We Happened Suddenly (Chapter 2 Contd.)

Chapter-2 (If it was you)

Ragini stood there humiliated to her core and almost on the verge of crying. She shook her head twice to let the tears at bay. Her stinging eyes drew to his figure far away from her. She took a deep affected breath inside. Alright. Get yourself together. This is not the place to have a breakdown. He is not your anything. He is just a stranger. A stranger that made her feel alot of things that she hadn’t experience before. She drew her eyes to the ocean and the rushing serene waters of the morning calmed her down instantly. She reminded herself continually. A break. She was on a strict break and nothing else. She cannot let her heart tangle into another mess again.

She stiffened while he cut the call and turned around. Her eyes slid over his face which was too grim and the lines and angles around his cheek bones, eyes and mouth were real tight with anger. He slid the phone back into his pants while his eyes slowly came back to hers and settled on her face. The anger ebbed away from his face while he looked at her like that sliding his gaze all over her eyes and lips. He seem to have calmed down. A frenzy ensued making her skin hot. He looked at her just like how his eyes were over at the ocean before. Soft and intimate. Ragini quickly rearranged the convulsive pain of her face to placid calm. She smiled a little. And she flinched inside for looking stupid as he frowned suddenly looking at her abrupt smile.

He walked towards her looking all tall, looming, dark and god damn mysteriously handsome. He was a walking sin. Her breath caught in her throat just by looking into his endless pools of black eyes. So fathomless and deep. Even if she burrowed into the hallow she was sure to find him nowhere.

Before he could say anything as heart breaking as getting back to his ex, Ragini cut in hastily.

He was about to say something but she smiled wide and he blinked down at her lips. He straightened and the warmth coming off his body circled around her in protective shield. His eyes stayed incessant on her lips and they came back to her eyes curiously and a little cautious. Her heart started fluttering when he did that. Burrowing deeper into her soul. Trying to see through her.

She stepped back a little uncomfortably so that he couldn’t hear her thudding heart. It was about to leap out of her chest. His jaw hardened while looking down at her feet and at the distance she created between them. His eyes came back to hers narrowed and cold.

“Uh, what did she say?” She asked a little too brightly pretentious…”Did she tell you to get back together?” She asked smilingly, while the inside of her was shrivelling in an ice curl again.

He stiffened and froze and his eyes stayed glued to hers. His searing gaze burned deeper into her eyes and felt heat down her stomach instantly.

“What?” He asked in a gruff low dangerous whisper.

He seem to want to hear from her again to make it clear this time what she said.

Ragini smiled again and his lips thinned out at that.

“Your ex.” She rolled her eyes…”Did she tell you to get back together?” She asked again, sounding lame and awkward.

She went on again even more idiotically.

“You know with the ‘act’ that we put together last night and….” She started to say but words failed to form over her tongue when she looked up into his face again.

With each of her word he straightened and his shoulders bunched. His face reddened and he looked deadly angry. His eyes glared and dug holes into hers and she panicked. Uh oh, what did she say wrong now?

“I mean to say…” She started again hastily.

His hand came like sudden whiplash and he held her arm tightly. His fingers dug into her flesh and she flinched at his roughness.

“I…” She squeaked.

His face came down to hers and he sneered at her.

“Will you f**king shut up!” He growled down at her.

His short angry heated breath fell over her upper lip and she gasped. Her eyes widened and her mouth snapped shut immediately.

He glared down at her some more. His body vibrated with a lot of anger and he looked ready to throttle her. Her heart started to race and she blinked up into his furious black eyes a little frightened. She gulped hard and licked her dry lower lip. He froze and his eyes narrowed and followed the movement down at her lips. His fingers suddenly bit into her skin. She breathed hard into his scent and she heard him take a stuttering breath as well.

The movement broke in a rude shock when he pushed away from her abruptly. He seem to curse under his breath before pulling back his dishevelled black locks over his head. He glared across at her some more and loosened his tie before moving away from her. He turned around and walked away with out a word or a back ward glance. His shoulders seem to be bunched in strain like that. He seemed exasperated.

