happily ever after ( yhm os )

This is one shot on yhm that continues from ishita going to nidhi to give ruhi .
Ishita is standing there wid ruhi , nidhi comes there . she has the baby in her hands, ishita makes a sudden move and grabs the baby from nidhi’s hand , she takes the baby and starts running wid ruhi and the baby . nidhi runs behind ishita , wid a gun , ishita says ruhi run fast , nidhi is coming behind us . ishita is running wid ruhi and the baby , nidhi gets angry and says noo I will not leave u and takes out a gun , the bullets gets fired , it was nidhi who got hurt . the police had shot her . she dies . ishita hugs ruhi and the baby . she says thank u god , my both daughters r safe . ruhi says ishima and hugs her . ishita cries . raman comes there . he hugs ishita , then ruhi . he says u r all safe but how . ishita says abhishek . raman says thank u soo much abhishek . abhishek says it was my duty . he says ishita ji , raman , ruhi go in this car . raman , ruhi and ishita go to hospital . shagun says mera baccha and hugs the baby .

Shagun says here is ur baby. ishita takes the baby , the baby smiles , ishita says tum mujhe dekhke has rahe ho and cries . raman says ishita now it is not time to cry . ishita says han raman , from the time this cute angel came in our life , everything became good ,and see raman , her face exactly looks like ruhi , shall we call her ruhanika . raman says nam to bahut accha hai . ruhi says han, her name is from my name , wow . ishita says u know ruhi , u r the first pari who came in my life . this pari is the second one . adi comes there . he says aur mein . ishita says my most handsome lil prince . adi and ruhi hug ishita .
After some days

Ishita is trying to tie the knot of her blouse . raman comes there and helps her . ishita smiles , yeh hai mohabbatein plays . ishita says raman r u ready . raman says s , and u . ishita says I am ready , I. ishita says if we keep on talking like this , when will we reach the marriage hall .

They reach the marriage hall . shagun and manoj r seen doing some rituals . a small girl around three to four years old was sitting beside them . ishita says I am so happy raman , that too sara , such a cute baby , I am glad that shagun and manoj adopted such a cute baby before their marriage . she is happy now , wid manoj and sara . manoj and shagun get married . shagun gets the blessings of her mother , toshi and mr.bhalla . shagun hugs ishita . she says thank u so much , ishita , u took care of all the preparations . ishita says it is my sister’s wedding , how will I not do the preparations . shagun smiles . the photographer says shall we take a photo of bride and groom . manoj and shagun , stand , sara comes and stands near them . shagun and manoj smile .

Ishita is in her room , raman suddenly comes and hugs ishita . he kisses her on her cheek . he says I love u ishita . ishita says I love u too ravan kumar . raman laughs . ishita says I am so happy today raman , today I could see the happiness in shagun’s eyes . she is so happy wid sara and manoj . raman says u always think about others happiness only . ishita says it is not like that raman , u urself r always thinking about our family only , not only me . u know why because we love our family more than ourselves . ruhi comes there wid ruhanika in her hands . raman says hey ruhi , u r small urself and u r carrying ruhanika in ur hands . ruhi says I not small papa , I am a big sister now . adi comes there and says , I am big brother for both of these , I will protect these two always . ruhi says I will protect u both , ishita says han adi , she will definitely protect u both , because who ever comes to harm ruhanika no , he will run away by ruhi’s dadi maa talks. Ruhanika says han . ishita says she is talking . ruhi says wow , adi says so ruhanika said her first word today . ishita says han , shall we take a video of it . ishita says pls ruhu tell again na . ruhanika says han .

Ishita says ,ruhi , adi go to sleep , tomorrow u should get up early no . adi says yes ishima , I know , we should get early tomorrow , it is mihika chitti and abhishek uncle’s engagement and we should catch the Chennai , flight tomorrow mor ning , so that we reach Chennai by 1 o clock in the evening .

The next day
Ishita is in mihika’s house . she says , raman , adi and ruhi , u should get ready in tamil style ok . all say ok .
Raman comes out wearing dhoti and shirt . ishita gets mesmerised seeing him . she then gets dressed in a beautiful kanchipuram saree . she looks beautiful . raman says omg she is looking damn good . ruhi and ruhanika r also dressed in traditional tamil dresses.

Mihika and abhishek exchange rings . all clap hands . all r happy . adi says ishima , come lets take a selfie . ishra , ruhadi and ruhanika smile . adi takes the selfie . ishita says thank u so much god , there was once a time , people taunted me that I could not have kids, but now I have three kids , who r very loving . and ya thank u god , for sending me the gratest gift in this world that is raman . all seem very happy , in the family . ishra the most , because there was nothing that could separate them now . they were happy wid adi , ruhi and ruhanika . they lived happily ever after .

Hope u would like this . pls comment . there may be some mistakes , forgive me for that

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  1. Nice and plzz continue yrr

  2. superrrr……… episode……..

  3. It was so nice this story’s plot was a relieve from the ongoing serial’s plot

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  5. Jasmine rahul

    U r writing so many stories on yhm’s tracks. Loved how ishita saved noyh daughters n niddhi got killed.ishra romance n family moments were lovely.shanoj wedding n ishita doing everything as shaguns sister was nice.shanoj adopting b4 marr was unexpected. My fav Abhika too got engaged. Nice ending.
    Plz write on naksh aastha n samar n his lady love

    1. ya sure , I have started naksh aastha ff . I will post it by evening . I have started this naksh astha os . I have not written as they r married already but I have written that , they r getting married after naira is back ok

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