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We Happened Suddenly (Chapter 2 Contd.)


Chapter-2 ( If You Weren’t There ) Contd

Ragini took her sweet time to change into the dress. Again her hair became a lot dishevelled and she had to straighten it one and over all. She sighed finally feeling a little better. She touched her make up which was minimal for one last time and got out of the bathroom.

He was leaned back on the recliner with eyes closed. Poor soul had waited for her far too long. Her eyes twinkled mischievously. Good. That’s for making fun of her appearance.

She cleared her throat and he opened his eyes finally. He seemed to have fallen asleep as he blinked twice and looking around and leaning up. His eyes clear brown finally met hers and he did a once over at her again. He reacted neither surprised nor he looked any appreciative instead his eyes came back to hers slowly flatly.

She frowned and looked down at herself. Wow, she dressed up and had make up on and looked a might be a little pretty but he just did not react. Her shoulders drooped at his no change in response.

“Took your time didn’t you.” He smiled knowingly, sighed and got up.

His voice was gruff with sleep.

Ragini gave him a glare.

“I had a good nap.” He said coming towards her and moving past her towards the mirror.

He set right his tie and Ragini shook her head. Maybe he had seen better and beautiful girls and she was neither. It wasn’t big deal anymore. He wasn’t the person she wanted to please with her appearance. She was here just on a break and nothing more and also sort of helping him a little.

He looked back at her and stared when she floated around in her own thoughts.

“Are you coming?” He asked finally, when she did not move.

She blinked back and nodded her head. He tilted his head and to the right side and gave her his arm. Her left eyebrow raised at that and she smiled.

“Alright.” She said and moved closer to him.

He smiled a little and she shook her head looking at his crooked tie. She stepped closer and set it right. He looked down at her hands and then into her eyes. He looked a bit impressed.

“You are perfect.” He said looking down at the tie and sounding pleased.

Flashes of her helping Rakesh with his tie came into her mind and her smile dimmed.

“Yeah.” She replied vaguely and moved back before his coat.

He stared when she took a step back and his eyes narrowed on her face.

“You okay?” He asked frowning suddenly.

She shook her head and came back from the sad past. She should just forget everything. All those things. She should just let go or it wasn’t possible for her to live peacefully.

“Yes.” She replied again, smiling while taking a deep breath.

He stared into her eyes for more than a second and she observed her reflection centring into his focus. He nodded his head while her heart skipped a beat. He always looked deep and penetrating. It ruffled her in a weird way. He was very handsome. Someone she wouldn’t be generally in a view point of. But he seemed different. He wouldn’t just see but feel into. Something about him was different.

Ragini took his arm while he offered her again without much asking about what went on around her mind but he seem to know what played in her thoughts. He stayed silent which was thoughtful. They both walked out of the house and reached the car.

Within half an hour they reached the place. She wasn’t much aware of the time because she had been looking out at the ocean. It was spectacular how the small boat lights twinkled over the flowing waters. The night drew around but it shined everything beautifully and as well as the moon. The silvery light flooded around quite gorgeously. She loved the weather. It was neither too cold nor was it warm. It was just about right and breezy.

The restaurant was plush and really happening and elegant. And now she knew why he needed her to dress up. It wasn’t the place to go for anything on the clothes. It was traditionally good wear and dine restaurant.

They reached together inside the aisle which was quite and kind of closed off yet she saw a few couple around the tables. Laksh lead her to the right corner of the restaurant. It was candle lit and everything and lights around were dim, demure and romantic. Her eyebrows raised impressed. Looks like she was having a dinner date bit a fake one.

She stared surprised when he pushed back the chair for her. She smiled before she could laugh when he gave a mocking smile while he did that.

“I can do that you know.” He said dryly.

“What?” She asked instantly.

He gave her a caustic look.

“Push back the chair for the lady.” He replied giving her a cynical smile.

“Of course.” She agreed readily.

The cheer in her voice seem to irritate him as he gave her grave annoyed look at her.

“So.” She said leaning back and observing his face….”What’s her name?” She asked curiously.

He stiffened and remained silent for a long time before he sighed.

“Shanaya.” He replied curtly.

She observed his face and also his tone. Yes. He liked her. Or more than a like. Which he wouldn’t agree to. Which he did not believe in. His voice was too gruff and his face went into a deep thoughtful shade. He was looking down at the table probably remising things and she really felt to slap the girl who did this to him.

He looked up finally and he moved his gaze towards the front. His eyes did not come back to her but stayed glued where it was still. He stiffened and stared unblinking at the door. Ragini frowned and followed his gaze.

What she saw exactly froze her too. Her eyes moved over a pair. The woman was too much gorgeous. Tall, slender, porcelain that glistened and shined in the red long sleeves off shoulder she had on. Diamonds sparkled on her finger and also her ears. She had sliver clutch matching up with the equal bling she had on. She hung over a guy around the same age as Laksh and she froze suddenly. Dear god, maybe that’s his best friend. He too was handsome and looked and spike of rich money too. The woman was who had cheated on him.

