We Happened Suddenly (Chapter 2)

We Happened Suddenly


He stayed closer to her never leaving her hand and holding her tight to his side. Her mind was already in a panic mode because she couldn’t face anyone right now. And now they were in a moving car. In a limousine to precise with him next to her. His face was averted and he was looking out of the window with a face so grim and serious. She was aware though very much of one thing. she was aware of was his hand over her thigh. When they got into the car he left her hand and she immediately felt cold and weird without his hold and folding of his fingers with hers.

When she sat awkwardly in the car his hand came forward and tightened on her upper thigh and she stiffened instantly. She tried to move away but his eyes snapped back to hers and flashed dangerously. With that look she drew back and stayed put.

Now, he sat there with his face averted from hers. Looking all broody and grave.

Her thoughts wandered. Were his relationships with his father not good?

Why would his father kidnap him?

What was going on?

He said that he wasn’t hiding. Her head heated thinking and thinking and she off those thoughts right on immediately when his hand flexed on her thigh.

She looked to the side to see him staring with narrowed at her. In the glimmer of the light of the car his eyes looked like as if he had risen up from the pits of the ground. Like the dark lord himself in real.

“What’s going on in that head of yours now?” He asked in a lazy drawly tone that bewildered and made her anxious too much.

If she was tensed now she didn’t show it. His eyes were flat pair of black stones. Most of the playfulness from his eyes went away and something like hard glint settled before they left the suite. It was damning and also a little sharp the look he was giving her. As if staring deep into her eyes and penetrating into the deepest secrets of her mind and corrupting the only good remaining in it. A thrill shot down her body covering her skin in goosebumps. His eyes darkened in response and his fingers dug into her jean clad thigh.

She took a sharp breath in and looked down at his hand and then stared into his hypnotic eyes.

“Your hand.” She whispered.

His left eyebrow shot up arrogantly and a twitch curved up the left side of his lips.

It was even more dangerous. This smile of his. Rich. Handsome. Powerful. Sinister. Luring. Charming. Lascivious, Devil. His looks accompanied the confidence and inflated his attitude to three levels up in the air. He was Lucifer. Alive and breathing. Possibly robbing everything from people and women mostly as he walked by in a slow damn hot swagger.

“What about my hand.” He leaned down his face and moved closer to her side, pressing his hard warm body into her more deeply.

She could feel heat cover her face and her entire sense of understanding scrambled altogether.

“Is it necessary?” She asked flicking, her gaze down to his long tanned fingers.

He glanced down too and looked up catching her eyes in his narrowed stare.

“You mind?” He asked coolly with an eyebrow raise again.

She frowned at his attitude. Who does he think he was? The king himself. Of course.

She gave him an eyebrow raise.

“Uh, yeah.” She retorted back equally silently.

He smiled now fully. A deep boyish one which covered his face into this charming and mesmerising view of warmth and teasing. She sucked in another caught up breath. Dear god, he was deadly handsome. The one that would comatose a girlish star eyed teenager. Because he looked like a prince charming except he was none.

She froze when his hand up slowly over her thigh.

“I rather like it where it is.” He murmured in a low quite tone, with his eyes looking up each time he flexed his hand around her upper thigh more searchingly.

She looked down at his hand and gasped and her hand immediately caught his moving fingers which tried to go up more.

“What are you doing?” She breathed, with heated tingles playing havoc up her body.

His brought down his face and pushed it into her neck while sliding off her hair from on her shoulders to the back. His breath all warm hit her skin while his lips cool against her heated skin moved over her ear shell.

“What do you think I’m doing?” He asked her in a low gruff voice.

His hand caught hers in a grasp over her thigh. She tried to move away but he pushed impossibly closer to her while he tried to reach up more with his hand.

“Stop it.” She mumbled weakly, while closing her eyes and shifting away from his too sure coaxing touch.

He chuckled and it vibrated into her skin from over her neck and he hurried his face there.

“You want this.” He murmured while his other hand moved over her back under her night shirt.

