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We Happened Suddenly (Chapter 1)


We Happened Suddenly (Raglak fanfic)

Chapter-1 (Sneak Preview)

Ragini had enough of tiredness already. She had been travelling since long. To escape from the work and also from the reality. She decided finally to take a break from the pandemonium happenings of her life. After her broken engagement she had enough of humiliation faced in the office and she was done with the people giving her sympathetic smiles and sad shrugs. A break was very much needed to let go of the past and also to let people forget that she was a victim here.

So, she travelled into this unknown place where surprisingly in the middle of nowhere there was this posh looking hotel. Finally some solace. She checked in happily and was even more glad of a suite being empty at that time. Great. Everything was falling in place. She was a workaholic and the idea of leaving her work place wasn’t very pleasant. But then again she impulsively packed her bag and moved along determined to forget all the hurt.

The moment she stepped out of her comfort zone Ragini became sceptical of her plan. Was she really going to do this. Get away for two weeks from the work and her family. Well, she could, just this once. With that thought she entered into the suite and looked around with complete satisfaction. It was spectacular. It opened into a huge hall and spread into a lavish furniture, and costly furnished floor and walls filled with beautiful scenery hangings. She drew her luggage towards the last room. It seemed like a bedroom. Ah, finally she was going to sleep for hours now perhaps days. She hadn’t taken a break since ages now.

She opened the door and got inside only to be greeted by darkness but she peered and located the bed anyhow. Well, she was too tired and the large king size bed looked very much inviting.

She pushed the luggage at the corner and moved inside. Leisurely she took out her night dress and moved towards the bathroom. Because she had been travelling since hours, she really felt all messy, sweaty and sticky. She needed a shower badly. Ragini took a lot while to refresh herself. The bubble bath had been really healing. She towelled her hair dry and moved towards the bed. She removed the slippers and sat down on the bed while pulling her legs up onto the bed. She sighed feeling the softness it. Good. She sagged back into it completely and closed her eyes. It was a breezy night so there wasn’t a need for an air condition. The bedroom had a large window wall from where the night’s air and moonlight entered it. The white thin curtains moved with the lithe movements of the gush of breeze. Wow. This was heaven. She had already had dinner on the way so her stomach didn’t growl much for food. She only needed sleep. Delicious delicious dreamless sleep. She moved over her stomach and was ready to fall into a deep sleep but something like a heavy thing abruptly fell on her waist. She frowned and moved her head to the right.

In the soft glimmer of the moonlight she could see a shadow on the bed right beside her. And that shadow had a hand around her waist. Her heart started beating rapidly when the hand moved down her waist and laid heavily on her hips. Her mind sent a panicked signal when the shadow grunted.

“Oh, my god!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

The scream penetrated into the silence very sharp and shrilly and the shadow jerked three feet up the air from the bed.

“What the f**k!” It said in a deep growly timber tinged voice.

She screamed one more time listening to the male voice. Goodness gracious was it a thief?

“Oh, my god, Thief!” She screeched again.

She might have cringed at her own voice but depending upon the situation her shrill was the only weapon now.

“blo*dy hell.” The man grunted and moved far towards the bedside table.

Immediately the room flooded with bright light and Ragini’s eyes winced at it. She got a little time to get used to the light. Her eyes blinked thrice and the room came into focus of her vision. Instantly her eyes drew to the figure on the far side of the bed.

Her eyes widened when a very very naked toned chest came into her focus. Her widened gaze drew down to a rippling of numerous pecs which ended into a pair of hip bones and disappeared into a black striped track pants. Her eyes moved up slowly over the tanned Greek god body to an equally sharp aristocratic looking square mean jaw shadowed with a light scruff. Her eyes caught a grim lined lips and sharp eagle edged nose. The harsh cheek bones accompanied the look of a rough demeanour.

Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes rounded more catching a pair of inky black narrowed eyes. The gaze of those slashed through into hers penetratingly. Those were drawn into even more deep cutting seriousness and speculative cautiousness with the thick lined eyebrows. Her eyes couldn’t loose focus as they drilled into hers now looking not really so pleased.

Then they turned into lazy shards of ice as the hand which had been around her waist just now slid into the locks on his head.

His attitude changed into a nonchalant and arrogant one. Great a spoilt brat had taken over her suite. Who the hell was he? What was this guy doing in her bed?

“Are you done checking me out?” He asked her in a drawly deep bur of voice.

She blinked twice again and her cheeks flushed red. Well, she did check him out. Who wouldn’t. She though stayed mute and stared with mouth half hung open. What an embarrassment. Usually she wasn’t so tongue tied but her eyes drew away from his knowing that he saw her ogling his body.

He tilted his head to the side and narrowed his black eyes more.

“Did my brother sent you here?” He asked her while looking down and giving her a once over.

His eyes came back to her brown ones in complete disinterest.

She frowned at his question. Who was his brother now?

He sighed tiredly and she observed that he was haggard. His hair was all dishevelled and lay in a thatched mess on his head. He had crease lines of the sheets over his arms. Her eyes drew down to a thin tattoo lined around his left wrist. The veins of his arms defined more when he flexed his shoulders and hands.

His eyes fell on hers annoyed and he slid down on the two pillows in a half sitting position on the bed. His gaze turned into dancing gimlets and his face lined into a hard mask. His arms went closed under his head and the movement stretched his biceps more.

“Stop staring and quit giving my body such looks. You wouldn’t make me hard dressed like a nun or even if you strip I that ain’t interested. Take the money from the wallet.” He slid his gaze to the bed side table and nodded his head before his closing eyes….”Say that you have done the deed and get going.” He muttered carelessly dismissing her already.

She frowned. Take the money? What money? What does he mean by making him…..her eyes widened and her cheeks and ears turned crimson. Horrified she glanced across at his resting figure.

What the hell was he thinking she was a….

How dare he.

She took the pillow from across her left hand and flung it at his face.

“What the hell? Who the hell do you think you are…im not a…” She fumbled incredulous that he though that she was…”How dare you!” She completed finally and her eyes flashed to his in glaring.

His eyes slit open half as he seemed unaffected by her lame pillow attack.

“Then who are you?” He asked in a drawl, still looking at her in a way as if looking at a statue.

Unaffected. Disinterested. Careless. And unemotional.

She bristled and blistered in anger.

“I..” She pointed her right hand forefinger to herself and went on in a hiss…” paid for this suite and this is my bed and you…” She gave him a hand slash..”whoever you are barged into it and are sleeping in it without my consent. Now, get out of this room before I call the hotel staff and the security.” She said stiffly in a derisive tone.

She folded her hands under her chest after she finished bursting her anger.

His eyes narrowed more dangerously as his hands still held his head over the pillows.

“You…” He looked up and down at her with a raised eyebrow..”paid for this suite?” He asked her in a low quite untrusting voice.

She gritted her teeth and narrowed her eyes.

He snorted.

“Yeah, you paid for this suite.” He closed his eyes and dared himself to humour her.

God, she wanted to scream into his arrogance jerk face. How dare he humour her?

She contained her anger somehow. She closed her eyes and counted to ten and opened her gaze into narrowed slits.

“Fine. Let’s bring in the staff then.” She said in finality and got off the bed.

He seem to not care when she turned to the landline. She dialled to the front desk. It rang continually but ended dis connected. Damn, the service here. She glared across at his sleeping figure.

She dialled again and again. Crap. Nobody answered it. God, what to do. She sighed and moved towards the door finally giving up.

“Good. Close the door behind when you leave.” He muttered after in a husky gruff voice.

His eyes were still closed though. Ragini gritted her teeth.

“I’m coming back with the staff.” She flung at him irritated, and moved out of the suite in a fast furious walk.

There must be some misunderstanding. She treaded her feet to the lift as determination set her face. She was going to throw the arrogant jerk out of the suite soon.

