in, he was very firm in saying that we shouldn’t do this. That he was happy, safe and sound in Hrishikesh. Why would we want to separate him from his motherland.

I tried the last trick on my sleeve, if this didn’t work, then I didn’t know what I should do. “Uncle, if you don’t come to Udaipur, I would have to settle here, I cannot ask my family to come and accompany me here. Meaning, only I have to come and stay with you. I would always be torn between who I want, why cannot I get everything?” I was being selfish I knew, but a human who ever said that he is selfless is lying. It’s us we think about first, me, my own. The definition of my own is the only thing that varies.

We had already talked to my father about all this, a place for children and Negi Uncle to reside was ready. He had even looked into educational transfer of kids. Everything was ready and waiting for us to reach there. I had explained to papa why we were doing this and he completely agreed. He said, “We can do anything for the man who treated my princess as his own.”

We went back to Udaipur in train. Kids were elated at the prospect of going to a new place. It not only meant a new place, but new school, new friends, new home. Some of them were big and they were the only ones I was worried about. Pungi had been to my home, my family adored her. She would be fine, I hope.

The train ride was fun. We spent a lot of time playing, everything was played. From card games, antakshari, to chit games. Everyone had a great time.

I went and stood on the door of train. I always wanted to, it was fun having the breeze hit your face, having your hair blown due to the wind. I had managed to sneak to do this, Kartik was dead against of me doing it. He said it was dangerous, what if I slipped. Well what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I had even spread my arms to let the wind hit me completely.

It was all well in this wind, in this speed. I loved speed, Suddenly train took a turn and I stumbled. I caught on the door handle, holding onto my dear life. I was trying to pull myself up. But it was getting difficult. The train was too fast, my hands were getting sweaty. I was beginning to go down. I had tried shouting to attract people but the noise of train was too loud for anything else to pass by. Tha was how he saw me, he grabbed my hand into his, and gave a sharp pull. I landed onto him, face to face. I could see all the concern in his eyes.

He made me stand up and then he shouted, “What in the name of hell do you think you are doing?” Boy, he was angry. Had I ever seen him this angry? Yes I had. But the anger wasn’t directed at me ever. “What do you think you are doing?” he repeated.

“Who do you think you are? Superman?” he asked.

“No. Super girl”, I retorted.

“Oh yes.. I forget, you are the Naira Singhania. You are the greatest aren’t you? Why do you care if you fall? You’d just fly away wouldn’t you?” he shouted.

Oh crap, he was angry. And it wasn’t the time for me to get witty. His anger was out of his concern. I was his life, as he was mine. I couldn’t ever imagine anything happening to him, so how could he. “No. I’m not Naira Singhania, I’m Naira Kartik Goenka. And I wouldn’t fall, you will always be there to catch me.” I said blinking my eyes, using all the puppy face skills I had.

He softened, some of the anger had yet lingered, but knowing that I was safe, he was relieved.

“I’m sorry Kartik. I thought it was fun. I had asked you to come but you had already denied.” My speech wasn’t really helping. So I went back to “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

He sighed. And took me into his arms. Holding onto me as I would disappear any second. Like I was the required for him to live. Like I was his lifeline. Probably I was, if the subtle shivers passing from his body meant anything. “Naira. I had said no, because I know something like this can happen. That this is risky and dangerous. I won’t deny you any thing just for the heck of it, I thought you knew that.”

“I cannot ever imagine what could have happened just for a second of your fun. And you cannot imagine what it would have done to me. I would have died the moment something happened to you sweetheart. Jaan, please never do something like this ever again, otherwise I don’t know what I would do.”

Saying this his pulled me into a kiss. This one wasn’t like any other ever. This wasn’t love either. It was confirmation of life. It was demanding. Asking me to give everything I had. He needed this right now. To know that I was there and safe. I kissed him back, with the same intensity, it did ignite fires in you. I wanted him fully and instantly. We went in the nearest washroom, he pushed me onto the door and I folded my legs around his waist. It was intense, I knew I would be sore later, but I didn’t care. This was want, and we both had it.

Precap – GV

Authors notes-

I’m so sorry people to keep you waiting for so long. I have been trying to get this right but it wouldn’t come for quite some time. I don’t even know if this is right yet.

And to add fuel to the matter, my final year results turned in a day before. And well I’m a doctor. I was too elated at the news to think properly.

I hope you enjoy this one, as you did every other.

Keep watching yrkkh people, Kaira Vivaah is just around the corner and it is going to be great. Don’t dare miss it.

You know the drill. Keep commenting. Keep loving kaira shivin and yrkkh

Happy reading.

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