They were in the moving limousine being kidnapped by his father and god knows what she was doing with him and he was having already his way into her every corner of her mind. How did this happened.

He groaned when she gasped more as he snapped the straps of strings over her back. His fingers tried to move to the front of her night shirt over her skin.

“f**king hell, you are more than responsive. I feel you burning up already..” He murmured in a roughened voice coloured into a deep bur of voice.

Ragini tried hard now. All flailing arms and legs but he tightened his hands more and almost hurt her in the process.

“Stay put.” He ordered gruffly into her ears.

With the words uttered he froze altogether and his searching frantic hands and fingers stopped probing over her skin instantly. He seem to have turned into a rock and before she could say anything he roughly caught her chin between his thumb and forefinger of his left hand.

He sharply caught her eyes and the look of anger in his darkened gaze and face jolted her heart into a wild beating. His eyes swirled over her face into a string observation and the furrow between his brows deepened more.

“He didn’t touch you like this, did he?” He stated rather than asked.

His voice hard and with an edge to it.

She flushed red at his words.

He persisted at her silence more. His eyes caught the look of embarrassment in her fleeting stare.

“Your ex.” He gritted out….”Your fiancΓ© of four years, he didn’t touch you ever. Made you feel good. Didn’t spread his hands on your body. Never felt you get….” He went brusquely and brutally so that she could break the silence.

She tried finally to break away from his harsh grasp and too intimate touch. He wasn’t close. He was clawing into her skin and making her breathless with something.

“Stop this!” She said now more firmly than before, while looking away from his fierce glare.

He was angry with her. Very anger. What did she do?

He pushed away from her finally while spreading his fingers into his hair and pulling those black locks in visible frustration. His eyes now like mean and unforgiving caught hers.

“If you were mine, I would have f**ked you a thousand times already. Until it both ended us breathless and done with each other.” He said now calmly and with a little annoyance.

She gasped at his words. The breath she took in vibrated around the car. Her ears and face turned crimson.

His eyes coloured into darkened inky depths of pools and his fingers flexed as he looked at her fully.

He became suddenly thoughtful.

“Frigid did he say, right?” He asked bluntly.

She gave him a surprised look. How did he know? Yes, Rakesh called her frigid. The exact word or more to be precise. A frigid b*t*h. Her jaw clenched hard and instantly his eyes darkened into angry pools.

“You respond like that, sweety. You get me hard in a second. Any man would. With your looks and your eyes.” He murmured while looking at her half mast hooded eyes.

She blushed profusely and looked away instantly. Dear god, it was getting hot in the car. She needed to get out before she jumped his bones and did anything embarrassing like begging him to make her feel like that again. His words. His eyes. His hands. His fingers. His cool minty breath. His cologne. His body pressed to hers did crazy things to her mind. Desperate things. He silenced her now good and completely. How could she say?

Her breathing turned heavy.

“I can make you learn.” He said finally after a long tensed pause.

She stiffened and her eyes snapped back to his. He was now leaning back causally. Though he had track pants and grey t-shirt he looked everyway a kind sprawled back into his throne.

His expression was passive and with out a bit of any emotion. It was wiped with it.

“What?” She asked suspiciously.

He tilted his face to the right side and remained silent.

“The things I can do and those you want it from me.” He said while sliding his gaze meaningfully down her body.

She straightened in the seat and paused for a second to understand his words then her face darkened with anger.

“And why do you think I need that. I may already know all.” She shot back irritated.

She tried to quell the thoughts of stupidity of opening her mouth again.

He smiled darkly. His lips quirking up jeeringly and she feared he was going to say something brutish again.

“Sweet heart, I know naive when I touch one and you my dear girl have not even gone first base let alone have an experience and know it well to do the things that I might like.” He said mockingly, with a snort.

She glared across at him daggers.

The jerk. The ultimate jerk.

He smirked.