Laksh turned over his stomach and tried again to sleep but it was pointless. The woman disturbed his sleep good and final with her shrilly voice and over frantic cries. Damn, he hated the likes of those. He hadn’t had sleep since two days now. Working continually like a maniac had broken his back. His company though profited well. Everyone hated the boss. Him. Because he had them laboured around two days and barked orders without a break. His stamina though was good but it had enough of tiredness already. This was the place he could find some solace always when he needed one but now that too was disturbed by a frowzy looking librarian chick. She looked like one. Except a s*xy one. f**k his brother.

He got off the bed with jaw set firm and grit of a his teeth. He took his mobile from across the table and dialled a number.

It rang three times and at the fourth one it connected.

“Yeah…” Came a drawly drowsy irritated voice into his ears.

“Did you send a woman to my hotel?” He asked in a bit out.

He got an annoyed grunt in reply.

“You asking me at this hour. At half past two after you are done with it?” He asked a little incredulously and sleepily.

The ‘it’ he referred to was the woman who barged into his suite.

“Quit f**king around and answer my question.” He said in a low quiet voice.

He got a snort in reply. His brother wasn’t afraid of his threats except he gets a rise of out it to rile him up more.

“No. I didn’t. If I did then I would have called you first, douche bag.” He snapped and cut the call.

Laksh stared at the phone and frowned. Well, if his loon head brother did not send the woman then who the hell was she?

Maybe, she was telling the truth. He slid the phone on the bed and moved towards his wardrobe.

Ragini created a little crowd of staff near the front desk with her incredulous shouting.

“How can you say that it was a mistake? How can you give the suite to two people?” She asked in retort.

Gosh, one good thing wouldn’t come in her life without her struggling for it. She wanted some peace and quiet and that too was very hard to find. Wasn’t life awesome. It certainly WAS freaking awesome.

She sighed and pulled at her hair.

“Mistakes I don’t take lightly, Perry.” A low quiet deep husky voice cut into the conversation.

The hotel manager gulped hard looking with widened fearful eyes over her shoulder.

Ragini’s forehead folded and she turned her head around. Her eyes widened too. It was the same guy from the suite. Dear god, he was tall and looming. If he looked so supremely hot without much clothes then with those on he looked every way a million dollar mag cover page model. Faded blue ripped jeans, grey t-shirt and blue faded shirt over it and with his freshly showered hair falling over his forehead he looked too badass and too edgy and also a little cool. Well, he was a mix of Greek god and smooth and slick. Her cheeks heated up at her straying thoughts. She looked away instantly. She don’t need to get caught again by him for ogling at his body. He seem to have enough inflated ego and she didn’t want to humour him more.

He came forward without much gracing a glance down at her. Her upper lip curled up. Jerk.

The stout looking frightened hotel manager flustered up more.

“I’m sorry, Sir, I didn’t know someone booked your suite for the weekend. It was a mistake by one of the new staff members here.” He went explaining and worrying.

Ragini blinked and bewildered at the fear written all over around the faces of the employees when he came in.

Who was he again? And how that it was his suite?

She looked back at the man responsible for the hoopla all around.

He was frowning down at the register.

“I see that no other suite is empty.” He stated rather than asked.

The staff looked contrite and remained silent.

The man looked up and at the hotel manager who stiffened at the piercing look of his eyes.

“Settle the amount and pay back.” He ordered curtly while nodding his head in her direction.

Settle the what? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. She wasn’t going anywhere. She saw him turn around without a word to her or even a glance. Oh how rude and mean.

“Excuse me?” She cried out.

He stiffened and turned around slowly narrowing his eyes finally at her. Ah, at least some recognition.

“What now?” He asked calmly.

What now huh. She will tell him what.

Ragini cocked her hips to the right side and looked at him square in the eye.

“I’m not going anywhere.” She said firmly.

His right eye brow raised at that and at her confidence.

“There aren’t any empty suites.” He explained to her as if she was a child.
She shot back.

“I don’t want any other suite than the one I paid for.” She replied equally coolly.

His lips quirked up a little and his eyes warmed up into a mocking one.

“That’s mine.” He said shortly still talking to her in a tone that implied of complete and utter amusement.

She was glad that he was entertained by her.

“You can leave it and find something else, right? Any other hotel.” She said uncaringly.

He chuckled. It was light but a held tinge of timber. Very manly and deep.

“Why would I leave my own hotel and find a place somewhere else.” He drawled lazily bored.

Her eyes rounded. His hotel? Wow and great. A rich man and a more richer a brat.

She fumed and he stared at her frowning.

“You ready to share it with me?” He asked her quietly.

Ragini glared at him.

“Not going to happen.” She replied sharply.

He shrugged uncaringly.

“Suit yourself.” He murmured dismissing her right there and then.

He turned around and walked away and her lower jaw hung.

The nerve. He could have gone to his own place if he was so much rich. What a gentlemen. The richer these people are the heartless they get. Ragini groaned. She had spent the month’s salary for this luxury. Sure she had money to afford another hotel but why would she when she decided and paid the money here in this hotel.

Ugh! What to do. She turned and glared at the hotel manager.

“Is there any other hotel here?” She asked in a hiss.

The man smiled apologetically and laughed nervously.

“I’m sorry madam, but all the others are the branches of this hotel and I assure there aren’t any suites available there too at this hour.” He said hesitantly when she scowled at him.

Awesome. The man wasn’t just rich. He was super rich.

What to do now. She groaned in irritation. She felt tears prickle her eyes. She was tired, hungry and haggard and she had nowhere else to go. This was supposed to happen to her. She jinxed everything. Even the happiness in her life. When Rakesh ran away from the wedding she got so humiliated and hurt and shamed. They had dated for four years and he left her at the alter because he found a more beautiful girl than her. Now when she wanted to hide her face from the world there isn’t any solace there too.

She walked to and fro in the hotel lobby. Fine. What else was there a choice for her now. She was still in her night dress and all her luggage was in the suite.

She treaded her feet sulkily back to the suite. She would have barged right in but her face planted itself flatly hard on the door. She rattled the door knob for a second. A scowl covered her lips. The jerk had locked the door.

She banged at the door.

“Hey! Open the door.” She shouted.

She did that for several seconds. If anyone would have been there, they would have shouted at her for disturbing their sleep but this was an individual floor for the suite. Nobody to disturb and far away from the civilisation. That’s the reason she chose this place and blasted off her savings on it. How would she know that a black eyed hot looking demon would take over the place.
The door opened after the several shouts and threats coming out of her mouth.

She closed her mouth in a snap shut when he peered out while putting one toned arm over the door frame. He was again very much shirtless and the track pants hung low over his narrow hips. Great. The Greek god finally woke up and decided to serenade her with his fantastic rippling abs. Absolutely wonderful.

He stared at her through half slit open eyes.

“You came back.” He stated unemotionally.
Ragini bristled.

“Yes, because I paid for this suite and…” She started to say but the arrogant guy cut her off right there while turning around.

“Yeah, yeah, you have paid for the suite and whatever.” He muttered flatly.

She made a face at his back while walking inside the hall. He walked inside the kitchen which was kind of unusual having it in a suite. The dumb idiot that she was brushed it off immediately while coming in here.

He went towards the larger than life refrigerator and took out a cool water bottle.

“Settle yourself anywhere. You stay out here and I stay inside and we steer clear of each other.” He muttered looking at her coolly while gulping down half of the bottle.

Ragini gasped at his order.

“Excuse me, why would I stay out here in the cold while you get to sleep inside cosily.” She asked with rising irritation.

His hand flexed over the bottle as he stared across at her dryly.

“My hotel. My suite. My rules.” He said gruffly.

Well, his arrogance held no bounds.

“The suite that I paid the amount in full cash.” She shouted at his disappearing back.

He muttered something under his breath which she didn’t get.

Was he cursing at her?

“I hope that you are not cursing at me.” She walked and followed him into the large bed room.

