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We Happened Suddenly (Chapter 2 Contd.)


Chapter-2 ( A Thing About You )

Ragini’s eyes constantly went towards his form. He was sitting there again all too serious. What the hell was with his mood swings. He talked to her just now making her so hot and suddenly he went all cold. The car moved and travelled and travelled like a daisy. It felt as if they didn’t have a destination at all. Yet with all that and stuff he still had his hand over her thigh. What was up with that?

She looked back at him to see that he was doing it again unconsciously. Her jaw settled. She was going out into the civilisation again only because of his interference and she didn’t want to face any human for a month. He destroyed her plans of being all alone for a while. She had worked hard to be alone and pay for that suite. This guy came into her life out of nowhere like a huge storm and messed up everything and her peace.

She tried to push away his hand but his fingers flexed and tightened on her jean clad thigh more. She felt his hand print right inside her skin and flesh.

“What’s the need for you to keep touching me?” She asked angrily.

His face turned to hers and he looked down at his hand. A frown marred his forehead but he did not let go off her.

She rolled her eyes. For heavens sake. What the hell?

“Why are you so bothered?” He asked looking up and smirking.

The Casanova. His smirk was too much pushed into smug. As if he knew what affect he had on women.

“I’m not bothered.” She retorted instantly.

His left eyebrow raised at that.

“So let my hand be where it is.” He said carelessly, and shrugged.

Her teeth grinded. Oh, he was frustrating her. Incredible really how he talked her into a sly submission.

“Where are we going?” She asked finally unable to bear the suspense and also his silent presence.

He flicked his gaze back at her.

“Home.” He replied shortly.

Ragini gave him a blank look.

“Home?” She asked flatly.

He leaned back looking sideways at her intently.

“My home.” He replied again but softly.

She felt his hand flex at her thigh. She felt the heat of his skin and the strength of the muscle of his arm. The green veins of his brawny hand just stood out profound. A strange sense of calm settled over her mind and she relaxed back.

“Why do you want me to tag along. Can’t you tell your guards to just let me go.” She persisted again…..”I don’t even know you.”

Anxious frown marred her forehead. She just want to lock herself in her suite and never come out until a month. But this guy just ruined her plans.

He stared at her finally and she got his full attention. The smirk left his face and his eyes clear brown gaze collided with hers. Butterflies fluttered in stomach when he did that. She stared into his eyes unblinkingly.

“You can go back to the hotel once we get home. I’ll drop you myself.” He said serenely.

The sudden way he detached himself with her just bewildered her already scrambled mind. What does he mean? He would let her go? So easily?

She should have felt relieved but a curl of disappointment surrounded around her suddenly. That was bewildering. Why would she feel anything other than calm.

His brows strained and he slid her a curious look.

“What’s wrong?” He asked finally, in that deep throated voice of his.

Ragini blinked.

“Nothing.” She mumbled.

He slid back and his shoulder rubbed with hers. She felt him lean towards her and almost relaxing against her.

“You want to go back to the hotel, right?” He asked looking down at her when she leaned back on the plush car seat.

“Of course.” She replied hastily and instantly.

His eyes narrowed on her face and he slid his gaze all over her features.

“Then why do you look like I just kicked your puppy?” He asked quizzically with a left eye brow raise.

She blinked at his observation. How can he read her so thoroughly. Nobody did that. Not even mom knew what went around her mind. It was unnerving to feel his presence in her thoughts.

She didn’t know what to say so silence pursued on her tongue. He waited for her to answer and frowned suddenly when she didn’t utter a word in reply.

He opened his mouth to say something and just then the car stopped abruptly. Her shoulders sagged relieved. In the enclosed space of the limousine she really felt him as a person but not as a spoilt brat and a Casanova.

She looked out casually and her eyes widened. Her muscles froze as she kept staring at the house. Not house. It seemed more like a white palace. They were outside of it near the large bronze gates. The car stopped for the entry. She looked back at his face and he sat up straight and stiffened suddenly.

What was he the prince? She was confounded by the sheer display of wealth all around the place. It seemed like a large estate. More a private area. So that was the reason he behaved so weirdly royal. He had this air around himself that spoke of well luxury but she did not know that he was into this much of richness.