How can they walk around like that. With head held high without a stich and so much of any guilt, while both of them who had gone through a betrayal were hiding face and licking wounds. Not fair. But she was put again in out of depth here. She wasn’t any closer to his league nor could she compare with the woman. She was too beautiful. Laksh had chosen the wrong girl to get back to his ex. A sudden anxious fear curled in her stomach and she felt like running again. Because Rakesh had said that she didn’t fit in anywhere and also she was too much of plain for him to stay longer with her in the relationship. That had broke her apart because she couldn’t keep him closer and he strayed because of her. He called her a frigid b*t*h. That hurt her alot and stumbled her confidence.

Her eyes moved back to his face. She stiffened and was surprised to his eyes were narrowed on her face. She was perplexed why he had his gaze on her so intently. She thought he couldn’t take his eyes of his ex.

“What wrong?” He asked quietly.

Ragini fumbled and took a sip of the water since her throat went all dried up.

“I….” She stuttered…..”I think I should leave.” She concluded pathetically while avoiding his eyes on hers.

She looked back at him to see that he was looking at her now solely.

“You look beautiful.” He said abruptly.

She blinked at the sudden change in the conversation as he shot that compliment at her out of nowhere. It made her flush while his voice turned into a soft brush against her hurt like a cool balm when he said that. Seemed he really meant it because his slid all over at her appreciatively. She blushed when his eyes came back to hers warmly.

He leaned back on the chair.

“Don’t believe otherwise.” He concluded in a drawl very intelligently sliding inside her thoughts again.

With that a little of her shattered confidence lifted up a little. He was saying that she should just believe in herself and not run into a hole thinking about what others say or do. Well, he was right. Who cares what she looked like until her will stood stronger than anything. Well his little cryptic words though said not so much yet still had a profound affect on her mind. She felt uplifted suddenly. Something like pleasure fluttered and settled in her stomach warmly. But he didn’t say this before or was saying now because he needed her. Oh, dangerous waters there. Her mind warned her. Tread carefully now. Don’t care what he says. He doesn’t matter to you. Only a month and she will be out of his life and then they both wouldn’t know the time here was spent at all as memory. Will be just a passing cloud.

“You didn’t say anything of that when I wore the dress.” She retorted lightly in defense against his charm.

He smiled as his eyes danced in sly humour.

“That’s for making me wait for so long. I needed to get back to you, didn’t I.” He shrugged carelessly.

Ragini stared into his brown eyes. She shook her head.

“You’re a jerk.” She fired back and scowled at his attitude.

He smiled and shook his head before his eyes went back to his ex. Ragini saw the woman what was her name yeah Shanaya come towards the way where they were both seated. Ragini saw her freeze when her eyes drew towards his and then at her. A tightness entered in her face while she looked on curiously at both of them. Ragini watched Laksh stare at the guy who had stiffened too but did not catch his eyes. Shame. She could see in the face of his but there was self defense too. Like he didn’t regret doing that to his best friend. She could see the guilt written so clearly. It showed and stained his face features. He instantly drew his hand away from the woman’s waist.

Time for her to intervene. Laksh was staring too much. It was starting to get awkward.

She smiled deliberately into his face as a show and slid her hand on his. His head whipped suddenly down at the table. He frowned and looked up at her. His face told her that he forgot that she was here which wasn’t really encouraging to her ego. Of course. Why would he look at her when his ex was a wow bomb. Elegant. Beautiful. Gorgeous. She suited him to the T. Why did she leave him for the guy who looked really compared to him. Whereas Laksh was really different. He was thoughtful and nice.

He gave her quizzical look while looking down her hand. She rolled her eyes.

“Act.” She whispered.

His eyes took a knowing turn as he nodded his head finally. He looked down at their hands and he curled his fingers with hers in a lock. His hand was large, brawny, strong and tanned and hers was pale and small. Yet something fluttered inside her.

The order came just then and the hunger got better of her to see and think anything. She concentrated on eating good. The smell of delicious looking food made her stomach growl. It was the fish steak. Baked potatoes and boiled peas. Too good.

“Wow.” He quipped dryly while looking down at her polished plate….”you don’t diet, do you.” He muttered sarcastically.

Her face turned red with embarrassment.

“I was hungry.” She shrugged.

He smiled and the white even teeth showed again. He looked pleased. She didn’t know why.

“You aren’t the one to starve yourself when hungry?” He asked curiously, while he finished the baked potatoes.

“No.” She said instantly and he grinned.

He forked the last piece of the fish steak and it disappeared in his mouth while he chewed looking at her. She saw his jaw work at the meat. She looked down at his suit. His body. He was really toned and the clothes fit him so perfectly. His hands. His shoulders. Seemed like he worked out a lot. He couldn’t this fit without it.

He wiped his mouth with the cloth napkin and leaned back.

“I like that you aren’t one of those. I like a woman having a healthy appetite.” He murmured while taking of the water from the glass.

She smiled wryly.

“Glad that I pleased you.” She said flippantly.

He ignored the sarcasm and smiled.

“You finished dinner before me.” He stated flatly.

Ragini looked down at her plate.

“Well….” She started but he cut her off.