He turned around and looked across at her irritated.

“Alright, Zelda, stop hounding me.” He said dryly.

Ragini frowned.

“Who the hell is Zelda now?” She asked with an eye brow raise.

She regretted asking immediately.

He smirked while he perched himself in a lying position over his back on the bed.

“She was a one time f**k.” He said while grinning.

Ragini closed her eyes at that. Goodness, he had a gutter mouth. She should beat herself for asking.

She opened her eyes to look at him still smirking at her.

“She used to follow me around like a puppy dog. Just like how you are hounding me right now.” He said in a drawly mocking. tone and his eyes slid down over her form in a slow swiping assessment and she waited for him to go on more because she wanted to know the lengths of his attitude…”But then again I didn’t f**k you yet.” He grinned maliciously.

An immediate stiffness entered into her face. She blinked thrice and then continued it a little shocked. She stared at him wide eyed. Did he just say that? Her face turned red. She gasped inside her mind. Dear god, his mouth had no filter. He spat out whatever crossed his mind.

“Brute.” She whisper hissed.

His eyes narrowed.

“Now, stop being irritating and get out.” He ordered sharply and closed his eyes.

She gaped at his changing moods. Amazing.

“You are going to sleep on the bed?” She asked with furrowed eyebrows.

He sighed but still with eyes closed.

“I’m already doing it.” He muttered.

“What a gentleman.” She snorted.

His eyes opened into half slits.

“Brutes aren’t gentlemen.” He shot back.

Oh goody, he heard her.

Looking at her still sighing he went on.

“You can sleep outside.” He concluded.

Ragini folded her hands around her middle.

“It’s cold in the hall.” She said forlornly.

His eyes opened.

“Crank up the heater.” He said gutturally rough.

She scowled and shoot daggers into his eyes.

“It’s going to take a while for the rooms to get warm.” She said quietly.

For the first since she laid eyes on him he looked real annoyed now.

“Do you have an answer to everything I say.” He glared at her.

She grinned inside finally succeeding in riling up the Greek god. Good.

“Yes, I do. Now, will you vacate the bed?” She asked in retort.

He stared across at her flatly and drew his hands under head again.

“Ask nicely.” He clipped softly.

Ragini fumed but she tamed her rising anger. This wasn’t time and place to burst out your anger.

Fine. She will inflate the ego of the jerk. What else could she do now.

She took a deep breath in and very much suffering inside started in a quiet voice.

“Will you please, sir, the gentleman that you are with cherry on the top vacate the bed so that I could sleep on it?” She asked through clenched teeth.

Both of his eyebrows raised bemused.

“Good. I’m impressed.” He said smilingly….”But, sarcasm doesn’t become you, my lady.” He concluded softly mocking.

Her heart skipped a beat when he said the words ‘my lady’ so warmly. She gulped a little and stared into his inky black eyes a little surprised.

He settled his head on the pillows and stared back speculatively at her. His gaze caught her into a pull. Magnetic pull. He held her eyes a prisoner in his captured lazy gaze. He seem to try and find something and almost immediately her eyes shuttered up in defence.

He was only playing with her. Dear god, it was enough a day for her and she did not want some arrogant jerk to ruin her peaceful night too.

“Sleep on the couch.” He drawled again before flipping over his front.

She stared at his unmoving figure in surprise for more than a minute. Great. He dismissed her and now he went back to sleep so uncaringly? Amazing. Jerk. Idiot. Brat. She muttered curses under her breath.

Ragini looked down at the couch forlornly. Well, she had to make do with it for the night. Tomorrow morning she was going to find another hotel and live there peacefully for about a month. Then she would think of going back to civilisation. She arranged the sheets on it as much comfortably as possible and settled on it sighing heavily.

“Switch off the lights.” He ordered her sharply and she jumped at his voice.

She sat up scowling heavily.

“Can’t you do that yourself?” She asked in a hiss.

He remained silent and Ragini bristled at his attitude. Brat.

She got up and stomped her feet to the bed side table. She switched off the lights and moved towards the couch again.

She scowled at his sleeping form on the bed. He slumbered like the king himself. What a luxury he lived in. Ragini wouldn’t live a day without hard work. She was a workaholic and without her being busy until six in the evening she wouldn’t get a wink of sleep in the night.

She sighed heavily and slid down on her back and her eyes drew up to the ceiling. She stared at it for about a minute and let sleep come to her slowly. Her eye lashes drew down and she fell into a deep slumber immediately.

She floated in the clouds of sleep quite heavily but a deep unsettling furrowed her eye brows. Her heart start thudding hard in her chest. She could feel a sweat cover her body. Her breathing turned heavy.

She got up with a jerk and her bleary eyes looked around in anxiety. She blinked twice and her vision blurred when looking into the darkness. What? What happened? The wind was wild and it rattled into the suite crazily from the windows. It was the fifteenth floor. She went towards it quite in a struggle and closed those because the thunderstorm was crazy now. It looked like typhoon had struck all around. She got up abruptly and went towards the bed side table. She switched on the light but the switches wouldn’t work.

She gulped hard and looked around and moved out of the room. The hall lights too weren’t working. Dear god, what was happening. She somehow located the landline and tried to dial a number too but it was dead. She rubbed her forehead and went towards the door. She rattled the door knob but it wouldn’t budge. A slow fear curled up her back. She moved towards the security locks and punched in numbers but it was dead too without the electricity.

It was a lockdown. She panicked now. She breathed hard and ran towards the bedroom. She burst open the door and hurried towards the bed and jumped on it.

She pushed with her hands on his back.

“Wake up!” She pushed at his shoulders vigorously.

He grunted and turned his head to the left. Heavens, he slept like a bull.

She pushed at his shoulders again.

“Hey! Wake up!” She persisted and screamed into his ears.

He immediately jerked almost toppling her down.

“What the hell.” He grunted and rubbed his ear cursing under his breath.

His eyes bleary eyed caught her in the darkness. He scowled at het fiercely.

“This better be good, woman.” He warned her in a low quite threaten….”You don’t wake me up even if the suite is on my fire.” He muttered gruffly in a sleep ridden voice.

She brushed his anger aside unaffected.

“Look around.” She whispered shakily.

He frowned at her as if she was crazed. His eyes moved away from hers and slid around before coming back to hers flatly.

“You want to show me something, sweet heart, you need to do better than closing off the lights and even more better job at stripping.” He muttered mockingly at her, hinting down at her clothes with his eyes.

She closed her eyes and shook her head. Impossible brute.

“We are locked down.” She said panicked, ignoring his lascivious words.

He stiffened and straightened on the bed. He leaned over the bed side table and tried with the switches but in vain.

His body hardened more in alert and she looked on while he got off the bed.

He went around trying to switch on the other lights.

“Impossible.” He muttered under his breath.

Ragini followed him outside the bedroom and into the hall. And he went around cursing heavily while he couldn’t find any source of light in the darkness. He rattled the large mahogany door but that was too didn’t help. It was very powerfully made, of thick hard wood. If they needed help then it should be an elephant’s strength to break it down.

She munched on her nails while he moved around towards a cabinet. He took out something and suddenly a small flickering yellow light flooded around. She blinked when he came around towards her while she bit on her nails.

His face all dark and handsome came into her vision and it struck her breath how beautiful he was all bare chested and all. His eyes narrowed on her mouth. His hand came in a snap towards hers.

“Quit doing that.” He muttered while swatting away her fingers from her teeth.

She blinked again and anxiety filled her every nerve.

He put the candle on the table while looking across at her.

“What are we going to do?” She asked worriedly.

He shook his head.

“Wait here.” He muttered and brushed off her anxiousness.

He walked past her and into the bedroom and she shivered feeling all jittery. Bad luck really haunted her everywhere. What if nobody comes here to look for them? Were they going to die here helpless?

The lightening struck hard and rattled the floor and the wind roared all around in a growl. It travelled down the chimney and she screamed closing her eyes and ears with her hands.