It perplexed her. Her eyes brows raised bemused at his instant thunderous reaction. Alright, what did she say wrong now? Why did he look so murderous. Oh, dear, what should she do now. Ragini closed her eyes and cursed herself for making him angry again. He looked alot more unforgivable than last night. At least, he talked to her but now she wondered if he ever was going to see her face even. Oh, no. What to do. You idiot. You go and ruin everything. She cursed herself. She sighed and closed her eyes. She shook her head and squared her shoulders. He cannot be mad at her. She wasn’t at fault here. She needed to know what made him angry suddenly. With that determined thought, she retraced her steps back to the mansion. She was going to talk to him before he left her again. She wondered at his mood swings. He sure would freeze her out again and give her the worse of the punishments since last night. The silent treatment. Ugh, she hated it when he did that. She only knew him for days and already she was getting to know him thoroughly.


Ragini walked fast into the mansion. She was panting by the time she circled around the ‘nth’ time around the similar looking large spacious bedrooms. Really now they should have had a minicab to travel around the colossal house. It was so confusing and huge. After bewildering and exasperated over the many aisles’ and corridors she finally reached a different looking one. She popped her head inside the room and hid herself beside the door. Her wide eyes looked around the room in wonder. She stepped hesitantly when she found no one around. She snorted. Her eyes again thoroughly took in the ‘boy lives here’ vibe. He was such a guy really. The floor was uncarpeted and all black tiled. The white walls were bare except a few postures of half naked beach ladies. She shook her head while smiling. The large king size bed was filled strewn around clothes. There was a large mirror though which covered half of the wall. Her eyebrows raised bemused. Someone was a narcissistic.

Ragini’s eyes again went to the wall picture. The woman was really voluptuous and scandalous with barely there clothes. Casanova. She muttered under her breath. Her head tilted to the side and she looked at the pose. How was it possible to bend like that. The door of the bathroom opened suddenly and she jumped startled. Her cheeks heated up when he walked back into the room. He froze abruptly while looking at her. The surprise on his face stayed only a for second before it tightened and he looked away from her instantly. Ouch. That hurt. His ignoring her hurt immensely than the heart break she got from her broken engagement. He sauntered past her and walked towards the mirror. He completely ignored her presence and and went about arranging his hair and setting right his tie. She watched fascinated as his arms stretched over the shirt and its sinews extended the thread of the cloth almost into tearing. He was really very handsome. She could forgive him for being a jerk anyway since he looked really good and pleasing to the eye. He got into the coat and she watched him do that quietly.

He turned around without glancing down at her. When he tried to move past her Ragini caught his arm hastily. He cannot do that to her. He cannot leave without talking to her. Her fingers barely surrounded his bicep. His arm flexed under her fingers. She felt her heart race when he reacted to her touch instantly. He froze from his arm and he kept stiffening until he became a complete stone beside her. His eyes drew down to her hand around his bicep. He kept staring down but he did not move back nor he drew closer to her. His eyes narrowed on her face. She stared into the black inky depths of his eyes unblinkingly. The sizzle of his woodsy cologne entered into her lungs and she took deep intake of breath of his. He stared down into her eyes cautiously.

“What is it?” He asked finally softly.

She shook her head. He was really warm. Whereas her fingers were cold around his bicep.

His jaw settled and tickled and he drew her fingers away from his arm with his other hand.

“I have work. I guess I cleared that before, didn’t I.” He said in a gruff annoyed voice.

He moved back a step from her. Her cheeks turned a shade pink. Yes, he did but why be rude about it.

Ragini moved closer again and he straightened when she got into his space.

“Why are you angry?” She asked bewilderedly frowning up into his face.

He looked back flatly at her. His right hand had a brief case and other was in his pant pocket. He looked down into her face for a long second searching along for something. His eyes were devoid of any emotion except placid coldness.

He drew closer and she felt her skip a beat. His face came down to hers and his breath fell over her lips again while curled a warmth down her stomach. His eyes now were incessant on her lips.

“Ask yourself that.” He clipped softly, while bringing his eyes back to hers.