“Doesn’t do well with my ego.” He said dryly while he stolidly stared at her with what seemed perplexed curiosity.

Like he had seen someone like her not before.

She thought it and observed that she did. Well, when she went out with Rakesh for dinner she usually ate slow. Wondering what he would think of her etiquette. She used to get conscious about the way she ate. Now. With him here. It seemed different. She didn’t care. Wow. That was something wasn’t it. He did not make her feel self conscious at all.

“You’re different.” He murmured thoughtfully, while not really looking at her.

And there he went and read her mind again. She thought he was different. Well.

His eyes narrowed to the side and he got suddenly.

“I’ll just come.” He said curtly to her.

She opened her mouth to protest but he had already walked away. Her eyes moved towards his ex’s table and found the woman not seated at the table. Ragini sighed. He was so going make a scene. Maybe he followed her out. Or somewhere.

She got up too to find him. She followed towards the aisle of where he disappeared into. Her feet too her a corner and she herself back instantly. She saw hidden to the wall him standing there in front of his ex.

“How many of the woman are you going to out?” She asked sneeringly and very very coldly.

Ragini saw his face twist into mocking.

“At least I don’t cheat on any like you do. That’s your thing not mine.” He bit out coolly in an uncaring ruthless.

The woman straightened and her hands fisted by the sides. She snorted suddenly though.

“You wouldn’t keep her closer too. She is going to leave you just like I did.” She said in a bitter hateful voice.

Oh, no. She did not say that woman. How dare she cheat and blame it on him. That was a b*t*hy thing to do. Rakesh did the same to her. Blamed her for everything. Seems like the woman was made with the cloth of what her ex was made of. Ragini saw his face turn a shade ashen and she felt the frustration bubble around him. He seem to be about to break out. She could feel the electric pull of his like charge filled wool drawing down tension all around the place. Gosh, he was going to do something silly now. He was going to make them throw out of the restaurant. And she wasn’t going to allow him to do that before dessert. Oh hell, she was having dessert. Her favourite part of the dinner was going to be ruined because of his mess now.

She hastily walked into the aisle and moved closer. She pushed herself over his chest and placed her hand around his jaw before planting a kiss over his smooth cheek.

“Darling, you’re here. I missed you at the dinner table.” She said saccharine sweetly.

He stiffened surprised when she placed her hand over his toned waist. His head moved to the side and his lips suddenly were way too closer to hers. His cool minty breath mixed with hers and she could smell his aftershave and clean fragrance of his soap. Oh dear. His eyes caught hers. And she lost her breath looking deep into his clear brown eyes. A silent gasp escaped her lips when his hand came around her waist and he pulled her more up into his chest. She felt her heart race over his. His body was really very toned and hard. She cleared her throat and pulled her mind back to business. She moved her head to the front where Shayana stood there red faced and fuming at the two of them.

“And who is this woman, darling?” She asked frowning at the woman.

She looked up at him to see that he wasn’t looking anywhere but down at her. His face was masked into unreadable again. What was he thinking now? He slid his hand down to hers on his waist and he slowly moved it over his chest and then towards his jaw. He was looking into her eyes penetratingly again. Piercing through the layers and dragging deep into the centre her thoughts. And her thoughts were solely on his because she observed that the world was sliding away in the background and diminishing like how the mist evaporates. She felt the rough stubble over his jaw and then while looking into her eyes he lead her open palm to his lips. He kissed in the middle of her palm and she gasped as his heated breath created sensations all across her body. His lips caressed deeper into her skin. She did not realize that the centre of her palm was an erogenous zone until his lips touched her there. It was way too much for her to handle. But that was forgotten before his voice slid through her like warm honey.

“She is nothing.” He murmured too deep and huskily.

She felt her breath stutter as he moved closer into her.

“Disgusting.” A delicate voice broke into the fog around.

Ragini blinked and pushed herself back while trying to catch her breath. It felt like she had ran a race more than a mile. She blinked away hard the weird thoughts and saw that his ex was stomping away into another corridor.

“Oh, look. We beat her.” She said hastily and a little breathlessly.

She cursed herself for sounding idiotic. Till now she did not look at him. Her eyes drew to his face. He was looking at her still but a little curiously. He nodded his head. Wow he did not look anymore affected. Only she was. His acting was too good. It really felt like he was so into her. His hands were warm, large, strong and flexing on her waist. She felt his strength with that. When he did that she felt him connect to her soul. Leaving behind a mark inside when he moved back. She shook her head. It was crazy and silly. It was just acting and nothing.

“Yeah. We did.” He muttered gruffly while setting right the suit.

Yes. He was acting.

She sighed.

“Alright now, shall we have dessert.” She said finally trying to break the sudden ice that formed between them.

He stiffened and froze and looked into her face.

“Dessert?” He asked blankly.

She gave him a duh look.

“Of course, dessert. The one we have after dinner.” She replied to him deliberately slow.

He nodded his head slowly and a veil covered his face abruptly and then she couldn’t push into his thoughts anymore.

“Dessert.” He agreed.

Ragini frowned and scowled and took his arm again.

“What’s up with you suddenly?” She asked irritated at his abrupt quietness.