“It’s going to be interesting to make you learn. To listen to those little gasps when I touch you. It’s going to be fun. Let’s see if the little miss prim and proper is actually something more or that is frigid as the ice glacier itself is.” He drawled leisurely with a delicious promise in his eyes taking up a challenge for the days to come.

She dreaded and feared and her heart skipped several beats. Anxiety swirled up and high. Crossed the level of thousand and raised millions questions about her sanity. She was going to escape the car once it stops. She was going to run far away from this guy……as fast as she can…


Credit to: Blue


  1. blue

    Want more encouragement guys or are you already tired of me and my updates if so I’m happy to leave altogether. Just give me an indication. I’m already getting a few and understanding. Well, what do I know right.

    • M

      no no no……please,……i will show u my heart if it is possible……really….m in love with ur writings…..u r a very good player to play with our heart……how to make us feel hot….n then how to cool our emotions…u knew it very well…..i tell u the truth….i really find out way to divert my mind and just wait for your update….dear….coz i cnt do anything else…….i feel it very tough to make long comments….but i have so many things to tell you…just have lack of words….how to make u realize….v r addicted baby……..u watched the trailer of udta punjab?? you are that drug for us….m turning to be insane…dnt knw what i am writing…lol…but dare not to say that u r happy to leave altogether….imagine yaar…are we here to listen this after waiting an update for such a long time……..????

      play doll play……u have the skill to play with us……and we are really happy….to let u do this to us….now i think u understand what i want to say……..if not…..i think m mad totally…to blabber here

      • Hahahaha maandey di last para… Tears of joy lol…
        Ut so true poured out the words I wanted to … Farha dii plzzz dnt say like that ever again. I dnt know about the swaragian fans, where are you guyzz??? plz wake up. I can write it down that you are the most amazing writer in this site.
        Plzz yr never stop.. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

      • M

        roshni…….how to tell her yaar……her stories are my second love of life….after my family

    • God farha plzz don’t think we don’t like ur writings.plzz!! look at me i m having a life deciding exam in ten days and here I am reading your ff it’s soo addicting ! Girl plz don’t stop..at least once in a day I think about bbacb ( Neilll :-* haha I’m tooo much I know) complete all your ff’ s and I bet if u update regularly u would receive more than 100 comments for an update… just remember the good old days πŸ™‚
      If u can name all your ff’ s posted other than in the mmz page it will be helpful
      Waiting for anything you update πŸ˜‰
      Take care.. Love you loads :-*

  2. Swati

    Please don’t feel like that we love ur ff many people like me are silent readers who are lazy please update regularly

  3. Advaita

    Hi di ! Great going ….Laksh is such a jerk …hehe ….well ,all ur male leads are ,aren’t they? Always drooling over the female leads but never showing a bit of emotions ever…ughh. But I do like them that way too . Love u !!!!!
    TC πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Advaita

    Di plz don’t say that ever !! WE ALL LOVE U AND ANXIOUSLY WAIT FOR UR UPDATES !!! I don’t know what indications u r talking about but plz don’t ever say about leaving and quitting it all altogether. PLZZZZZZ !!!!

  5. blue

    I’m gonna update now only dt1 and dt2 since any other ff isn’t much liked. I get that by now. No worries. Will post those once I can write. These ffs are the ones I already had done with. Not goin to continue these. Wil think about it later.

  6. swathi

    I know my sweat heartβ™₯β™₯ that u r seeking for more encouragement and love…I can’t imagine you quit writing even in my dreams…i’m madly addicted to them and get out of them even if i want to and i never ever want to.
    The way u explain is so…?? Sorry, i lack words.all the words in my dictionary can never explain it.u make my heart skip a beat,sometimes i could hardly breath…
    You knocks me off my feet all the time with ur amazing, heartwarming,killer,romantic and lovely updates.