“Oh, my god!”

She turned around to run but her body collided hard with a wall and she groaned while her feet went back on the floor unsteadily.

“Oh, my arm.” She moaned.

The wall grunted in disbelief.

“Are you blind?” He asked her irritated.

She opened her eyes. Oh it was only him. Goodness, what did he eat. Was his body made of stone.

She scowled at him and he sighed.

“It’s a blackout. My phone isn’t working because of the thunderstorm. I need yours to check the signal here.” He extended his hand towards her.

Ragini blinked at his tanned hand. He had long thin fingers. All manly and strong.

“Your phone.” He said loudly again.

Her cheeks heated and she looked up into his eyes blankly. The light flickered over his face creating shadows of hard planes and lines.

“I don’t have one.” She muttered lamely.

His body turned rigid on the floor and his eyes held her captive for more than a second with his hand extended in the air towards her.

“What did you say?” He asked her again trying to understand if he heard her wrong.

Ragini’s face turned tight and she folded her hands under her chest and avoided his eyes.

“I don’t have a phone.” She muttered again quietly while looking at the floor.

She remembered her throwing away the phone in a lake while travelling aimlessly around in the car. She had been crying loudly and eating a pound of chocolate from a box and when her mother called for the hundredth time she threw it away from the window in anger. Her face flushed red. Not a great memory.

“Look up.” He ordered her and her eyes flew up to his a bit surprised.

She stared at him a second. What was he a king to order her around. Idiot.

His gaze went dry and witty.

“You a frog?” He asked her flatly.

Ragini rolled her eyes.

“Because only frogs live in a well and you darling are one of the most dumbest of all those.” He muttered turning around annoyed.

“Excuse me for not having a sixth sense for locating storms all around the world or that my phone would have a super power to have a signal in this weather.” She muttered sarcastically.

He turned around and got into her space.

“You did have one.” He stated sliding his gaze all over her face.

He caught her.

“I did.” She stiffly.

His eyes narrowed at that.

“And?” He persisted.

She stiffened.

“I threw it away.” She muttered uncaringly and shuttered her eyes closed of any emotions.

He stared at her some more before muttering quietly in observation.

“Interesting.” He said and turned around.

Why was he always turning around. It annoyed her.

Ragini blinked. Interesting?

What the hell was interesting?

“What is interesting?” She asked snappily.

But before she could get an answer the thunder blasted over the walls and everything rattled as if the ground was attacked by earthquake.

“Oh, my god! We are going to die!” She shouted and closed her ears with her hands.

The claustrophobic that was at bay till now overtook her mind and she started muttering panicked.

“Hey!” She heard a loud annoyed voice.

“Nobody is going to come for us. Oh, no, no…..” She went around in a circle.

“Hey! Stop it.” His voice came into her ears strong and imperious.

She still has her eyes closed.

“No, no, you don’t understand. I’m claustrophobic.” She muttered urgently, and tried to find a way out of the hall.

Her heart raced a mile and anxiety curled instantly around her mind in a thick dark cloud. It frightened her.

She turned around hastily but she shrieked suddenly when her waist got held tight and was pulled roughly into a strong hard body. Her chest hit his and he held her prisoner by rounding his arms around her back. She blinked and her heart stopped beating when his forehead touched hers and his cool minty breath hit her upper lip. She stood frozen and rooted to the floor. His skin was cold where as hers was hot and flushed. His fingers flexed into skin over the night dress on her waist. She could feel them pressing into her flesh and something like a rush curled her stomach. Oh dear…

“Calm down.” He muttered softly with his eyes closed.

She stood there with her breath caught in her lungs. She could feel her heart beat racing over his calm one. She was pressed to his body tightly and completely from tip to toe. Her hands lay to her sides awkwardly frozen.

“Breath.” He whispered, and his breath again fell over her lips caressingly.

Ragini immediately and automatically at his order took in a deep breath and the cool minty breath of his entered into her lungs. She felt flushed and feverish all over. Her pulse quickened when his eyes opened and caught hers heatedly. Her heart went into a overdrive now getting very much of him bodily. Her skin burned at his touch.

Good good, his eyes were a fathom less depths. How can a man be so handsome and yet so looked darkly devilish. They say Lucifer was like that. Charming and beautiful. A devil in angel’s disguise.

Then he went and proved that he was indeed a devil and a brute. He pushed her away instantly when she was already drowning into those deep pools of his black eyes.

“Good, now go get something for me to drink from the refrigerator.” He ordered while sliding her to the side roughly.

She almost fell on her face. Her mouth gaped open at his manhandling. She gasped in disbelief when he turned around again.

Ugh! Impossible brute. Devil. Idiot. Stupid. Fool. Rascal.

She muttered curses under her breath and treaded her way to the kitchen while he chuckled darkly from behind her. Great. Now, she was amusing him.

She reached the kitchen and moved towards the refrigerator and grumbling things under her breath she took out two soft drink cans. Great there isn’t any electricity in the kitchen too. Soon all these things are going to get spoiled. What to do. Hope someone could come looking for them. Or did everyone else run away and only the two were stranded in the hotel? She worried a new now. Ugh, her mind was melodramatic. Of course people will come looking for them. If not for her they will come for the hotel owner, wouldn’t they? With that one single hope she walked into the hall.

She came back to find the hall empty. Ragini frowned in the dark. A small flicker of light was though coming from the bedroom. Rubbing her left arm a little she walked into it only to find him bent over her luggage.

She immediately moved towards him.

“What are you doing?” She asked his back.

He turned his face towards her and chuckled looking down at her ID card. Her cheeks heated up. It was her photograph. It was taken three years back for the company identification of the employees. She had been too geeky with large spectacles and long plait. He grinned more and she bristled snatching it back from his hand.

She poked her left hand forefinger over his chest and retorted.

“You don’t snoop in on anyone’s personals. That is bad manners.” She scolded him.

His left eyebrow raised at that and he looked down at her finger.

“I’m already a brute, aren’t I.” He muttered distractedly.

He froze suddenly while having his gaze attached to her finger. He caught her hand abruptly and her eyes widened when he pulled it under his gaze. He stared hard at her hand and she stared at his bent head bewildered. He finally lifted his face to her after a minute of incessant staring. Something came over his face. As if a realization. His eyes like burning depths slid all over her face and he drew nearer. She blinked twice as he loomed down at her and observed her face. His right hand came up and he cupped her right cheek. Ragini stared wide eyed into his unblinking gaze. His touch made the rush of her blood go crazy into her veins. He slid his thumb finger under her eye and she gulped hard as goosebumps rose all over her skin.

“Interesting.” He muttered, and something like soft entered into tone.

Her forehead lined when he moved back and let go off her completely. He smiled at her bewildered look.

He grabbed the drink from her hand and scowled down at it.

“What the hell is this?” He asked disgustedly.

Ragini blinked coming out of the fog of his touch.

“It’s a soft drink.” She muttered flatly and little annoyed.

Why the hell would he come into her space and why the hell would he draw back from her making her feel all the unnecessary things and then leaving her all over cold again. Freaking god damn, player. She muttered inside her mind. Must be a talent to string around girls like that.

He blinked.

“People don’t get drunk on a soft drink, sweet heart.” He said with a tone as if explaining a thing to a child.

She stiffened.

“We are so not getting drunk on anything.” She shot back firmly.

He scowled at her fiercely.

“Go get me a beer.” He ordered her again.

She ignored his tone and stared back at him challenge.

“No.” She said curtly to his demand.

He stared at her flatly.

“Are you a nun?” He asked her dryly.

She gave him a glare.

“Was that a joke?” She countered asked.

He sighed heavily.

“I was serious.” He replied quietly.

He shook his head and settled himself on a bean bag and signalled her to do the same. It was very dark now outside with the rain pelting stones over the window panes and also with the thunderstorm lightening creating havoc time and again. The wind was roaring inside through the chimneys. The only source of light was the candle which slowly was dying out. He smiled at her while catching her look over the candle.