He sighed and looked down at her hand surrounding his arm.

“Nothing.” He said stiffly and moved forward.


Fifteen minutes later the table was filled with plates of three different types of dessert. One was a strawberry ice cream with raspberries on top. Another was a crème brule. And third was her favourite lemon cake cream.

She sampled everything moaning quietly each time she took a bite of anything. She hadn’t had dessert for like a year because Rakesh had always told her to check what she ate because not to get chubby. It had embarrassed her alot and then she stopped eating any dessert at all after that. But now, she wanted to devour everything.

He watched her eat bemusedly.

“You say you did all that so wouldn’t miss dessert?” He asked her in a cynical drawl.

She rolled her eyes. She told him told for three times already now.

“Yes.” She replied while pushing a spoon of the cake inside her mouth and pointing it at him again….”And also to save your royal ass from the embarrassment that you were about to cause then.” She concluded in a retort.

His left eyebrow raised at that.

“You pint size minx.” He looked down at her patronisingly…..”saving me?” He asked in a mocking snort.

She gave him a glare.

“I’m not pint size.” She mumbled while her cheeks heated up.

He opens his mouth to argue and she pushed the spoon filled lemon cake into his mouth. She grinned when he gave her black look.

“Nice right.” She said smiling.

He removed the spoon and slid the plate to his side and finished off her dessert in a second. Her mouth opened up when he did that.

“Hey that was mine.” She cried out angrily.

He gave her a devilish smile in return. She scowled when he finished everything else. Ragini looked around and saw that the lights were even more dimmed while fast music pumped in around. A few of the people went to the corner and started to dance.

“Oh my god.” She whispered…..”Let’s go dance.” She looked back at him and said excitedly.

He smiled looking at the dance floor and shook his head.

“You go ahead. I’ll just sit here.” He said softly and leaned back.

She gave him a dry look.

“You’re just a kill joy.” She taunted him and stood up.

She sighed and smiled.

“Well, if you don’t then I will for sure.” She said and shrugged.

The music already lifted up her mood and walked smiling wide already. She really loved to dance. She moved towards the centre where everyone was dancing. A few girls. Ragini closed her eyes and felt the music slid through her. She raised her hands in the air and swayed her hips side to side. Within a minute she moved to the groovy rhythm and the hip song. It was something quite different. Never get over not getting under you. The lyrics played over. Quite racy the song was. But it was also happening.

She opened her eyes finally and her gaze caught his in the midst of the song. He was sar there near the table looking at her intently. She smiled and moved her hand for him to come there but he just smiled back and shook his head. She shrugged while dancing away to the song. His eyes were focussed solely on her again while he kept smiling like that.

A sudden impishness’ downed on her and the impulse to not let his piercing beautiful eyes to stray away from her slid into her mind. She never had this feeling before because it was not good of her to do this right now. But he was something who would make forget everything in his presence but only him. He was too demure and silent today probably because of his heart break. But she really disliked when time and again his eyes went towards his ex who continued having dinner with her date. She needed him now to look at her and only her. She caught his eyes finally and swayed to the music slowly and deliberately. The smile on his face left slowly and his eyes narrowed into slits. He sat up a little straight and leaned back. His head tilted to the side when she moved her hands down and turned around. His left leg moved over his right one as he looked at her dance. And never glanced anywhere else but only at her. When he looked at her she felt like the very king was staring at a woman he desired dance away to the music. Warmth slid through as his gaze moved all over and up and down when she swayed to the music. She felt his jaw settle but neither a smile nor anything like anger coloured his face. He was just looking at her. Intensely. Piercingly. She suddenly felt breathless when his eyes darkened. The power to make it happen in his eyes suddenly felt exhilarating. He was too hot and to make him feel unsettled felt truly powerful.

The spell broke again when she stumbled as a pair moved closer. That just made her awkwardly unsteady on her feet and she laughed at the silliness of it. Now that wasn’t s*xy at all. Her eyes dancing in humour caught his and she shrugged. He shook his head and chuckled at her antics. Now she had enough. He needed to come here and join the fun. While swaying away to the music she walked towards where he sat by the table. He saw her do that and he shook his head in negative.

She finally caught his hand.

“Come on now.” She persisted smiling wide down at him.

His lips curled into an answering smile while his eyes dropped to her lips. His fingers entwined with her finally and he got up slowly. She lead him to the dance floor and he followed her through the moves. Wow, he really can dance. She moved a little the side and turned around to the music.

When she did that a large strong hand curled around her waist and she was pulled towards him.

“Where are you going?” He asked huskily, and pulled her up against his chest.

She gasped when he did that.

“Whoa.” She let out a breath and then she smiled knowingly…..”Is she behind us?” She whisper asked.

His forehead folded into a frown.

“Who?” He asked her confused.

She gave him a duh look again and rolled her eyes.

“Your ex.” She said matter of factly.

He looked down into her face incessantly far more than a second and she felt herself blush at his intent scrutiny. She tried to look back.

“Is she looking at us…..” She started to ask but he cut her off.

“Yeah. She is looking at us.” He said a little hurriedly, again gruffly while pulling her back when she tried to turn around and see.