The gates cringed opened suddenly and the car travelled into a road which was swanked either side with a lot of green grass. The way was a little distance away and she looked at the surroundings with mouth hung open a little.

She suddenly wanted to run away. When she stiffened and straightened like that his hand became more firm on her thigh. She looked side ways to see him looking at the house gravely. Well, he wasn’t talkative now. He was very different in the hotel. Now his demeanour changed anti clock wise.

The car stopped near the large porch of the house. He got out and Ragini followed suit. Just as she thought to run the guards took places around them. Two in the front and two more at their back. Ragini gave him what the hell look but he just ignored her and took her hand in his firm grip.

“What in the….” She looked down at their joined hands and started to berate but he just looked down at her so intensely.

The look on his face just silenced her suddenly. He looked too hard and unrelenting. It was quite scary. Fine. Geez.

He dragged her up the steps of the porch. seriously why the hell was he taking her inside. Oh she could have just stayed inside the car. They got to the large mahogany door and he barged right in the hall by pushing her inside first. Then he moved towards the hall and grabbed her hand once again.

She looked around with wonderment filling her mind. There was a large fire place and a lot of antique furniture. It was quite the feel of lavishness. The floor was covered with maroon coloured velvet carpet.

He stopped suddenly when a booming deep voice vibrated around the place. Ragini jumped.

“Stop right there.”

Ragini froze when an elderly man quite looking too much grave and more like the hitler himself came down the large stairs. She watched the expensive blue suit and glint of the gold sparkle imperiously and she saw the glasses and the frightening grey intelligent eyes behind those.

“There we go.” He muttered under his breath.

Ragini gulped hard when he held her hand more firmly. He turned around and smiled slowly. It scared her that cold smile.

“Father.” He greeted suddenly.

Ragini stared at him and the elderly man.

He came down finally and walked towards the fireplace. He removed the shoes and sat on the plush sofa chair near the fire.

“You came home finally, son.” He murmured slowly.

The steel in his voice made Ragini shiver. His son really was something standing against a father like he was. His father’s face turned into this thunderous red.

Ragini tried to move back but her hand was stuck in the embrace of his.

He got up though facing his son and she sough through the place where if there was a door to run to but found none in vain attempt to flee.

“What was the point in running away from your own wedding when you knew that I would find you and make you come back, Laksh?” His father asked deliberately slowly.

A gasp escaped her lips and her head zapped towards his in apparent shock. What the hell? Ran from his wedding?

He stiffened and he looked sideways at her turning a shade dark.

She tried to pull her hand hard from his but he tightened his grip on hers even more. The jerk. He was the same as Rakesh.

“How many of those are you going to arrange father without my consent?” He asked through gritted teeth.

His father’s face turned a shade in furious anger.

“You have the nerve to talk back.” He thundered in a low dangerous voice.

Ragini really tried to pull him back. Why was he talking to his father like that.

“I’m not going to follow your every whim, dad.” He said un afraid and in a voice least bothered to care.

His father stared at him for a second and Ragini thought he would strike his hand across Laksh face but he sighed tiredly. Ragini’s shoulders were about to draw down in relief but his gaze caught hers and narrower curiously.

His father’s grey eyes rested on hers critically and she thought of breaking into a fast run.

“Who is she?” He asked finally while the gold frame of his glasses glinted towards his son.

Laksh. He looked down at her sideways finally. His eyes caught hers and turned a thoughtful brown and then a seemingly visible realization dawned on his face. Goosebumps rose up her flesh when a sudden slow wicked unseeing smile curled up his lips. As if an idea struck his mind abruptly. It was quite scary to watch. The change of his expression.

His head moved front.

“She is my fiancé.” He stated without much an emotion.

Just like that her eyes widened and her very breath caught in the lungs.

What the hell.

His father straightened and he looked across at her narrowing his eyes more. Ragini tried to moved her head in vigorous negative but Laksh just silenced her with one look down at her again.

“What the hell are you doing?” She whisper hissed into his ears.