    • swathi

      I’m madly, deeply, truly,passionately and uncoditionally inβ™₯β™₯β™₯ with ur ff’s.
      I can’t imagine my life with ur updates,
      I never get enough of it and always want more and more , am too greedy and hungry for them…..It’s the nly thing i keep longing for,thing of now a days.
      I knew u are a sweetheart,crazy girl but today u proved u can be a good player too….u really know how to strike a match;-)
      Love u dear, i’ll will be waiting for long update.β™₯β™₯β™₯

    • blue

      Oh Swathi, thanks yaar. Always so welcoming towards my ffs? I say those things and then I can’t resist not writing. I’m impulsive like that. When I write i forget myself in a world of imagination. Though it is kinda stunted lol. But I try a little to write clean without mistakes. Oh dear me, it skips your heart beat. Mine too while writing. I want to write bbcb but that zeal is missing in my thoughts? thanks a lot for your lovely words?

  7. blue

    If I’m writing this story you are asking me about other one. If I’m writing that you are asking me about another one again. Lol, like how Abi and Aastha discussed once. You really are confusing me.

    Now the decision is yours. Which of the stories should I update next. Only then, I will be writing that ff.

    Darling, M, I ain’t got the ability to play anyone hehe. Sorry if I made you feel like that. I’m honoured. Thanks alot for the words and also for making to be an include in your family. Means alot more than you can imagine.

    • M

      seriously….u must take it as a compliment…..we ask for other stories coz v r addicted…..understand sweety………i told u earlier…v r hungry ppl

      • M

        n last…….let me tell u one more thing…u knw whenever u update any story we friends even whatapp each other to inform……lol…now what else remain for me to b pshyco

      • All your stories are soooo amazing that we want one after another that is the reason.. if you want to just focus on one I kindly humbly… Or say I am begging you to plzzzzzz write bbacb.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. M

    i have a list
    1. bbcb
    2. soh
    3. his haterd
    4. chirtmas gift
    5. we happend suddenly
    6. dispassionate
    7. one shot on aradhika……

    • Arey nahi… I mean yes but you missed
      “IF ONLY”

      I love that ff a lot.. dev ki story … Plzzz fara dii meri ye rquest v rakh dena..

  9. swathi

    I love all ur ff’s ,each of them are unique and special. I always prefer”billionaire banker and chirpy beauty”but never got disappointed when u updated other stories. Your absence is the only thing i dont like.

    I love before dawn ,heart strings,his hatred, whn in the evng
    girl,we happened suddenly,if only…clouds of dark and other ff’s too.

  10. blue

    Dear heavens, Swathi and M you are making me feel like Laksh and Neil here saying that I’m a player. Haha, wow what a feel to be a smirking arrogant character of my ff.

    Thanks dear Roshini and Advaita for your wonderful encouragement and love. Big hug? and yaar Roshini that’s me after I get annoyed hehe when I posted the comment here. Bcz I was like come on guys give me a hint if you like the ff or not. Well, I still did not write bbcb.

    Oh wow you message about my ff ohhhh so awesome?

    And one thing since how long are you guys reading bbcb?!? From which update? How did you get to know?

    Sorry I’m pestering you with my questions.

    • Advaita

      U r always welcome di . And plz don’t give us heart attacks by saying such things about quitting n all !! Though many of us here are not swaragini fans but still we all wait for this ff too because we just assume the leads to be Ardhika and read and enjoy it ,well at least I do so ….hehe . ANYTHING WRITTEN BY U IS ALWAYS WELCOME AND HEARTILY APPRECIATED !!
      And I would go for SOH first and then BBCB n others .
      And I’m not reading DT and DT2 since u started writing it . Well here is how i found u: I was checking for the written updates of a serial when I saw “Billionaire Banker and the Chirpy Beauty(Nesam -DT2)” in the recent comments of TU . I didn’t get it at first and then when I opened it I found a masterpiece !! To be honest , I never saw manmarziyan but after reading ur ffs I watched its videos on hotstar and also read its complete written updates in two days itself !! And then after reading BBCB I found ARDHIKA’S story ,i.e., DT and since then I’m following every story of urs . What more proof do u need from us poor fans πŸ˜‰ lol just kidding.
      LOVE U !!