That was very vague and she gave him a confused look. She blinked a little when the corner of his lips curled up into unseeing smirk. It was a blink and missed before his face went back to flat again. He moved back, turned around and sauntered out of the room. She stared at the door for a full minute before a scowl coloured her face. What did he just say? She should ask herself that? She frowned confused. What should she ask herself? What did she do now that made him angry. Oh, her head heated up thinking alot of things now.

She went back to her room and felt herself drown in complete self cursing. She missed his presence like a deep yawn chasm. She perplexed over how she got used to his presence. Since that night he did not leave her alone until only yesterday. Now that he was far she couldn’t deal with his absence. Most of the afternoon she slept all the time. She settled herself on the bed and never left the room. She woke only when the dark drew around. She woke up bleary eyed and only when she showered that the lethargy drain away from her body. She changed into a pink long sleeves shirt and a flowery short summer skirt. Since she wasn’t going out. It was rather a good feeling. She had been working continuously for three years and she never took a day’s break. It was relaxing finally to not think about work constantly. A month later, she would think about going back to the office. Right now, she was holidaying in this luxurious mansion. She got her favourite bubble gum candy and munched on it. Chewing on the strawberry sweet was her stress buster. It relaxed her even more.

She frowned at the clock and wondered. He hadn’t come to her room. How mean was he. She shrugged and walked down the corridor and reached the lift. She punched in the fourth floor. Yeah, his room was upstairs. So far away from where she stayed. Ragini reached his door and bit on her right hand nails nervously. She stood there like a fool blinking continually at the door. She shook her head and her heart raced when knocked on the door. The door opened abruptly. Oh, it wasn’t locked. Goody. Ragini reached inside hesitantly.

She froze when looking at his back. She blinked around. He seem to have come home just now. The brief case was on the recliner. His tie was on the floor and he was right now removing the coat. He turned around finally and he froze blinking at her. His eyes narrowed and he sighed while removing the coat completely off his shoulders. He kept looking at her while removing the sleeves pins. He folded his sleeves over his arms and she stared at his movements fascinated again. He was a view to watch. He looked haggard, tired and a five O clock shadow appeared over his jaw. Still he looked fantastic. As if a cover magazine model in a suit. And she was seeing one live moving around her like a caged tiger. The space looked too small for someone who looked so wild and earthy.

And, he did not speak a word. She sighed. His silence was getting to her. But she had none the words to ask. Her heart gave a sink down. Oh no. He walked around the room ignoring her once again. And, instantly numerous ideas ruffled frantically in her mind. Fine. If he was stubborn she was adamant too. She squared her shoulders and braved herself to dare him when he tried to move past her again.

“I dare you to not talk to me ever.” She said hastily but firmly.

She saw him freeze in his tracks. His back straightened and his head turned to her. His eyes narrowed and speculative caught hers in a lock. Her heart raced again but in triumph. Now she got his full attention. She tamed a smile of victory and he seem to recognize that as a deep intrigue entered into his black eyes.

“What?” He asked in a low quiet drawl.

Ragini walked forward and faced him head on. He looked at the challenge in her eyes and his left eyebrow raced at her valiant confidence.

“I…” Ragini started slowly….”dare you to walk away from me.” She taunted him again.

He took in her words and straightened immediately. He moved a closer to her and loomed above her looking deep into her eyes. A patronising smirk curled up his lips.

“We are back to playing games, are we?” He drawled in a deep husky voice.

She shivered a little while it slid through her like warm honey.

But she remained mute and placid. She did not show the inner anxious beat of her heart. Oh, dear, was it clever to challenge him. She couldn’t take his full attention. His demeanour changed drastically. He was too close to her than necessary. He had this enigmatic pull that made her drawn to him so crazily. It was magnetic.

He smirked at her silence and sighed.

“Well.” He smiled a little…”A dare for a dare then.” He drawled gruffly and his eyes shined now like gimlets.

Her eyes widened.

“What?” She asked a little panicked, but her voice did not show rather than her eyes.

His right eyebrow raised at that and he shrugged.

“I did not walk away from you.” He said flatly…”So, I get the dare back.” He finished smugly.

