what is happening(an ishqbaaz os)

heyy guys! whatsup? all well? im back..back with something different..ldk whether this is going to work or not sice it is diff for me also bt itried my best for this one shot…n exam going so i ll quickkly start……..

the environment was tensed as someone was angry on someone…
a loud angry man spoke : “how could u do this to me?” (making a bit frowning face)
oye! u should say us…said another voice of a girl from behind…..
“this is very wrong i must say! (nodding his head in negative) said the third voice…
all three were standing straight folding their arms…n looking at the criminal….

anika:(keeps a hand on her face)m sorry,,,,,bt tell me, what did i do bcuz of which u three are staring me with ur big big kanji aakhein?
loud angry man spoke again ….. “mom u…u r the one! the person….(he is dhairya,shivika’s son) ….. who ate ice-cream that too our favorite choco chip ice cream,mumma…said another voice continuing his brother’s sentence(she is shivani-shivika’s daughter)
…”n that too alone at 10pm at the ice-cream parlour,without informing us..mtlb u have made us a..a..”..said the third kanji aakho waala adult..looking at his wife n smirking
oho chachu thats paraya dhan what u want to say…said the next voice….
“aryan!aryan!” came shouting ishana..”oho! u didnt even finish ur dinner n u r here blaming ur chachi”

then all 4 in together(shivaay,shairya,shivani,aaryan) …. she has done wrong by not taking us(all making a pout face)
ishaana:bt it is just an ice cream…
“it is not an ice-cream,it is CHOCO-CHIP ice-cream” added another girl, ruyana………….before ishaana could say tht if its choco chip ice cream ,then its wrong..
saumya passing by heard “choco -chip ice cream! haww!..so bad bhabhi i dint expect this from u…btw have u done ur homewrk ruyana”
ruyana:no mommzee………..
dhairya:all the big n small kids!please listen to me n dont divert this topic bcuz dhairya singh oberoi kabhi galat nahi bolta… meanwhile shivaay acts doing his collar up indictaing beta kiska hai n is hit by annika lightly..
all the other 4 kids: “oh please bhaiya! n chachi-chachu stop fighting n concentrate..”
then all the people.. “chachi, now u would have to give us a treat of 4 choco chip ice cream each accompanied by chhola-puri”
om came from behind.. “dramebaazo! she has done right not taking u all there…u all tiny devil creatures” he said opening his hand…n the baccha party came n hugged him ..”bt i am annnika’s side..”…giving a hi-fi to annika

ishaana:om u came? rudra:no bhabhi thats om bhaiya’s bhoot! cuz he wud have first killed me if he wud have been here
shivani n aaryan:shut up chaachu!(doing mimigri of shivom)

now everyone laughed

om:aree ha rudra! u took my new painting n gave it to ruyana to give it to her bf??”
rudy:bt bhaiya! u know..how ruyana is! like the little love angel has traits of his father n its my duty to enhance it”
shivom: dont lie! why dont u tell sumo u gave it to ur new gf
rudy:bhaiya! marvaao ge kya?(pleading)
sumo:rudra!!!!! how could u ..u cheater…
ruyana:u donkey aaryan:u monkey dhairya:u chutanki then shivani said luvingly:u my sweetie chachunki…
shivaay:chachunki? shivani:oh daddy! poetic license shivaay: u r getting poetic day by day..now dont read om’s book
om:haww!why r u getting my book in b/w?
dhairya:oho! lambe baal wale chachu.. ur book has romantic shayari tht has helped me n aaryan patao some gud girls…n sahil chachu too..bt for our sister’s they r not suitable naa”
shivaay:dhairya!! when did u make gfs? (astonished) annika:he made on my consent dont worry billuji! its all ok till now!!
shivaay:what do u mean its ok..pannika? annika : its ok means its ok! atleast he is not acting like a sadha singh oberoi in this case….
dhairya:mom u told me sadha! shivaay:u told me sadha..u..u…u..r such a pannika!mightly lwater pourer!who hides things!
meanwhile shivani gets a glass of water n quietly hands it to annika…n splash..billuji is all wet..now dhairya hands a cup to billuji….n annika is all wet…

now ruyana arranges a whole bucket n keeps it in middle…n says.. “i declare ..the person who is going to give me two glasses of protien shake,help me patao my 2 bfs n take me to an ice-cream parlour with a new cinderella doll… n a hotwheels car…added aryan…then ruyana n aaryan say together…”owns this bucket full of water…lets see who wins i!”

rudra declares “round-1″
spectators r closely watching the expression of each of them n choose a side….
om,ruyana,saumya,dhairya in annika’s side shouting n cheering for annika whereas rest at shivaay’s side….

n it starts…
annika:aapka kuch nhi ho sakta shivaay!
shivaay: tumhara toh bahut kuch ho sakta hai annika…u have only spoilt our son’s habit,he is making gf??that too 5 at a time….
annika: atleast he is not stone singh n sadhu n pakau singh oberoi…n he is good at his speech,just like his mother n kind a heart that is why girls come behind him..whats his or my fault in tht…btw thats 6… shivaay:what 6? annika:gfs shivaay:fhat the whuck !(shouts)

round 1 over announces ruyana ..
n saumya says its 1-0 n annika bhabhi won!

round 2 declares om….