    • Remember u started writing DT in the comments section of mmz I was following it since then and bbacb from the first update as I follow the mmz page
      I search by kfar and read all your other ff’s
      But am having problem searching by blue so just mention wat you wrote lately

  11. And yes one more thing.. god! I am asking for so many things …cant help myself
    Dii since you have the full story of dispassionate plzz update it jaldi jaldi cause I hardly can keep my patience on that after knowing about its complete chappy… hope you have no problem with that πŸ™‚ stay happy always…

  12. blue

    Thanks a lot Keerthana, , Dev, Riya, Shailz, Dhara, Divya, Smiley for your lovely comments?

  13. blue

    And one more question. Why do you like Billionaire Banker Chirpy Beauty that much?

    Why I like it because I dunno there is certain kind of pull that loos my mind to write it. Like how Sam and Neil’s dialogues are. Those are one of a kind in my mind. I cant write like those In any other fanfic. Maybe I sound too smug hehe but that’s how it is. I mean I know I don’t write good but still it is something better than nothing.

    • Exactly it’s those dialogues and their chemistry which glues us to it !! Farha let me tell you the after effects of bbacb
      1) as soon as we see an update…. Jump with happiness ( got a bump on my head while doing it in the car lol!)
      2) leaving all the work we r dng and if we can’t searching excuses to read it ( I soo do it every tym even if I have a break an hour later..that hour would seem like a year)
      3 ) start reading it with full concentration like our life depends on it
      4) cursing anyone who disturbs us
      5) most important… Smiling all to myself ( my frndz even thought ofsending me to asylum)
      6) blushing profusely for Neil’s dialogues ( bet no one can stop it)
      7) feeling sad once the update ends
      8) remincing the chapphy whole night and smiling
      9) feeling desparate to read the next chappy
      Seriously I can feel this only with bbacb don’t ask me y! all of ur other ff’s are good but this is best
      There is this kind of happiness I’m my heart when I read it that I can’t express
      I know I blabbered a lot bear with me !!:-)

    • M

      Farah……i read bbcb from begining…..nd dt also…..i almost read them 5-6 times…..

    • M

      Farah…..will u please tell me whether u write something on any other site??? Please tell me…..

  14. lucky

    Dear Farah never ever think of leaving any ff in the middle cz all ur effs r equally liked by us there r a lot ov silent readers …..the reason ur getting less response is bcz these effs have just started now wen bbcb started it had also less comments that doesn’t mean we don’t like ur other ffssss bbcb n drawn together started earlier then these ffs n u were regular with dts the stories have gone Farr n we started connecting to ITT emotionally that is why we r extremely passionate about them I started reading dt2 wen sams n dev were in restaurant n Neil blurted wrongly about her that time I felt they were completely different from the ones showed in fantasy unpredictable that is why I like it verry much that doesn’t mean I don’t like ur other ffs …we happened dispassionate they r equally amazing I know ur not getting expected response bt plzz dear give it a thought about what I said feel free to write any fan tic I know some time we r not into something if u feel like writing new fan fics just dont stop urself cz they r equally fantastic ….some if ur fans r more crazy about ur particular fan pics n believe me they r saying this cz of restlessness u know one moment of waiting is like embracing death itself soooooo plzzzzzzzzzz don’t ever think of quoting any ff cz might abduct u or will start coming in ur dreams scaring until u write ur ffs love u so much ur updates r always a treat for us lotsssss ov warm hugs n kisses for u

  15. Gauri

    Kfar u are amazing…there is no one who can be compared to you….I loved all ur FFs I am crazy for ur words…I love mmz so read those more…but since I saw this one …now you will find me here too….pls go on…love ur words..love u πŸ™‚

  16. swathi

    I accidentally read BBACB ( 2nd chapter) whn i was reading some other serial updates.
    i found it unique and different from the novels i had read.
    i don’t know why i love it that much..
    the love way you explain intimate or romantic scenes….and the character of NEIL…. i couldn’t resist myself from falling in love with his character.I watched splitsvilla nly to watch him and i liked real shravan too.
    Eventually i started reading your other ff’s. your writing skills are amazing and not less than any professional writer.