“I don’t find any engagement ring on her hand.” His father drawled.

Yes, yes. She tried to nod her head. He was way too intelligent.

“That’s because I just proposed to her when your guards surrounded us and scared her.” He looked down at her smirking.

She glanced up and gave him a what the hell look. He smirked and his eyes danced in humour.

His father stared at both of them. They were talking about her as if she wasn’t there at all which did not do well with her ego.

His father sighed and sat back on the chair.

“I’m going to see how much longer this charade goes on.” He murmured dryly and looked into the fire.

Ragini gave him and his son a bemused look. He looked down at her and understood the bewilderement colouring her face.

“That’s him dismissing us.” He said flatly and smiled a little….”but with a warning.” He concluded in wry humour.

She opened her mouth to protest to his father that she wasn’t his fiancé and that his son had deliberately said to rebel against him but Laksh dragged her out of the hall.

She pulled at her hand hard.

“What the hell is your problem? How dare you drag me into your mess? I’m so not going to be your fiancé.” She bit out glaring daggers up at him.

He stopped by a vacant corridor. This space of the wing wasn’t crowded with servants. What’s with that she didn’t know or she wasn’t exactly used to people moving about her about flat which was only about a small part of the corridor of the hall. Which wasn’t or does not come any closer to the this humongous palace.

Her wide eyes and slid to his finally. He had that right eyebrow raised again cynically.

“Done checking out the place?” He asked sarcastically.

She gave him a black glare.

“I’m not your fiancé. I don’t even know you. How can you….” She started to rant again but she shut up when he put his right hand index finger over her lips.

She blushed and stared into his inscrutable gaze.

“I’m not interested to be your anything.” He said arrogantly…..”You just have to pretend for a while until I get out from this mess.” He concluded in a drawl.

Her cheeks heated up. Of course it was a pretend but why her. Anger rose up in a flush over her skin.

“You ran away from your wedding.” She exclaimed suddenly…..”You are no better than…..

Just as the words were about to let out of her mouth more he caught hold of her arms and pushed her to the wall. His face came down to hers very close. She lost her breath looking at the clear passive anger over his face.

“The girl I was about to marry wasn’t interested in this facade created by my dad. It was mutual. Don’t you ever compare me with the douche bag who messed with your heart. I’m not one of those.” He gritted in a quiet threaten.

Her ears weren’t exactly into hearing his threaten because her body started to get aware and highly attuned of his closeness. He was but too close. His front was plastered to hers. He was very much warm. As if he had a fever. His abdomen muscles flexed on hers and his chest rose up along with hers. He was all hard, tall, strong and manly. She felt his heated breath mingle with hers. His hands large and strong held her tiny waist. A curl of something moved all over her skin. She felt flushed and hot suddenly. She failed to notice his eyes darkening in response. He pressed into her more as his feet took a step more closer. The cool of the wall and the heat of his body did nothing but increase the awareness of him being this closer to her. His hand tightened over her waist and she gasped when he did that. His hand slowly started to move up her waist. She felt her breath stutter on his.

A loud sound of something falling off a table and crashing down on the floor across the corridor made her jump and the spell she was in broken into pieces and the reality set in like cold shower over her head. She moved to side over the wall little far from him. She cringed and flushed profusely. He watched her with intend eyes at her jump back. His hands which were on her waist a second ago were still in the space where she had been. His fingers folded and moved down to his sides.

She winced at the thought of catching his eyes again.

He cleared his throat and broke the engulfed silence that fell around them suddenly.

“It’s just a matter of month. You can stay here as many days as you like. It will be just like the hotel suite but far more closed off. Nobody comes here across this wing. You just have to pretend that you’re engaged to me for a while.” He explained but calmly but rather very softly.

The huskiness in his voice slid through into a serene disquiet. What was up with that she didn’t know neither did she want to know his mind. Too much venturing into dangerous waters there. Nope. She wasn’t interested in his life. Least bothered really.

“But how can I stay here.” She protested while the awkwardness left her slowly too.

He straightened.

“You paid for the suite, right?” He asked her flatly.