“Don’t worry we have plenty of those in stock. And before an hour the light will be back I’m sure.” He muttered reassuringly.

She doubted that because as it seemed the storm wasn’t stopping any time soon.

“Let’s play a game.” He said while leaning deep into the bean bag lazily while spreading his legs in a stretch over the floor.

Thank god, finally he put on a t-shirt. It enough to see him walk around looking so hot. Hmm, Grey suited him. The t-shirt stretched over his biceps, arms and chest. He was very much toned which made him look thin rather than buff.

Ragini frowned and settled herself on the bean bag.

“What game?” She asked while holding the can with the other hand.

It was cold and her fingers pruned and got numb a little.

He smirked.

“Never have I ever.” He murmured huskily.

Ragini snorted.

“Never have I ever? That’s so lame.” She replied smilingly.

He shrugged. He pointed his forefinger from around the can towards the rattling windows.

“Do you have any thing else to distract yourself from the storm?” He asked her with a raised eyebrow.

She gulped and looked at the thunder lightening. She winced.

“No, the game seems better.” She replied hastily.

Anything but looking outside and feeling claustrophobic again. No and no.

He smiled.

“Thought so.” He said sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes.


“Alright then lets start.” She said carelessly.

He stared at her amused.

“Not so fast.” He murmured taking a sip of the soft drink.
“Okay.” She agreed.

His eyes turned more lazy and assessing over her face while he leaned back more.

“The game has rules.” He said matter of factly.

Her right eye brow raised at that.

“We are taking the game seriously now?” She asked snorting.

“Yes.” He replied shortly and promptly.

She nodded her head shrugging.

“For every unanswered question you lose a piece of clothing.” He murmured deliciously.

Ragini sighed. Why wouldn’t he put such a rule. Of course he will.

She settled back taking a sip of the soft drink. It was stinging on her tongue and went down sharply down her throat yet it lightly sugary at the same time.

“And if I back out?” She asked narrowing her eyes.

He smiled sneeringly.

“Then, you are a coward.” He taunted her.

Ragini stiffened. She wasn’t a coward. Well..
“Fine.” She agreed.

How hard can the questions be, right.

He grinned and his eyes sparkled victorious. Ragini got a tad little uncomfortable looking at the gleam of his eyes but she shook it off and squared her shoulders in challenge.

“And you take a sip for a yes, alright and also you need to extend more on that.” He explained.

She rolled her eyes at that. Of course she knew the game.

“Alright.” She assented.

He nodded his head.

“You go first.” He said in a murmur.

She blinked in mock surprise.

“The ever the gentleman, huh.” She muttered sarcastically and he smiled at her dryly.

Alright then. She smiled.

“Never have I ever cheated on someone.” She started deliciously.

Now, he would get caught. He seemed like a womanizer. Of course he must cheated a dozen times.

He continued staring at her without a blink of an eye. She stared and stared but he never took a sip but looked back at her unemotional. A gasp escaped her lips.

“You never cheated on someone?” She asked surprised..”That’s a lie.” She scowled.

He smiled at her patronisingly.

He tilted the can round and moved its contents to and fro. His hand flexed over it and she observed how artistic his fingers were. His eyes caught her fleeting ones

“I don’t do relationships. Hence no cheatings.” He explained dryly.

Wow. No relationships. Weird.

“So, you never had a girlfriend?” She asked again curiously.

He tilted his head to side and sharpened his hawk like gaze on her face.

“That thing.” He said in a hard voice…”Girlfriend and boyfriend nonsense. I don’t do that either.” He said bitingly.

Wow. So much of disgust for it why? She nodded her head trying not ask more of the questions that were popping out of her mind and reaching her tongue.

“what do you ‘do’ then?” She blurted out, but immediately regretted it for letting it out.

He grinned now. Something dirty would really come out of her mouth.

“I…” He started but Ragini cut in.

“It’s all right. I don’t need to know.” She said hastily.
He chuckled and shrugged.
“My turn.” He said raising up a little on the bean bag.

His hair fell over his forehead and he pulled the locks.

“Alright.” She said shortly.

His eyes caught hers in a searing gaze and Ragini’s heart went all jittery as he smiled at her.

“Never have I ever…..” He enunciated each work quietly….”ran away from something.” He concluded slowly and carefully.

Ragini stiffened suddenly and she gulped the convulse in her throat with effort. She kept blinking at him and silent and he seem to register each of facial expression penetratingly.

He barged bluntly inside her mind and hit directly at the spot where it hurt.

She drew away her eyes from his and moved the can to and fro in her hand. She could easily not take sip and lie through her teeth but he already saw what he wanted to see in her face, so it was pointless to go through the effort of a cover up.

She stiffly took a sip of the drink.

“Eyes.” He muttered in a low growly voice.
She looked up instantly and his eyes annoyed caught hers.

“Don’t draw those away from me.” He whispered in a soft order, and his face lined grimly serious.

She blinked and he narrowed his eyes more.
“Alright?” He asked her in a low quiet voice.

Jeez, okay. Whatever. Though she folded back in a little fear looking at his serious face.

“Alright.” She agreed hastily, while biting her tongue to not mutter out some choice sarcastic words.

“Running away from who?” He asked her softly now.

Her eyes watered a little but she kept the tears at bay.

“My family. Friends. Colleagues. Mom. Everyone.” She muttered gulping hard the ball lodge in a throat.

He nodded his head thoughtfully.

“Alright. Your turn.” He said quietly without asking any further.

Thank god.

What else could she ask him now?

She stared at him some more and decided to ask him something more personal since he penetrated into her life already.

“Never have I ever fell in love with someone?” She asked while looking deep into his eyes.

His eyes narrowed and he stared at her for more than a second and she wondered. Of course, he wouldn’t fall in love with someone. He was a player. He looked like one. He must have broken many hearts.

She gaped a little when he took a sip of the soft drink slowly. Oh my my….the player fell in love with someone. Not bad.

He looked back at her still unemotionally.

“Explain.” She said excitedly.
He snorted.

“No.” He replied curtly.
Aw. Why?

“Hey, that’s not fair. I explained about my question.” She cried out disappointed.

He smiled but he stayed ever evasive and his eyes danced in humour.

“Then I strip.” He replied promptly.

Great. She stared at his chest when he remove the t-shirt from over his head. He threw it aside and smirked at her. He laid back stretching himself with his body on display. He was a model. He could be and the photographers would really love to click him. He raised his eyebrow while she again ogled his body.


Shaking her head she muttered.

“Your turn.” She said while moving her eyes else where.

His smile wiped away and moved his arm under his head. He took a gulp from the can and still looking at her weirdly. His Adam’s apple bobbed while it went down his throat. He was too s*xy for his own good.

Her eyes snapped back to his when he continued.

“Never have I ever…..gotten engaged.” He asked in a slow grim voice.

Ragini’s smile fell off and she turned rigid on the bean bag. She turned pale and cold suddenly. She saw him look through her suddenly knowing all her failures and insecurities.

“This is a stupid game.” She said angrily and tried to get up.

“Then you strip.” He replied even more faster.

Ragini looked down at him incredulously.

“Excuse me.” She said out loud.

He gulped down from the can the contents fully and stared up at her uncaringly.

“You back out. You strip.” He said shrugging.

She folded her hands.

“I’m not going to answer to that question.” She retorted.

He shrugged again sliding his gaze down at her body.

“Lose the shirt.” He murmured huskily.

Her jaw settled firm.

“No.” She curtly cut him off.

She stared at him while he smiled at her and his eyes glinted with a challenge. They were black cold stones. Unrelenting and scary.

“Lose the shirt or I’m gonna tear it off.” He said warning her in a soft quiet voice.

She blinked at him and gasped.

