Happily Everafter? episode 12

I began the day in the same way that I had done for so many years. On the banks of ganga. Kartik was yet sleeping, but he knew I would be here. I was relieved that there was nothing now that he didn’t know about. Every dark secret is out. There was nothing in our past to come and haunt us anymore.

It was the present I was worried about. Negi uncle needed someone to care for him. I needed someone to take care of the kids. Negi uncle should not be allowed with so much work anymore. He needed rest. Taking care of so many kids wasn’t an easy task. I was in thoughts, this and others when I was about to slip. It was two familiar pair of hands that caught me.
( Chapter 1 on repeat. I would have written but it would just be boring )
We met on holy banks of ganga. It was said that the relationships that were joint here were forever. I hoped mine was one.

He told me, “Tina?” giving me a questioning look, I was confused, wondering what he was about to say, “Tina guide, right? I want you to show me Hrishikesh in your fashion. Would you?”

“Ooh. Why not? But then you have to take Tina and not Naira Because she was the guide. Ok?” I asked. I was dying to bring Tina out. He agreed. Poor guy doesn’t realise what he is in for.

“ For now, I want my Naira. What were you thinking before I turned up here, may I know, my lady?” he asked sweetly.

“Same thing really. What will do?” I said. “Getting them all to Udaipur is kind of only viable solution. But how would we arrange the funds, I’m thinking involving my family would be required. But I don’t want to force them on my family.”

“Force this? You know your family, they would love to do this. And you would be there, you can help in taking care of kids.” He paused thinking something, the way his expressions were changing he had been struck with something very good, “That’s it Naira, we can take them to Udaipur. We can also involve dad in this, you were saying how he is becoming lonely. He would have kids to pamper whenever he wishes. They can fill the gap in his life, we can’t replace mom and you for him, but this we can do.”

“Day to day office workings are boring for him really, having done everything. And anyway I and Naksh can handle them well within the two of us. What do you think?”

There was a point that, dad would have something new to do. Something that he would adore. Not the daily running of ashram no not really, it was more work than I wanted him to do. And we could hire people for that work. But having a ashram in mumma’s name and dad helping there would excite him. Yes it was indeed a good idea. A raw one, but we have something to work with. At least that the kids and uncle were coming to Udaipur was fixed.

We went to the hospital and talked to the doctor, treatment in Udaipur wouldn’t really be a problem. The only imminent problem was convincing Negi Uncle to actually accompany us to Udaipur. And also papa to help with this. I had to convince two fathers into accepting my views.

I was relatively happy. At least we had something to start with, something to build on. And now I had to show my husband around. He had given me free reign as Tina. And for the starters Tina was a Sherni. I loved my husband very much, but I missed his tar tar for sometime now.. I wanted that frog out and whoo I knew exactly what I had to do.

He would go and freshen up in sometime, and I had already done whatever I wanted to. I had bathed, and came out towel clad as always, I was slyly looking over at him, from the corner of my eyes. He saw me looking, “You don’t have to watch from corner of your eyes, I’m yours ‘Maal’ as you say.”

He came close to me, putting his hands around my waist, whispered in my ears, “We can delay our trip by an hour or two, only if you say so.” He was too close to me, his breath on my ears when he said so.

I’d be lying out my teeth if I said I wasn’t affected, I was, God I was. I could feel his hands roam around on my back, creating warmth as they passed. I was about to put my hands over his chest, when I remembered I was on mission. Naira don’t get distracted. I said, “Shush. Not now. There are kids here. Go get ready.”

He leaned in, his lips just over mine, moving gradually as he said, “Are you sure?” I wasn’t, I wanted to, oh why was I on a mission. “Yes I’m”, I said, regretting speaking immediately. Because he went away. He took the napkin kept on the table and began drying his hair, looking at me all the time.

I was done. He went to the mirror and began dressing his hair, when he looked. His hair were white, completely. He looked surprised, then confused. I couldn’t control anymore and busted out laughing. He looked so cute. That is when he realised I was behind it all.

He looked murderous when he ran over me. I was laughing all time, he tried his best to catch me and I tried my best to run. I knew once he caught me, I wouldn’t be left alone. “ This was your plan all while, wasn’t it?” he said. There wasn’t any doubt really. I didn’t bother answering.

We revolved around the bed, I was trying my best to escape. When he came to foot end of the bed, I got on to it. That was a bad move. He extended his hand and pulled me down on the bed with him over me.

I was trying to free my hand, pushing him with my other hand. He grabbed both my wrists and locked them in his one hand and raised them above. I was pinned beneath him, and couldn’t really do anything. “Found it funny didn’t you, I’ll tell you what’s funny.” He started tickling me ruthlessly. On my stomach, under my arms, everywhere. I asked him to stop. Shouted at him to stop. “But this funny, don’t you find this funny anymore.” He teased. By now I was begging him to stop. My stomach hurt from laughing.

He finally took mercy, we were both breathing hard by this time. I looked in his eyes, they were darkening with desire. He leaned in, I closed my eyes and extended my neck to offer him a better access. He gave me a deep kiss, when I had pulled to breathe, he went to my neck, my shoulders leaving a trail of deep kisses, I was getting high. So was he. It was some time for which we were lost in one another.

Authors notes-

First time I have taken a decision. Yes, Negi Uncle is going to Udaipur. What do you think about this? The reason I had a thought to do this was Naitik. He is alone and he needs something. I dare not think about getting him remarried. So the option visible to me was giving him some work. Didn’t want him to turn workaholic, which I didn’t want to, so I gave him a new work. This I suppose would keep him happy. What do you think? Do let me know.

And the prank. I had actually played this prank on a friend of mine, and it was funny. And I imagine Naira to be a prankster always. She never has pulled a prank, but she very well can. Do tell me your thoughts

Love you all. Keep commenting

Keep loving Kaira, shivin and yrkkh

Happy reading.

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