Oh, the arrogance of his. She just wanted him to stay not play this game with him. Whatever he had in his mind. His eyes narrowed and he read the look in her face. The smile left his face and he walked towards the bed slowly while sauntering past her. He brushed himself against her while doing that and her heart skipped a beat again.

With increase of her breathing she saw him sit down over the edge of the bed. Her chest moved up and down with the deep breaths that she was taking. She forgot about the bubble gum in her mouth because now swallowing became hard.

He looked into her eyes and challenged her back which raised the hair over her skin. She felt heat curl when his searing gaze cut into deeply.

She waited with bated breath while he opened his mouth.

“I dare you to kiss me.” He said gruffly, and very very huskily.

His voice went three notches down and her heart leaped out of her mouth. Her reaction was instant. Her cheeks turned red.

“No.” She cried out and almost turned around.

She heard him sigh.

“Yes. Run away. That’s what you do.” He said in a lazy bored tone.

Ragini straightened at the mock colouring his voice. She turned around immediately and faced him.

“What?” She fired back.

He smirked that damn arrogant one.

“That is what you did right? When you got dumped?” He asked her in a sneer.

Her back stiffened and her face turned fuming red. Oh, he did not just say that. The jerk. He kept smiling at her and she glared back at him daggers.

This went on for a minute before she finally let out an inaudible curse.

“Fine.” She determined and squared her shoulders.

She walked towards him and he straightened over the bed. She leaned down and reluctantly slid her lips over his rough jaw. Her heart raced a million speed now. She moved back immediately with inflamed face. He froze and became granite.

“There my dare is done.” She clipped back tightly.

He blinked up at her surprised and a second later he licked his lips while sliding his hand over his cheek. Ragini moved around to leave the room instantly. A squeak escaped her lips when she was pulled down abruptly. A squeak again escaped her lips when he drew her down on the bed roughly and slid on top of her instantly before even she could struggle out of his hard hold on her wrist.

She gasped when he settled on top of her completely. His face came closer to her vision and her eyes widened. Her heart raced over his calm. Oh, he was very warm, hard and rough all over. His hands moved over her wrist and he pinned those beside her head. His minty breath fell over her face and her blood heated up immediately.

What froze her to the bed was his eyes. They were different. Intimate. Dark with numerous lascivious promises.

“That is not called a kiss.” He said huskily, while his eyes slid down to her lips.

Her heart raced with his words. Oh, she could his muscles and abs on her skin. His chest rubbed against hers and she felt alot of things now. She stared wide eyed into his gaze and her lips parted. He looked down immediately at her parted lips.

“I can smell the bubble gum in your mouth.” He murmured, while his lips came closer to hers.

The vibration of his voice drew shivers down her body. She straightened though. She needed to know why he avoided her since the morning.

“I dare you to agree that you were angry this morning.” She challenged him, but in a very feeble tone.

She cursed herself for sounding so breathless.

He froze on top of her and his eyes came back to hers narrowed. His jaw settled as his face moved back a little. Oh, thank god. His scent was making her crazy. Now that he put a distance it was good to her sanity.

He gave her an exasperated sigh before he sighed.

“Yes I was angry.” He agreed in short words.

She frowned. Oh he was stubborn. Why cant he tell her the reason.

“Why?” She asked irritated.

His eyes on hers turned lazy and he smiled.

“I just answered to your dare.” He drawled mockingly and his hands flexed on her wrists and his eyes turned a shade dangerous….”Now it is my turn.” He whispered.

Oh dear. She stiffened while he drew closer to her. She froze while he removed her long hair off her one shoulder all the while he looked deep into her eyes.

“What are you…” She started to struggle.

A gasp escaped her lips when his face burrowed into her neck and his cool lips slid over her skin of her shoulder. He drew the night shirt down her shoulder too. She caught hold of her hands tightly when she tried to move away from him.

His lips travelled up her right ear slowly.

“I dare you to remove the panties that you are wearing now.” He whispered into her skin gruffly and very huskily.

A gasp escaped her lips again and her face turned several shades red. His words were too intimate and rough with desire. He grabbed her waist and his fingers went under her shirt and slid firmly over her bare skin. She shivered.