“Yes, but….” She replied and started to argue but he cut her off again.

“Then you paid here to stay already.” He reasoned with her with a careless shrug.

Ragini fell silent with that. She thought about it. Well, he was right. If she stayed in the suite there were chances of mom finding out about it. Mom would surely have dragged her back home where Ragini was really reluctant to be there right now. No. No more match makings. She couldn’t bear people looking at her or see her mom all excited and arrange for random dates for her. It was embarrassing. Very embarrassing.

Ragini gave him a once over. Well, he was clear that it would be only a month right and his father had been wasn’t much impressed with her so this boat wouldn’t go much longer in the sea. No harm done of course.

“Alright.” She agreed reluctantly after much alot of thinking and balancing things.

He nodded his head and before he could slid away his eyes from hers something sparkled in those. Ragini grittily thought that it was victory. Oh he was smug, wasn’t he.

He moved back from her finally and tilted his head to the right side.

“Take the room by the sea side. It has a nice view.” He said without a smile.

Her eyes widened. Sea side? Wow. It was better than a suite. It did not have much a view. Well. Whatever.

She turned to walk away before he called her back.

“And get ready by nine. We are going to have dinner.” He stared rather than asked her the jerk.

They had travelled a long way and it was afternoon already since the night in the suite. She stiffened suddenly.

“I thought I will be left alone.” She fired back.

And she really wanted to be left alone. She wouldn’t encourage any person or human around her now. He was already too much as if a ten person people.

He just shrugged.

“I owe you a dinner, don’t I.” He said dragging his eyes back at her.

She straightened and flushed a little. Well, wasn’t he a gentleman now.

“Yeah.” She relented a little suspiciously though.

He nodded his head again but rather drawn back from her. So strange his dynamics’ were.

She opened her mouth to ask something but he beat it to her already.

“Your luggage might be already in the room.” He read her mind and stated….”You don’t need to worry about it.” He said again and moved back.

Ragini nodded her head in reply and she watched him walk away already turning next to the corridor. Her mind went back to the wall and she blushed. Damn. So embarrassing. She shook her head. He wasn’t what she needed right now. She was nursing a heart break. And so she was doing that for a lot of while.

Ragini walked towards the said room and flung the door open of it. Her eyes rounded. Her wide gaze drew to the large glass window. It almost covered half of the room and sea that can be seen from here. It was spectacular. Beautiful. Almost felt like the piece of the heaven. The white floating curtains were see through and very thin. The curtains looked as if the threads of the invisible air. It looked very expensive than the suite she had paid for. She kept gaping at it. Too out of depth she got inside it still wondering. A frown marred looking at the pristine white walls. It looked the same as the outside.

She sighed finally after going through the plush bathroom and also the balcony. The view really took her breath away. The ocean. Blue. Serene. Fantastic. The clouds overtaking the sky and the ocean sparkling like that.

She got inside and had a nice long bath and after that her muscles stopped working. The lethargy overtook her and she slid down on the king size bed. She kept looking out of the window. The softness of the sheets and the rushing of the waters over the shore lulled her to sleep. She drifted into a delicious dreamless slumber finally with no one to disturb her peace.


Ragini woke up abruptly with a jerk from the deep slumber when she heard in her sleep an insistent knocking at the door.

“Oh for heaven’s sake.” She groaned scratching her head.

The knocking did not stop at all. Instead it grew more desperate on the door.

She scowled.

“Geez, I’m coming. I’m coming.” She said aloud.

Her bare feet padded towards the door and she opened it sullenly.

A maid stood there smiling at her. Ragini blinked when she entered in and placed on the bed of what seemed to be apparel bag. Apparently an expensive looking shopping bag.

“What….” She frowned and the words on her tongue failed suddenly because she was still up in the clouds of sleep.

The maid walked out of the room still smiling. Ragini thought to call her back but the woman had disappeared into the corridors.

What the hell was that?

She blinked several times at the black bag. She looked inside it and her bleary eyes widened. It was a flowery summer dress that would reach her knees and was cinched at the waist. There was a silver clutch and also a pair of high heels. Her heart skipped a beat. The cutest of the shoes. The bo peeps looked so beautiful with floral pattern over the white. What was this. Everything was so expensive. She looked inside the bag and found a little note.