“Are you serious?” She asked in an unsettled voice.

“Sweet heart, when I take up a game, I play it pretty seriously.” He whispered.

And his voice was deeper huskier.

She scowled at him and settled down on the bean bag and took a huge gulp of the drink.

“I was engaged.” She muttered gritting her teeth and looking down at the floor.

“Eyes.” He said loudly again.

She glared across at him instantly and he smiled an unseeing one at that.

“Explain.” He muttered.

She gulped hard.

“I was engaged for four years.” She said through the hard lump in her throat.

His eyes cold suddenly.

“And now you are not.” He observed.

She looked down immediately at her left hand ring finger. Her eyes filled with the memories and tears.

“And now I’m not.” She whispered.

“Why aren’t you?” He asked next.
She looked up blinking back the tears.


He sighed.

“Why aren’t you engaged anymore?” He asked her frowning and looking down at her hand.

She stared at him. Why was he so interested in her ever boring life. He was just passing the time. Asking her questions because he was bored. Why would a man like him have any interest in her life.

She stiffened some more remembering Rakesh’s word. Hurt starting circling her heart.

“Because I’m too clingy.” She whispered again.

Tears brimmed in her eyes. His body turned stone and he stared at her hard. His eyes flashed.

“What?” He whispered back sharply.

She looked down at her left hand and rubbed her ring finger.

“He said that I was too clingy and that he wouldn’t have anything to do with me.” She said through the tears.

A second of awkward silence fell around.

“Eyes.” He ordered again but softly.

She looked up and drew back the tears. No need for him to see her like this.

He stared at her for a second.

“The asshole messed with your head.” He stated gratingly.

She shook her head. But why would he say that if he didn’t mean it. Four years of relationship and strayed with the first beautiful thing that came across him. Which just questioned everything she had put in that relationship.

She looked to see him reading her thoughts.

“Did you love him?” He asked softly again.

Tears brimmed up.

“I did.” She replied honestly.

She dreaded about his next question.

He sensed her fear.

“Did he love you?” He asked her grimly.

That’s the question. That’s the humiliation. Pain. Shame. Embarrassment. Hurt. And, Heart break. Did he ever love her? Was she so dumb not to notice otherwise. She always thought he loved her. Did he just pretend to be in love with her for all those four years? Bile rose up her throat. Pretending to love her and she clung to him making him feel disgust for her. He said that the woman was more beautiful and she gave what he wanted which Ragini did not give to him. Was it a bad thing to wait until marriage. It was her decision, wasn’t it. She was not a person to break under pressure. So, she stayed stubborn. Then he went brutal saying that she was too needy and clingy and a pushover and that she disgusted him.

Tears burned her eyes and stung her nose and ears.

“I don’t know.” She replied as numerous tears rolled down her cheeks.

She wiped those away immediately with the back of her left hand.

“You are crying.” He observed dryly and she chuckled.

He wasn’t a person to offer compassion, was he. It wasn’t a surprise though.

“No, something went in my eyes.” She replied hoarsely snappily.

“Of course.” He said smiling.

“But he wouldn’t lie. I was too clingy. Maybe. I don’t know.” She went back to thinking.

The smile wiped out from his lips and thinned out while his eyes turned cold.

“That’s the reason you are hiding out here like a frightened rat instead of punching his face for messing up with your head bad?” He asked sneeringly.

Ragini’s cheeks turned flushed red. Ouch, so rude. She glared at him.

“I’m not a frightened rat.” She hissed.

His eyes narrowed as he leaned back on the black bean looking all the way a royalty in leisure. A king resting perched on his throne all sharp and imperious.

“If you aren’t, you don’t hide face in shame here but face the douchebag head on.” He muttered harshly….”And then punch his face until it got rearranged.” He concluded in a hard voice.

She snorted.

“I wouldn’t hurt a fly let alone punch anyone in the face.” She said shaking her head in negative.

He grinned devilishly.

“That’s what you are, aren’t you.” He observed mockingly.

She frowned at his tone.

“What am I?” She asked in confusion.

“You are too good.” He said gruffly.

She stiffened.

“I’m not.” She denied in a lie.

She was too good. Yes. But his tone rubbed off her wrong.

“Yes you are.” He drawled…”You are Miss goody two shoes.” He concluded smiling sarcastically again.

She frowned.

“What’s wrong in being good?” She asked in a defensive tone.

He shook his head.

“You still good to the shit head who broke your heart. That is denial and fright. You go face him and show that you are doing good. That’s gumption.” He said sagely.

Her eye brows drew up.

“You telling me that I’m coward?” She asked him snottily.
He sighed.

“I’m just telling you that you don’t need to hide face.” He said softly sliding his gaze all over her face.

She sighed too.

“I’m not hiding from him. I don’t need to.” She said firmly.

He was the past and she was doing everything to move on and she already was doing a great job.

His eyes tried into her thoughts. He straightened.

“Is there something else bothering you?” He asked her sharply and with a little edge in his voice.

Dare she think he sounded protective. She snorted inside her mind. As if. He was a king and she was the pauper here. King wouldn’t bent down for those beneath him but speaks to them keeping a distance. And the space between them was very wide.

“No.” She shook her head….”Not bothering…”She continued and trailed off hesitantly.

His gaze narrowed.

“Go on.” He persisted.

Ragini sighed exasperated.

“It’s my mother. She worries too much and now she is after vengeance. Trying to prove in her social circle that she could marry me off soon. She had been going crazy bringing in families and making me meet them every weekend. I couldn’t breath anymore. I couldn’t take it.” She ranted and felt breathless and suffocated already.

“I can’t think of getting married the same now as I had thought before.” She murmured looking down at the floor.

She had been such a romantic. Thinking that love was for eternity. What a fool she had been.

“In fact, I don’t want to think about marriage until forever now. I just want to be left alone in peace.” She mumbled tiredly.

“Good.” He replied shortly to her ranting.

Ragini looked up instantly at his face and she frowned.

“Good?” She asked.

He shrugged.

“Marriage is for fools who aren’t capable of living alone.” He muttered arrogantly.

Her forehead lined.

“You don’t have good opinion?” She asked curiously.

He stared at her and but remained silent.

“How long is your hide out?” He asked her instead.

She scowled inside her mind. Way to change the topic.

“It is not a hide out.” She retorted and tilted her chin up…”I’m just taking a break.” She concluded stiffly.

“Break. Hide out. Whatever. How long?” He persisted.

She sighed. Goodness, he must be a cop to question her this much.

“A month.” She replied curtly.

He looked thoughtful and then he nodded his head before getting up.

He turned and she stared at his back. Her eyes glanced down to her ring finger and she observed a round white mark around it in contrast to her skin. The place where her ring had been and which left a mark without it now.

So, that’s what he observed previously when he grabbed her hand.

She got up fuming inside.

“You knew it, didn’t you?” She asked sharply.

He stopped walking and stiffened. He turned his head to the side and narrowed his eyes suspiciously at her.

“Knew what?” He asked instead carefully.

She set her jaw while she glared at him and walking foward.

“That I was engaged.” She hissed.

He stiffened but a second he grinned devilishly.

“I did.” He confessed.

She stared at him incredulously.

“And you deliberately played the stupid game to get it out of me. Was it entertaining enough to you?” She asked angrily.

His eyes turned mocking.

“Maybe.” He replied with a cold smile and she launched at him with fists.

She beat her closed hand over his chest. He stared down at her unaffected and un amused.

“You, jerk, you have no right to do that.” She punched at his shoulder, but she only hurt her hand because he seemed to be made of stone.

“Enough.” He said calmly.

She went ahead beating at his chest anyway.

“How dare you….” She started again but he caught her hand roughly and she stared up into his eyes surprised.

He pulled her hand behind her back and caught her waist tight with his other hand under her nightshirt. She gasped at the feel of his hand over her skin. He pushed her up and got down in her face.