Her eyes caught his.

“She is seeing us and we need to act, right.” He mumbled in a husky drawl.

Ragini nodded her head.

“Oh, okay.” She agreed and smiled, while moving her hands around his neck.

The smile on his face again left and his eyes darkened when her chest pushed into his. His hands which were on her waist travelled up and she gasped and shivered. He moved his up along the sides and almost touched her br*asts. But he didn’t and slid his hand over the sides lifted her up. Her feet almost dangled and she felt her breath leave her lungs when he pushed her body into his more closely. All the while he watched her face and eyes. She stopped breathing when her feet were put on his and the shoes she had on slid out. She could feel his shoes as she was placed there. His hands then started all over her body. His eyes darkened more looking deep into her glazed eyes. The world again faded away from around her and what remained was him and the music and the lyrics of the song. He seem to gulp hard while his hands flexed over her hips and his breath stuttered along with hers. He swayed them both and her chest rubbed with his. The static electric feel of his touch was what remained as a burn on her skin. Her hands moved down from his neck and he stiffened looking down into her face and searching into her eyes. He stayed still while her fingers explored his flexing shoulders. Her hands went down his arms down at his waist and she explored his abs. A hiss escaped his lips when she did that. One. Tow. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. She counted his abdomen muscles over his white shirt. He groaned when her fingers neared down to the belt of his pants where his well toned abs disappeared down. His face went into her neck and he burrowed deeper into her skin. She felt his hands flex over her waist and he grounded his hips into hers. She gasped as sudden burst of sensations curled around her body and her fingers bit into his skin of his shoulders. His lips moved all over her neck creating a pattern of heat all over. Her legs shook but if not his strong hold on her she would have fallen to the floor in a mess. He swayed her slowly to the music all the while pushing her more into him. She breathed heavily and so did he as again the sensations turned even more frantic. His right hand went towards her back and into her dress from the slit open. The dress had an opening and when his hand firmed over her bare skin she gasped again. He stiffened when he found nothing of bra straps there. She blushed. The dress didn’t need it. She heard him hiss at that and his hands moved to the sides of her back and her eyes widened. His fingers seem to prod her hands which firmed more on her sides. His lips went under her ear and she lost her breath again. He found her sensitive point. Her hands moved with that and his fingers hastily curled inside the front. Her eyes rounded even more when he cupped her bare right br*ast completely. His other hand went down her hips and he cupped her thigh and curled her leg over his left one. Ragini gasped. It was too much. She couldn’t take it.

“Please.” She whispered shakily.

Something was happening and she couldn’t understand it.

His lips came up to her ear.

“Please what?” He asked her a deep huskily and breathlessly as well while she failed in his arms.

The warm breath of his sliding into her ear almost pushed her over the edge. She didn’t know for what she was asking. She only knew that she would die if he stopped touching her.

A loud clearing of the throat abruptly and harshly brought her down and pushed to the ground painfully. She gasped and moved back taking threes steps away from him. Reality set in like rude hell and she looked around blinking and breathing hard. The spell of the dream broke into million prices and she came down the high with reddening of her face. She looked around to see people giving them sly glances and avoiding of eyes.

She looked back at him wide eyed and she gasped when she saw his coat lay on the floor and his dark hair was all dishevelled and pulled at different directions. The top three buttons of his shirt were undone. Dear god. Did he just? Did she just? Did they just do it on the floor.

The maître D smiled again knowingly and she cringed.

“There is a honeymoon suite for the just got married couple here, Sir.” He said clearing his throat again.

Ragini’s face turned a hundred shade crimson and as she blushed profusely. She closed her eyes unable to look around again. What the hell just happened. She felt him straightened beside her and he picked the coat from the floor and she felt his eyes burning on hers but she couldn’t catch his gaze anymore. She was pulsing with sensations still and she couldn’t understood the intensity of those things washing over her mind like that. He tried to look at her face again but she just glanced away reddening again.

“No. We’ll leave.” He said gruffly as the huskiness in his voice turned cold.

His hand moved over the small of her back and she flinched. She glanced up to see his jaw tick at her response and he drew away his hand from her back. Ragini hurriedly walked fast and she felt embarrassment course through her while she heard murmurs and glances at her. She needed air to breath now.

Five minutes later she found herself outside of the restaurant. She pulled in deep short breath to bring peace to her messed up mind. And then regret drew down at her like brickbats to her self conscious. What the hell did she do? What was the need for her to dance like that and pull his attention. Heavens, she didn’t know now if she crossed the acting part and went full on at him like that. Her behaviour went over and up and broke into a forbidden barrier. She should not have trespassed into dangerous waters. Now she found herself immersed in the middle of the large endless ocean of it. She shivered while the cool air of the night flew into her heated skin. The outside was empty and only few of the men were lurking in the corner. She stiffened when their eyes jeeringly went all over down her body dirtily. She was about to turn around and run when a warmth slid over shoulders.