“No.” She whimpered….”Stop it.” She breathed weakly, while trying to get out of his hold.

He tightened his hold on her waist and his fingers bit into her wrist on the other hand.

“If you move I’m going to do much more worse, darling.” He warned her gruffly while moving his lips over her neck.

She felt her breath lose and crazy heat of his and the weight of his body did crazy things to her. She felt like breaking out and losing control. It was a wrong thing to challenge him.

Her eyes widened even more when his hand moved away from her wrist and curled around her upper left thigh abruptly.

“What are you doing?” She whispered breathlessly.

He groaned feeling her soft skin. It was softest that he ever touched. His fingers bit into her flesh of her thigh. He smiled into her skin when she shivered and responded by drawing closer into his chest. Her body was made of sin. All curves fit perfectly in right places. It drove his desire crazily for her. He wanted to f**k her in the bed forever. Take her until she gasped for more.

Ragini felt his hand move up her thigh and struggled hard out of his hold.

“Stop it! What are you doing?” She gasped again. Unable to comprehend a thing except his touch.

He chuckled and the sound of it vibrated into her skin.

“Fulfilling your dare.” He murmured over her skin…”Since you can’t do it.” He completed while his hand reached her panties.

The movement happened so instant. His lips opened over her neck and his teeth nipped her there hard and she heard the rip of her panties. Her eyes widened and she screamed with the pain and sting on her skin and disbelief that he tore off her panties. She closed her eyes and moaned when his tongue came out and soothed the sting over her neck. It was too much to handle and with one almighty strength and struggle she got out of his hold.

She moved out of the bed as if burned and slid far away at the edge of the bed. Her chest moved up and down and her hands went down to her skirt. She cursed herself for wearing a skirt today. Her hand went over her neck and she rubbed the place where his lips and teeth were just a second ago. It was still stinging and throbbing. She glared at him while he smiled victorious at her. His hair was all dishevelled and top three buttons of his shirt were undone. She knew her face now was bright red and embarrassed. His eyes though were filled with dark intimacy again. Her face inflamed her wide eyes slid to the ripped pieces of her panties in his hands. She closed her eyes shaking her head. Her anger knew no bounds now. It raced boiling frantic into her veins.

“Oh. My god!” She cried out humiliated…”You are such a brute!” She fired….”You….you are a….” She couldn’t finish the sentence to curse him.

There were no words. She was too shocked at what he did.

“How dare you….” She started again before he chuckled at her reaction.

“How dare you rip my panties.” He cut in dryly amused.

it raised her hackles even more. Oh the arrogant jerk and a brute. He was impossible. Her mouth hung open when he took those and slid the torn pieces in his pant pocket.

He looked bored already and tried to move away. Oh no. He wasn’t going anywhere after doing all that to her.

She stomped forward and took hold of his hand and moved him back. He looked down at her raised with raised eyebrows at her strength. He looked amused again. She fumed.

“Why were you angry this morning?” She asked furiously.

The amusement left his face slowly and his jaw hardened. He looked down at her glaring. He got into her space and she moved back a step. He kept walking towards her like that and she kept moving back until her back hit the wall. His hands came around her head and he locked her there without giving a chance for her escape. Her heart raced.

His face thunderous came down into her vision. Annoyed. He was too much annoyed.

“I was hard and aching for you and you have the dare to talk about my ex.” He said in a deep anger filled voice.

A sharp breath escaped her lips and her eyes widened when he made his desire for her so apparent and blunt. His words always made the heat curl down her stomach. She felt wanted. No. Needed. He recognized the realization of that in her eyes.

“Now you know why I was angry?” He asked gratingly down at her.

She remained mute and words failed to form on her tongue. She never felt like that. That someone like him the prince can want her the plain Jane. It was too much to believe in. She felt herself dangerously falling hard and fast for him.

He moved exasperated and pulled at his locks. He looked down at her superiorly.

“And don’t you dare say again that it was an act. I’m gonna throttle you if those words come out of your mouth.” He grated, glared and bit out before pushing away and walking out of the room with shoulders bunched…………


To be contd with….

Credit to: Blue


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