His breath fell over her lips. His fingers dug into her flesh and tingles ran down her spine instantly. She gasped softly and her breath came out in short pants.

“Enough.” He murmured again, while looking down at her lips.

Her left hand to steady herself caught at his shoulder hurriedly. It flexed under her touch. He was all toned muscles and strong bones. Her chest was plastered to his.

“You gonna hit me again?” He asked her softly.

She gulped and licked her lower lip nervously and he froze altogether. His eyes now jet black and deep came up to hers. She gasped at the intensity of his stare. It was different than the ones he gave her often.

“No.” She replied hastily.

His face got closer and their breaths mixed together while he did that.

“Yeah?” He asked again with his lips only an inch far from hers that they were almost touching with hers.

Her heart raced crazily under her chest and the sound of it rang into her ears making her every cell very much aware of his body pressed tightly to hers. His hand under her night shirt over her waist tightened more.

“Yes.” She replied again breathlessly.

“Good.” He murmured huskily.

He loosened his grip over her back on her hand and drew back while turning her around.

He pushed at her waist with both of his hands.

“Now go get me something to eat. I’m hungry.” He ordered her.

Ragini gasped when he pushed her aside rudely and turned around.

That rude, arrogant idiot. She gasped at his attitude.

“You can’t do that . I’m not your servant to do everything you order me to do.” She gritted out.

He turned a little while walking.

“You want to be one?” He asked as matter of factly.

She gave him a black glare.

“No.” She replied indignantly.

He smiled at her grumpy face.

“Why not? You’ll make a good one.” He muttered while sliding down again on the bean bag.

He stretched and drew back on it while sliding the t-shirt over his head. He settled himself deeper in it while closing his eyes.

“And, hurry along. I don’t like to be kept waiting.” He muttered sighing deeply.

She stood there with her hands over her hips. Oh, his arrogance was astounding.

“I cant find my way in the darkness.” She said stiffly.

He didn’t open his eyes.

“Take the candle.” He muttered again.

Her upper curled up in a purse.

“Nothing is there in the refrigerator.” She said again.

He opened his eyes into slits.

“There are lots of those instant things in the cabinets. Go, make me some.” He clipped while closing his eyes again.

“And why would I cook for you?” She asked irritated at his high handedness.

His eyes opened and he smirked.

“Because you like ogling my body so much and I let you stare at my abs.” He answered lazily in a deep bur of husky voice.

Her cheeks heated up and she flushed deep red.

“I don’t ogle your body.” She said uncomfortably and lying through her teeth.

He smiled still but now dryly.

“Get going.” He muttered sliding his eyes towards the door.

She gave him a glare before taking the candle in her hand and moving towards the door.

Great. She came here to have an alone time and now she was stuck with the majesty himself. Acting as his servant and doing as he ordered. What a life. Placing the candle over the kitchen counter, she grumbled and pulled the cabinets to find them fully stocked with various things.

She took out some instant noodles. Well, these will do. She opened the fridge and looked inside to see a few carrots, beans and green peas.

She got those out and moved towards the black marble counter. She took out a knife and starting slicing and dicing the carrots.

She took out a small pot and boiled a little water in it and dropped the veggies. She broken the noodles next and waited for those to soften. After the letting the veggies to cook she opened the tastemaker.

She took out a bowl and slid the noodles and its soup in it. She took out a tray and put the bowl over it.

Ragini put the tray over the teapoy and slid her hands under her chest. She stared at him while he opened his eyes.

He straightened and scowled at her.

“Were you making a feast that it took you so long to come back?” He asked her sardonically, sounding a little annoyed.

He glanced down at the steaming bowl with interest now.

She scowled too while sitting down. He stared across at the numerous chocolate bars and ice cream tubs laid over the glass surface.

She took a bar in her hand but she stiffened while he stared at it too.

“What?” She said defensively with mouth full of chocolate..”The chocolates would get spoiled anyway.”

He smiled at her a little.

“Are you planning to extend the hide out?” He asked her flatly, while taking a sip the soup with the spoon.

“What?” She asked confused.

He shrugged.

“You eat that. You cope the disappointments with binging. You gonna stretch so big. Much bigger barely fitting the couch. You gonna extend the hide out and go back carrying even more bigger issues and insecurities.” He concluded nonchalantly while forking the noodles and shoving the steaming strands in his mouth.

She stared at him through out his speech with her mouth full of chocolate. She looked down at the chocolate bar in her right hand. She threw it away instantly losing her appetite altogether.

He chuckled darkly as his face lined in ample of mirth at her expense. He had laughter lines around his eyes and it reflected the warmth all over his features.

“Good.” He appreciated and went on slurping on the noodles.

“This is so good. You worked hard.” He looked up at her while pointing the spoon to the bowl.

“Seriously. You should work in my kitchen. I’ll hire you.” He said while polishing off the bowl.

She stared at him flatly.

“No thanks. I’m good at where I am in my job.” She said shaking her head to the side.

He looked up at her curiously.

“What are you?” He asked her sharply.

“I’m an engineer.” She said a little proudly.

His eyebrows raised at that impressed.

“You cook for me like this everyday…” He tilted his head to the bowl and continued…”I’ll pay you more than your job does.” He offered her nonchalantly.

She shook her head at words.

“I’m fine but thank you anyway.” She replied quietly.

He leaned back and frowned at her.

“I rarely praise anything. You should know that.” He said gruffly.

She agreed readily.

“Yes, I can see that.” She said dryly.

He leaned back on the bean bag.

“You had me all figured out, huh?” He asked her in an annoyed tone.

Why was he irritated now?

“Yes.” She replied instantly.

His eyes turned cold and he stared at her some more. She looked deep into his eyes curiously. He had slyly got out everything about her but kept the information about his life all evasive. Why? What would she do did he think? Go to the papers? He seem to have trust issues. That she already observed while he first spoke to her.

“You think you know me but you wouldn’t know me at all.” He murmured in a low quiet sneer.

He wasn’t talking to her but he seem to be speaking to many in general.

His words uttered so carelessly were a disguise and a camouflage of a more deeper meaning. She didn’t know what he said. He put himself out as one but in actual he wasn’t what people thought he was. That’s what he just said, right? But why the deceive? Why act as someone he wasn’t? Her mind strained to understand him. He was like the epitome of attention, the sun, and everything revolved around him in complete loyalty. She would never want such attention. The nervousness of people seeing and knowing that they were judging her…goodness, the anxiety would cripple her forever.

She came out of the fog of these thoughts when he drawled something again in that deep bur of his voice.

“What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours now?” He asked her smiling.

Her heart skipped a beat again when he said the word ‘pretty’. Pretty? He thought she was pretty? Her cheeks bloomed pink. Rakesh never said that she was pretty. He always that she was plain but he adjusted to it because he loved her. She had found that weird but she brushed it off then because she had been too in love with him. She looked across at the man who had been bewildering her since she met him. He charged at her. Got into her space. Ordered her around. Talked rudely and harsh. Touched her without her consent and got closer whenever he wanted. He man handled her yet his touch wasn’t threatening. Instead it raked a rush travel down her skin. He compelled her into this alluring magic already. She only met him two hours ago and already she had let out her heart in display which she never would have done with even her best friend. She shook her mind out of those thoughts. He was ‘the’ Greek god and she was ‘a’ plain Jane. The two of them were the opposite poles. She wasn’t treading into such danger territory anymore. She had enough of a heart ache already.

“Nothing.” She whispered looking away.

She heard him take a deep breath.

“There is always something to a nothing muttered by a woman.” He said gruffly in observation.

She stayed mute and his eyes narrowed trying to see through into her eyes. She shuttered him out immediately.

“You think you can freeze me out?” He asked her grimly.

He seemed displeased . Very much.

She frowned confused.

“What do you mean?”

He smiled patronisingly at her.