She was surprised when a coat slid over her from behind and she looked up to see his face come into her vision. His eyes caught hers and there was trepidation written all over in his gaze. He drew his eyes and straightened the coat and covered her fully with it. Her eyes suddenly filled up at his gesture. His hand came over her waist and he pulled her deeply into his side while narrowing his eyes at the approaching men. They moved back and walked away. His hand settled more around her as if he seemed to sense that she could jump away from his arms again. That’s when his fingers dug in her flesh. She didn’t flinch this time or did not resist his touch but burrowed more into his side.

They walked in silence to the car and he helped her inside it. He got around and settled beside her and the driver started the car. A second later his hand once again came and settled on her upper thigh but a little higher and more firmly. She felt her heart race again and all the sensations that she felt on the dance floor came back to her tenfold. Previously she had wore jeans so there was a little of barrier but now her legs were bare and his hand flexed on her thigh. She quivered inside but he did nothing. Only held her there. She didn’t know why he did that. From the start. It was like his possession on her. His own style of making his presence felt in her thoughts. She didn’t know how he did it but he was the master at it. He occupied her mind slowly like the eclipsing sun over the moon. She looked up to see him looking front. She couldn’t utter a word. It was too awkward now. There wasn’t much to say either. The block of ice just formed between them now and she was the only one to blame.

She glanced up at his dishevelled hair which he did not set right. And she blushed. She had frantically ran her hands and pulled at his locks while he touched her everywhere at the dance floor. She shook her head and took a deep breath on for the thoughts to not penetrate again or she didn’t know what would happen next if she did. His warm presence beside her and his hand on her upper thigh was all that she felt in the enclosed space of the car.

In silence they got inside the house and he turned to her while they walked towards her bedroom.

“Good night.” He said curtly and detached.

She opened her mouth to reply but he just turned around and walked away without a word and without much hearing her. She found regret and disappointment and also a little hurt enter into her and settle in her stomach unsettlingly. She watched as he walked away with shoulders strained and bunched.

A sigh escaped her lips when she entered into her room. She sagged down on the bed and hugged her waist with her arms protectively. His coat gave her warmth and strength and she needed just that right now. She wondered what she had done and it baffled her that she allowed him to get close to her like that. She never allowed Rakesh to her that intimately. Like ever in their four year relationship. But how did she turn like that. So suddenly.

She shook her head and got up as the swirling thoughts disturbed her peace like forever. She removed the coat and a gasp escaped her lips looking at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were wide and glazed still and a delicate blush covered her face. Her hair was all pulled back and they weren’t straight anymore but lay over her shoulders in wild abandon. Her breath lost like that when she observed the skin around her neck and shoulders and down all bruised and red. She remembered the graze of his light beard rub over her skin. She was all marked. Like she had just been devoured. A slow heat crawled down her lower stomach.

She removed his coat hastily and blushed remembering the feel of his hand imprint over her front. How did that happen. How did she let that happen. She shook her head vigorously and moved towards the wardrobe still with her mind in the clouds of his touch and his body. She too did that didn’t she. Encouraged his touch while her fingers probed over his skin. She felt a fever come down at her.

She rejected the shower because her body refused to wash away the smell of his woodsy cologne over her skin. It was nice and she felt good with his scent on hers. So she just changed into a pink night shirt and shorts.

To free her mind of his thoughts she opened her luggage and sort through the things she brought as snacks. She finally found the packet gleefully. She had been well prepared to stay in the suite. A small heater and crockery was there to in one of her bags. She shook her head. Not going into the kitchen. There were enough sources in her bag to open a small kitchen here in the room itself. She plunged in the wire switched on the small stove type heater and put over it a deep shaped pan. She pour the corn seeds into it and closed off lid tight.

The popping started instantly when the pan got hot. Ten minutes later the air around filled with delicious smelling kettle corn.

She removed the fuming hot corns from the pan and emptied those in a small plastic bowl. Ragini ruefully munched on the corns while trying to understand if she could ever sleep now.

She walked out of the room with bowl in hand. Maybe a walk would make her sleep. Yes.

She walked towards the left and reached a smooth looking floor. Wow. This wing was truly closed off and plush. It was more than good of the suite that she had been in. Well, life took a three sixty degrees didn’t it.

She cried out as suddenly she was pulled back hard to the wall. She tried to scream more but her widened when a hand came over mouth.

“Shh, not a word.” A gruff voice too familiar entered into her ears.

Her vision cleared and his face came down to hers. What the hell. She mumbled over his hand and he removed it.

“What are you doing?” She hissed….”You scared the crap out of me.” She glared up at him.

He moved closer and she slid back over the wall.

His face was again stolid and was covered in mask. Well, good. He tried into her thoughts but did not allow her into his mind. How nice of him. How nice really. She really wanted to know what his thoughts were. But it wasn’t possible until he lead her into it.

“My father’s spy.” He warned her before tilting his head to the side.

Ragini frowned and looked the way he pointed and she stiffened. Surely there was a maid peaking into the door and looking at them like this. Wow, his father was too good in spreading his spies around the house. They surely were seeing her curiously since the morning.

“Have to show him that we are closer.” He said gruffly and looking away.