  17. Oh ftom where to start… The first time I cane to know about TU, after some days only I saw your ff.. it was so long the latest chappy you updates the 5th part of 10th chapter.. I read half only but then i hurried to read the comments and oh my god!! it was full of so many praises that i realy got attracted and read it… i loved it sooo much and I was unable to resist.. it was my boards dear.. when I encountered your stories.. Luckily, i had enough holidays so I read all your chapters… Turned insomniac… and then I searched all your stories and didnt left any single.. I wroteso much now!!! … But feel so honoured that you asked us about it.

    And I love bbcb so much because of your words the way you describe every single thing.. that is the reason of all your stories actually but the intimate scenes you describe beautifully and the storyline I love the most.

  18. I’m here in this site 4 6 or 7 months.I got to know about u frm ‘Chirsmas Gift’.Then i started to read ur ffs.I like them all.They all r Impressive & Adorable.Belive me u just make me addictade & restless with ur writing skill.Plz don’t say that.I’m really SORRY 4 d bottom of my heart 4 not comment.U know at first i’m not able to comment here.Plz apu try to update regularly for ur crazy fans.Update ‘His Hatred’ asap.Thank u apu 4 giving us such good stories.

  19. Bela

    You know I have been going insane looking for part 2 of this ff since the first part came out……..now that I got it, I must say…….you are one of the best writers here
    Continue please…….

  20. kalai

    oh Lord!!! u updated 2nd part….
    I already told u I came to know about u in dis ff only bcoz I read swaragini ff’s only …
    when I saw ur title ofcourse it’s luks quite interesting so I started to read wen I came to know it was raglak ff I can’t explain how much happy I was….
    I’m happy not only bcoz dis s raglak ff I’m happy bcoz I m reading dis wonderful nd bst raglak ff…
    to be honestly I don’t know anything about u except ur writing….
    ur writing makes me crazy…
    I already told u in de last update I’m fan of u nd ur writing …so as a fan I request u plzzz don’t stop dis ff…I hope u will consider my request…. continue plzzz…. nd thanks fr dis part….
    jst eagerly waitng fr nxt part BLUE..
    keep writing fr ur fans lyk me….
    once again plzzz continue dis raglak ff…
    I don’t know why u wants to discontinue dis ff..so I jst request u ofcourse de final decision will be urs only bcoz dis s ur ff..
    if u continue dis ff I will be happiest person in ur all fans…
    keep smile nd keep writing….
    i hope I didn’t bored u by my comment….

  21. Devi

    hellooooo…….you know u hav sooo many fans…. just one request..plz be regularr…..u r killing us by making us wait for ur updatessss……… but we are njoyin this waiting also since we know u give us superb mind blowing updates….keep updating….

  22. Devi

    hey plz dont stop writing ur FFs…i was aware abt BBCB n DT alone…but when ever i keep on checking for the updates..i come across some other FF written by u…and will jump into read those…. you know you make your readers go crazy with ur writing style…so even if u hav only written 1-2 epis of some FFs…I AM STILL KEEPIN ON READING THOSE EPIS AGAIN N AGAIN…. and wenever we see ur latest update v keep on asking u to update the other FFs as this is the only platform thru which v can communicate and request to u…so dont think that we are not intersted in any of ur FFs…sooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue all ur FFs…………just a hearty request to be regular….

  23. Devi

    Also plz include forever and always FF as well…. plzzzzzzzzzzzz update all ur Ffs………………………..

  24. Hey I have been waiting for long… Plz update the next part soon… I m a silent reader but ur ff made me comment… It’s just too good ?

  25. lucky

    Farah dear plzzz don’t make us wait …if u can’t update then plzz. Give some teaser of bbcb I have been waiting for too long its almost one n a half month since u updated bbcb m dying for ur updatesssssss write soon dear love u ??be happy

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