“Your face. I can read it like a book. Even if you shutter your eyes, I already can see it in your face. It’s too expressive.” He drawled lazily, while assessing her from her face and down to her body in even more lazy move of eyes.

Her heart raced. What does that mean? Did he know that she had been thinking about him?

She stirred uncomfortably under his gaze but he got up sighing without a word and turned around.

Great. He turned his back on her again. Awesome. Why was he always giving his back to her?

She got up too and moved towards him. He crossed the couch.

“Why are you hiding out here anyway?” She asked him curiously.

He stiffened and his back bunched up. The t-shirt stretched dangerously to a tear around his shoulders. He turned around catching her eyes. His face a stone mask while his thick eye brows strained into a furrow.

“You think I would hide my face like you in my own hotel?” He asked her amusingly.

She scowled at his words. She wasn’t hiding face? Why was he always saying that? Making her feel like real coward.

She moved to argue with him but she stumbled on her feet.

“Careful there.” He muttered sharply.

She looked up to see him move too.

“Yeah.” She said lamely while looking down.

One of her small suitcases fell over. She hadn’t kept it in the wardrobe. Damn.

She blinked looking around through the flickering of the candle light and bent down on her hunches to grab the things to put those back in the suitcase.

He came forward and bent down too to help her with the things. She blinked surprised at his bent head. Wow, he can be a gentleman too.

She pushed a few things in it and she saw him freeze suddenly. Her eyes strained to see what he had in his hand that made him turn stone suddenly.

She froze as well while looking too at the itsy bitsy black thong looped stringing down in his left hand forefinger.

Her cheeks turned red and embarrassment coursed into her blood and heated it. Damn. She saw his eyes flash to hers while a strange heated look came into his gaze. He looked down at her chest and she covered it immediately with her hands. His gaze went down to her hips and she glared at him.

He eyes came back to hers lazily while he stringed the cloth in a curl around his wrist.

“Give that to me.” She hissed.

He grinned now devilishly while an evil look entered into his eyes.

“You naughty, naughty, girl….”He whispered in an amusement filled voice.

She pushed at his shoulder and tried to get it back from his hand. He moved it away while moving towards the small luggage.

“What else did you hide there, sweetheart….” He muttered chuckling.

She shielded and pushed it over the couch.

“Don’t you dare…” She stop up while trying to push at his hard chest.

He pushed at her and she stumbled and fell over the couch. He fell on top of her but he managed to not strangulate her with his strength.

He smiled down at her teasingly.

“I want to see what else is in there…” He said huskily while circling his hand around her waist and probed into her luggage.

“Are you crazy!” She shouted in his face while her heart skipped several beats when he called her sweetheart often…”Get off me, you idiot!” She pushed at his shoulders.

He looked down heatedly at her body and licked at his lower lip.

“Are you wearing any of those?” He whispered asked her while pinning her body beneath his and his eyes like wild fire caught hers like warm honey.

She could the feel heat and warmth of his body and it penetrated into hers through the deep layers of her clothing’s.

She reddened immediately at his word.

He pushed at her night shirt off her shoulders and she slapped his hand away while he groaned looking at the straps of her red Victoria secret’s bra.

“God, damn, love.” He took a deep breath in as his voice turned more husky and gruff.

“What the hell are you doing?” She whispered hissed again and tried to move out of his arms which banded around her waist tightly.

“If you move like that, sweetheart…” He said through a tad darker voice as his eyes on hers turned black coal….”I won’t be responsible for what will happen next.” He muttered gruffly while catching her squirming hips firmly in his hands.

She looked down and blinked and completely froze beneath his body.

While he kept staring down at her incessantly, the room abruptly and suddenly flooded all around in a very bright light.

He groaned closing his eyes and she did too wincing heavily.

“What the hell…” He muttered in a growl.

She blinked thrice adjusting her gaze and narrowed her eyes into slits to look around.

“The lights came back.” She whispered surprised.

He froze on top of her and sat up immediately looking around too wincing.

“Yeah..” He murmured too.

The room looked suddenly weird. It was too bright and stark.

Before she did think any further the room burst open abruptly. She stiffened and her eyes turned into big saucers when she saw five men wearing black uniformed suits looking buff and large barge into the room.

She felt his body harden and turn into stone. He immediately got off the bed cursing.

“f**king hell.” He gritted.

To her shock the men surrounded him instantly and he in turn looked grimly around. The scary looking guys didn’t look friendly and the thought confirmed when two of them grabbed at his shoulders. Goodness gracious, were they going to kidnap him? What the hell…

Her mind panicked. Even though he seemed rude, arrogant, harsh, idiotic, obnoxious and annoying, and with all these things together too, he didn’t seem like a bad sort of a guy. The thought of him coming in harms way made her feel million bad things and doubled her heart rate. She jumped out of the couch fast and moved towards him.

She got in front of him protectively and faced another scary looking guy who moved towards her now.

“Hey! You can’t do that…” She started but the guy pushed her away roughly.

She felt his body harden and he let out a growl while catching at the collar of the scary looking guy.

“You touch her again and I will tear you limb to limb.” He thundered in a low dangerous voice.

Ragini moved front but his head snapped down and he glared daggers at her.

“Stay back.” He warned her in a hard voice.

“But…” She started again.

He cut her off with another of that scary glare while still holding the collar of the guy.

The other men stared at them flatly.

“Shut the f**k up and stay back.” He snapped at her harshly.

She folded back in fear at his look and scowled. Jeez, she was just trying to help. No need for him to go all growly like a grisly bear.

He turned his face to the guy in front.

“You got it?” He threatened the man again.

“Yes, sir, but she…boss would…” The man looked scared now.

“I’ll handle that and she is with me so f**k off.” He warned again in a low quiet whisper.

The men exchanged looks and he let the guy go.

Ragini frowned bewildered. Why are the kidnappers calling him sir? Huh? What the hell was happening here? Before she think any further, he caught hold of her right hand and pulled her into walking. The men surrounded them like protective shields.

Anxiety roiled her stomach. She clutched onto his hand and moved closer to his side. He looked down at her finally while locking his long fingers with hers tightly in a lock.

“Are we getting kidnapped?” She whispered asked deridingly.

He smiled patronizingly down at her.

“I am getting kidnapped not you…..” He said gruffly while walking…You are just unfortunate to get into it.” He concluded gravely.

She stared up at him. Something in his eyes told her that he was used to this……

“Know who is kidnapping you?” She asked suspiciously.

He stared down at narrowing his eyes and he smiled coldly while his eyes turned shards of black glass. The look coming across his face was very scary.

“My father.” He muttered gratingly.

Ragini’s lower jaw hung open at that. She gasped in disbelief.

“What? Why?…how….” She spluttered.

He nodded his head and looked front while his body stiffened immediately.

“You’ll know soon.” He muttered evasively, while pulling her closer into his side.

Ragini dreaded to know. What the hell was this? She just got into a mess which wasn’t hers….

Dear god, she didn’t even know the guy’s name. How did she already got into his life? How did HER life had turned into a three sixty degrees angle altogether in two hours?

She was going to run fast as soon as she was set free from this mess and…..Him……


To be cntd…


Hahaha, doesn’t seem like a sneak preview. Hmm whatever. This might be a short story or that I may extend it. Depends and depends….
So how was it? Please the read the ff and encourage me to write more. Means a lot if you do. Thanks alot?


Gotta check the music video of this –See No More by Joe Jonas.
Just awesome.
Lyrics are killer.
You walked away from me, baby
I would’ve never done the same
You made me feel that our love was not real
You threw it all away, so
I don’t want to wait for you
I don’t want to wake up thinking, hoping,
You’ll get it right this time
Cause you know that you’re so cold
I don’t wanna see no more…
And I can’t get away from you,
It’s one of the reasons why
That I can’t just get you out of my mind
And all I keep seeing is your picture
But I don’t wanna see no more
But I don’t wanna see no more
I don’t wanna see no more…..

Credit to: Blue

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