She blushed red when he looked too reluctant to look at her. He seemed angry. Passive angry. He did not show it though but she felt it coming off as waves from his body. She looked down and observed that he had changed into a t-shirt and track pants. Well, now he looked laid back but completely cut off from her. She felt really bad foe reacting to his by cringing away from him. He wasn’t the one who crossed the line but she did. She egged him on didn’t she. Now she perplexed if he acted it. Because he wanted his ex to see it and make her envious. Was he acting? Shanaya was behind them, wasn’t she? He just wanted to show her and that’s it. He did it really well the part of acting. His ex would definitely come back running to him now. The thought made bitterness fill in her mouth.

She blinked up at him but he did not look down at her at all. Instead his jaw firmed more. He wasn’t touching her but had his hand around her waist on the wall. It looked like they were kissing from behind and she blushed at the thought. The maid kept staring at both of them and Ragini wanted to roll her eyes. How much of a show did she want more.

Ragini did not want him to draw away from her. The thought made her anxious and suddenly desperate.

“It’s silly.” She murmured awkwardly and even more embarrassingly.

Her cheeks turned pink at the way she was turning into a coy and googly eyed girl suddenly. Crap. She sounded too much like the clingy girl that Rakesh had accused her off.

His head moved down and his brown eyes caught hers and narrowed curiously. She straightened when his eyes searched into hers.

“What is silly?” He asked gruffly, while his minty breath moved over her forehead.

“I have kettle corn bowl in hand but it looks like we…..” She started and blushed.

What the hell did she just say. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. She should just zip her mouth forever. Ugh.

She looked up to see his eyes caught hers in understanding but he did not smile nor he teased her.

“That’s what we are trying to do, aren’t we. Make it look like we are close.” He said in a hard unrelenting voice.

Disappointment curled up her spine. Make it look like they were close? After what happened at the restaurant between them the words felt like tight slap to her face. They had been more than close. Like crawling into each others souls. Well she had been there but now it felt like he had been only acting.

She gulped hard and looked down into the bowl. Why does it feel so bad? She felt like crying suddenly. She blinked back the tears and looked up to see the maid gone from there.

“She is gone.” She said in a small voice.

She felt him straighten and moved back. The sudden loss of his warmth did not feel good at all. She shivered but was surprised to see his hand move towards the bowl. He took a handful of corns.

“It’s not silly.” He murmured huskily, and she looked up at his face.

He stared down at her and the change in his tone and manner felt weirdly different. He looked quite serious yet a little curious. What? What wasn’t silly?

She was about to ask him that but he walked away with those words hung in the air between them as a question mark. He left like that after sounding vague and evasive in reply. She felt her heart race. Was he telling her that what happened at the restaurant wasn’t silly or now what was happening isn’t silly. What the hell? Why was he so cryptic. It was really hard to understand him now. How the hell did she think that he was a rich brat and a shallow person. He was too deep. Like the ocean flowing in undercurrents. Never an answer for what will happen next in the wake of its serene. He was just the same. Who was he and how did he come into her life so suddenly. She was just on a break wasn’t she. Now it seemed entirely different. Everything around looked new to her. New feelings and new him. Rakesh was practical, drawn in, calm, less words and more serious of a man. He was safe. He didn’t stray and break out of his routine. She was comfortable in that. But him. He was free, liberated, wild, intent and an abandon. And in his presence she felt the danger of not knowing what was beyond. That was supremely attractive.

She sighed. Oh dear. What the hell was happening to her. She walked forward cursing herself for coming out of the room. Ragini put down the bowl over the bed side table. She lost her appetite altogether.

Sagging down on the bed she rolled restlessly over it. She turned to the left and then to the right yet sleep did not come. She groaned and fluffed her pillow and laid back again. Her eyes kept glued to the ceiling and the she felt the moments pass all over again. Her breathing stuttered while her skin felt his fingers running all over intimately. Her heart raced and warmth curled down her stomach again.

She got up the bed cursing heavily.

“Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.” She cried out at her thoughts frustrated.

She got off the bed pulling at her long hair. She went into the balcony to get fresh air. Her eyes drew at the ocean and she felt calm wash over her when she felt the whisper caress of the waters rushing fast at the shores and smooth sand. The air flew into a breeze on her heated skin and sighed.

She straightened and her eyes widened looking at a tall looking figure over the beach. The sun drew a brick orange colour all around while it rose and drew itself up the moving waters. The glimmer of the dawn set in and the darkness slowly lifted up into an early morning.

Well, it seems like hours she didn’t see him. Wow. Sleep did not come to her all night. It was morning already and she was surprised at that. She usually slept long and deep. It was all because of him. He stood there with his hands in the pant pockets and turned to the ocean. He changed into a white shirt and grey pants with his coat placed over his arm. That white shirt. It was the ultimate piece of pure seduction over his body. It stuck to him like a second skin and he look too irresistible and handsome in it. That’s the reason she pounced and jumped his bones last night. Touching and feeling his abs like a wanton shameless hussy. She blushed profusely and a sudden need to remain closer to him again raised goosebumps all over her skin. She shook her head. No. No. No. Don’t do that.