– Wear it for the dinner- L

Was all that had been sprawled in a hand writing so bad that she wondered if the chicken did not walk all over the note with ink smeared all over its feet.

Ragini wondered if she should really wear the dress. So strange. Why should she wear it. It seemed he was trying to appease her for the things he did to her since the night before. He practically kidnapped her.

She shrugged and got up and moved towards her luggage. After going through into two of her bags she finally found a long blue skirt and a white tank top. There was a coat that goes along with it. She approved of it and changed into those.

The door flung open when she just got out of the bathroom. She blinked surprised when he barged in uninvited. Her eyes widened when he looked everything all suited up and formal. He was wearing a grey dinner suit with light pink shirt on and with a grey stripped tie His dark hair was pushed back and all gelled up. She stared with rounded eyes still at the change he had than compared to last night. He was laid back and causal. Now he looked. Polished and yeah quite rich. And then she wondered if should have changed into the dress. Where were they going anyway. It looked like he was going to a dress rehearsal or something sans her because she wasn’t going anywhere with him looking like a GQ cover her mag model.

His one dark right eyebrow raised when he glanced down at her attire. His eyes narrowed looking at the bag.

“I see you did not wear the dress.” He observed dryly.

“I did not.” She stated back while walking towards the bed.

He glanced down at her again and his eyes took their sweet time to come to her face. He snorted while she narrowed her eyes.

“How much of a virgin are you going to cry.” He quipped mockingly, while his eyes slid down to her long skirt.

She stared. Blushed. And swatted his arm.

“Shut up.” She reacted instantly and embarrassed.

He sighed and shook his head.

“Why aren’t you wearing the dress?” He asked frowning down at her.

She folded her hands over her waist.

“Why do I have to wear the dress?” She counter asked.

She saw his jaw settle and suspicion curled up her back in alert. He got the dress out of the bag and put it in her hand.

“You need to wear this for the show to go on.” He drawled very vaguely.

She frowned bewildered and very much confused.

“What show?” She asked irritated that he talked to her as if she was a school girl.

He smiled that wicked secretive smile of his and she grew all the more wary of him. She moved back

“Oh, no. No more of this. I have already done alot for you.” She snorted walking away from him.

“What if I told you that the girl I liked for five years cheated on me and slept with my best friend.” He said abruptly in a grim voice.

Ragini straightened. Oh dear god. That was horrible. The sudden way he let out those words were even more shocking. She couldn’t understand any girl cheating on him the Norse god. She turned slowly and looking at the disbelief written all over her face he smiled wearily. It disappeared as soon as it slid across his lips.

“And I need to get back to her. Badly.” He concluded coldly.

She gulped seeing the vengeance colouring his face slowly.

“I don’t understand.” She said confused…..”She wasn’t the girl you were marrying before?” She asked.

He shook his head.

“That’s my dad finding me a girl since he got embarrassed in public. I was about to get married to my girlfriend of five years.” He said the last sentence too quietly.

Her eyes widened. His father and her mother were the same. Trying to force them with anyone for life to satisfy their egos’ in the social circle. She escaped here though but he couldn’t. That wasn’t fair. She knew how suffocating it was. Dear god, now she understood his anger and frustration towards his father. How was it possible that she a plain Jane had found a similar situation with the Norse god himself. But seemed like he was still hung up on the girl. What wouldn’t she do for giving Rakesh a lesson if he ever came across her. Thinking about it just made her more angry. And he had the similar thing going on. That was the reason why he sounded so against the marriage thing. He got hurt. And he listened to her whine about hers and never complained about his life last night. Well, she could give him this for being a good guy. Which was so ironic because he was a thorough bad boy.

“Alright.” She agreed.

He blinked suddenly surprised at her consent. His eyes spoke of distrust that she could agree so easily. That’s because right now he did not need to be pulled into a reluctant relationship.

“Are you sure?” He asked her suspiciously……”You aren’t going to whine later that I pulled you into my mess again?”