annika:kya fhatthe whuck!fhat the wuck! laga rakha hai….thodi umar ka kehaaz rakhiye…u have 4 kids n u r using such words…
shivaay:n u n rudra r teaching them to make gfs n bfs with om shayari? is that what u call ‘lehaaz’
annika: atleast ruyana n shivana have bf n aaryan n dhairya have gfs n they dont call the people of same gender cute..
shivaay:what do u mean to say?
annika: they r not like u …u remember? mmishra!!… what did u call him tht day…
(everyone cups their mouth in shock)
shivaay:see pannika dont deviate topic…we r talking abt the gf of our sons…which is wrong..he should concentrate on bussiness ,on career,on deals..
annika: so tht they become just like u baggad billa!(saying saracstically)
shivaay:so what wrong being like me? annika:then they will take thousand of yrs to propose..haaye..n they will be…be..sadhu singh oberoi always doing tukur-tukur on phone n who cant even pataofy a ladhki or a ladhka..phir toh ho hi li inki shaadi..
shivaay: what do u mean to say? u dont forget…they have a big line of gfs behind cuz shakal pe toh mere upar gaye hai naa… not u!
annika:aap meri shakal ko bura keh rahe hai….
shivaay: ha pannika annika:u called me pannika again!u u u r such a billuji!!!
shivaay:pannika!! (he smirked bt got furious)

n round 2 over said shivani
its 1-1 n this is won by my shivaay bhaiya ..said annika …

rudra:oho! akhiyo se goli maarna shuru ho gya hai…!
saumya: env. getting hotter…..
ishaana:the two dangerous people faing off each other r ready to kill each other
om:n we need to do something before this whole house destroyes!!! (all 4 adults stand up but the smallers one hold them n stop them n say :”abhi toh mazaa aana shuru huaa hai! dont spoil it! n we wanna know who wins”
10 mins pass with them seeing each other n speculation in spectator increase…10 more mins..everyone is biting their teeth now….
annika n shivaay look at each other n then look at the bucket…they do this 2-3 times….
n…… “RUN” everybody said..as shivaay n annika ran to grasp the bucket n kept hand on it together…
now they r fighting like 2 jungli billis…at one moment its with shivaay at other its with annika….water is falling down…the water in bucket trumbles more as the takkar b/w opponents to get the water increases….
bt…..phooooiiii….they slip due to the water that is fallen down n land up upon each other with bucket on their heads…n their faces inside bucket..n they both drenched…

baccho says the 4 adults keeping hands on the little ones eyes’s….n says adult scene while the kids say “aila!!takkar”

n everybody laugh….
n inside the bucket some intense scene almos leading to kiss starts….n annika n shivaay give a kiss n have an eye-lock…bt as the laughing voices pitch’s start increasing they both come to their senses n get embarassed……

meanwhile..a silent spectator comes n says “yeh ho kya raha hai?”
thts sahil….now kids run to their chaachu n hug him..making him almost fall…n ruyana n shivani give a kissi to them while aryaan n dhairya do their group handshake…
sahil says.. “lets go to the ice-sream parlour my bacchas…”
the 4 kids say:ur the bestest chachu!

while shivomru give hime dead glares..n say “he is the best chachu?? so hum kya gurudware se aaye hai”
kids say:aww no we didnt mean that….n they open their hand…so the 3 chachus,4 kids n sahil come in the hug…
kids:”now let us all go”
ishaana n saumya:” r we padhosi’s mummy,sisters n wives??”
the 8: “ohh! come come! we will take u bt not annu”
annu:haww! u wont take ur pyaari chachi along ….she pouts n says
bigger ones:no we wont!
annu:gande log! now i m officialy on a naara…ek-do-teen-chaar!bund kro yeh atyachaar!! n abse tumhaari late night choclate bhi bund!
small ones:oh ohk..let us think if it is on our choclate now
bigger ones n small ones except shivaay: naah! we wont! cuz u didnt! n we r naughty we r wise but not nice!
annika:sorry! (makes a frown face)
ummm…nahi..says all
shivaay:come onn guys! now anika has sais sorry..lets us not do this to her right…
ohoo! evrone says…..sahil:now since bagad billa has approved n he wont go without his annika so we have no option left…
everone open their arms to add her in the group hug….she runs…n thats how young generation oberoi family is complete…..

——————–at parlour….while the kids r busy in their compedition of bottoms up ice cream….sahil is flirting with girls…..
n shivaay n annika r lost in each other so lost tht they dont realise..tht they r licking each other’s ice cream n having ice cream all on their face..n they come near each other not realising the fact tht they r out…. but uhmm uhmm..said om…rudra:lagta hai ki aaj fir tumpe pyaar aaya hai…. ishaana:behad aur beshumaar aya hai
shivomanisaum:shut up rudra!
om:shivaay i n ishu r going out on a walk ..will come late…
annika:ohoo! late?? haa? walk-moons-night-stars-ishu..romance haa?
om n ishana blush…
rudra: n i n sumo r going to the resort party…
shivaay:aaj fir tumpe pyaar aaya hai ..haa rudra?

kids: n we..we r going to our bf’s n gf;s house!! to get romantic like u alll

all adults getting a heart attack: WHAT????

kids:chill! we r going to sahil chachu’s house for tonight..

——n the screen closed by kids disturbing sahil but having fun..n the three leads hugging their respective pairs at diff places…

ik it was a bit messy n boring but i hope u like it…it was just to try something new…please give ur valuable views

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