She sighed but what the hell. Ragini turned and walked hastily into the room. A suddenly desperation again strained her bones and she broke into a run. She was afraid not to see him again. The thought made her almost to cry. She knew that it was very silly of her to think like that. She passed the corridors in a fast zap. Her feet pumped down the stairs and she breathed hard as the exertion of running took a lot of energy from inside her body.

She slowed down only when she got around the back of the house. She took deep breaths and calmed her senses down before walking coolly towards the wet sand. Her breathing steadied miraculously while moved closer to where he stood.

She looked front and stood beside him a good distance of ten steps on the wet sand. The water rushed under her slipper clad feet and she felt the cold too. He gasped as the water pushed over her skin and move back again. The smell of the ocean was fantastic and so was the breeze blowing over her skin.

“Hey.” She said in a light whisper.

She felt his stiffen from the corner of her eyes. His head moved around and she felt him look at her finally and realize her presence beside him.

“Hey.” He greeted back shortly.

Good. Now both fo them sounded too breezy. The strain made her sad though.

“You’re dressed.” She stated him coolly again.

She saw him smile wryly.

“Yeah, I have a meeting.” He said sighing.

Ragini frowned.

“A meeting?” She asked confused.

This early. He worked? Well.

He glanced back at her with an eyebrow raise and smile again.

“I work. Unlike what you think.” He drawled exactly and perfectly reading her mind.

Her cheeks turned pink. Well, she was not judging him. She may have commented that he was a rich brat but how would she know at first impression that he was different and not that at all.

“I’m not judgi….” She started to retort but he cut off completing her sentence himself.

“You’re not judging me. Yeah, I know.” He said lightly, and smiled at her and let her know that he did not mind her thinking of him like that.

She wanted to ask if he worked anywhere else or for his father. But she bit her lower lip to ask about his father and him. They seem to be at loggerheads. What caused a strain between them she did not know and she was not a position with him to be pertinent into his life. He looked back again at the ocean and seem to have forgotten her presence. Well.

Mischief did not leave her did it. She bit her lower lip impishly and her hand moved down into the water. She flung the water droplets from her hand and to his face. He jerked back instantly and looked across at her surprised.

His jaw settled while again her hand went down. She grinned. Ah, now she got his full attention and his eyes solely on her. Well she was bad again wasn’t she. What to do. She wanted his eyes on her.

“What are you doing?” He asked dangerously in a low drawl.

It should have frightened her but it made her giggle.

“What am I doing?” She asked in a challenge, while she dared to throw another round of water on his face.

He closed his eyes when his shirt got wet and his face too. The water droplets trickled down from his now damp dark locks and he never looked hotter.

He opened his eyes but his gaze got heavy lead. It raced her heart but she again bent down. His jaw settled while she did that.

“Don’t do that.” He warned in a quiet gruff.

It made her anxious but she whipped her hand more and the more lot of water flew over his face. His head moved to the side and he closed his eyes again.

He sighed and his hands got out of his pant pockets. His eyes opened and now they narrowed on hers. His gaze turned silver. It made her quiver in fright when he moved his shirt sleeves up his hands.

“Warned you, didn’t I.” He said in a harsh voice, before he charged on her.

Ragini squealed and turned to run and she did that fast. She felt exhilaration course through her again while he chased her on the wet sand. Uncontrollable giggles escaped her lips while she tried to escape.

Before she could run for the house his hands banded around her waist and he lifted her up in the air and spun her around from behind.

She screamed and froze suddenly when she heard his laughter penetrate into her ears. His hot breath fell on her right shoulder and she felt the air get caught in her lungs. If his gaze was pure lead then the sound of his laughter was deep rumble and warm honey. It vibrated into her very core. When she stopped giggling and stiffened then she felt his laughter subside slowly too. He must have felt touching her unsettling. He put her down instantly and she cursed herself for bringing a strain in her body. She instantly turned around in his arms and her eyes moved up and caught his gaze which were dark with intimacy again. The way he looked at her in the restaurant. His hands tightened on her waist as he searched into her face for something. He kept staring at her while the smile on his face dimmed into an unseen one.

A mobile ringing sharply broke the heavy cloud of heat suddenly. His hands fell down from her waist and he took out the mobile. Her eyes glazed looked down at the number and she froze.

Shanaya calling.

She felt him straighten and her eyes immediately went up to catch his but he did not look down at her. He stared down at the phone instead. She willed him to look at her which he did a second later. His eyes narrowed on her thinned out lips and tight face.

Something hard entered into his eyes and he moved back to take the call.

Her eyes closed tight shut. Crap. Hurt course through her painfully and suddenly. Why wouldn’t he take the call. He was about to marry the girl. And he really was still into her. She shook her head and apprehensive thoughts curled around her mind and gripped her neck vice like. What was she thinking. It brought her down form the clouds and she fell to the ground hard again. Crap. Damn her. Always letting these emotions creep into her soul. Why. Why was she like this. Weak and clingy. She was going to hyperventilate with these feelings coursing through her in unrelenting poison and running too much fast haywire as a mess in her blood like this…………


To be contd…..


Next up part——- The Unleash Of Emotions….


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