She smiled suddenly and came forward. He stared suddenly down at her lips.

“Now that I know we sail in the same boat I’m happy to help.” She said cheerily.

She pulled her hand forward.

“As a friend.” She tilted her head to the side and smiled genially at him.

He straightened and looked down at her hand and then at her eyes and then down again. He looked too afraid now. As if she had just said that they need to walk down the lane holding hands romantically. It was funny his facial expression. The distaste just twisted his face features so apparently that she almost laughed at his expense. She bit her lower lip not to let out a giggle.

“Did you just friend zone me?” Asked the the Casanova quietly disgusted.

She rolled her eyes. His eyes drew up to hers and narrowed and then slid down once again down her body.

“From a virgin that too.” He said shaking his head and almost shivering….”Hell I’m losing my touch.” He murmured self derisively.

Ragini punched his shoulder hard.

“Shut up, Casanova.” She fired back mocking him too.

He rubbed the spot of his right arm but he smiled now fully. Oh dear. Straight perfect teeth. He really was a Norse god. A cocky smirk appeared over his face and it changed his features spectacularly into a really arrogant rakish wickedness.

He was of course hands down rakishly handsome and bluntly cynical. And he knew that she knew that he was indeed too good looking for his own good.

“You observed that didn’t you.” He murmured softly before his face lost the smile and he looked down at her grimly and with jaw ticking……”Seriously now are you going to change or do I need to rip the ugly bonhomie thing off your body myself?” He quizzed her quite rudely, looking down at her skirt critically disgusted.

Ragini gasped. Ugly bonhomie thing? She looked down at her skirt and top with blushing red face.

“Its not ugly.” She retorted in defense of her clothes and glared up at him.

He did not look anymore affected or relenting.

“You have five seconds now.” He said in a hard voice and drawl the latter part deliberately slow….”On the sixth second I’m going to tear off your clothes.” He warned her.

Ragini moved back afraid that he really would do that. He smiled when she backed out from the challenge of a potential fight. Oh she was so going to win the next.

“Fine.” She mumbled and turned around hastily taking the dress in hand.

When she reached near the bathroom she heard him chuckle darkly.

“Bet that if I did tear of that skirt there will be still pristine white inside that you had on, Miss goody two shoes.” He teased her ruthlessly.

Her cheeks heated up at his blatant insinuation about her being a good girl. Which she wasn’t. Well she was good but not that much to be teased about by this jerk. He rubbed her off wrong. Well, he was nice too. Not a bad sort of a fellow. Which was straight out a whiplash to her mind. Because he did lift her from the deep woeful ocean that she was immersed in and made it more exciting the while time. And then he went and downed her confidence with his manner and smirk.

“Shut up or the dinner gets cancelled.” She warned reddening in anger.

He grinned deliciously and raised up his hands.

“Alrighty my sweet darling.” He mocked her.

She scowled at the obvious sarcasm hidden between the lines. Oh he was impossible. She shook her head and moved into the bathroom grudgingly………


Next up part- The Dinner Date—Change Of His Dynamics.


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  31. Lovely as always di !
    Loved it !!
    Waiting for other ffs of urs .
    Plzzzz be back soon.

  32. Blue…….god! I had been waiting desperately for this one. I SO love this fic. Dream Lakshya <3
    Your fabrication is my favourite. Please update soon 😀

  33. Woooow so much of big response to this ff. Thanks a lotttttt for every comment and for giving such warm encouragement of whatever I write. Thank you. And I have officially given up on which fanfic to be here on the page. ?

    I mean I write so randomly all fanfics and still u guys search that and read it hats off to you guys for being so warm and wonderful to me.

    Hmm, now I’m in a fix. What ff to write next. Pls do tell. If anyone is interested that is. Miss alot of friends more actually. Where is manha, Shub, Nikki, Rj, Ireena, Natasha, Cool ff, Mandy, Moon, Anaya, Tasnim, Samiha, Valli, Soniya, Ameena, Annu, Shravya….and remembering all and thinking about more of the friends ya. Where where where hahah lol sorry asking too much here

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