It happened with me (Episode 1)


hey, this is not a complete story friends. its just how we get a real life situation and what we learnt from it. hope you too will share your incidents… at least we can know who is at fault.

DEC 4, 2015

we are having our language revision… (French + Tamil) I and keerthi were French whereas priya and Catherine ( cat ) were Tamil. we were learning and we started to talk. then we came to the topic of chennai people and what they suffered. that time, our school has decided to help chennai victims. they requested us to bring what we can. all our classmates brought soaps, paste and brushes and even some stupids brought face washes. we criticized them and we planned to do something by our own. we thought to buy some candles, matchboxes, rusk, biscuits, mosquito repellents, medical kits, baby diapers and napkins.

we shared our plan with our class girls, but cannot say to boys ( we have a rule that girls and boys should not speak ) .

then I was given the task of getting permission from the authorities. I reached the office and explained our plan. but no use. so we planned to get our work done in private. we said our plans to boys via biology ma’am.

that night, I asked my mom to help me. she said that at her office she gave her salary. so its enough. it was already 11 but I knocked everyone’s door. they helped me.

Dec 5, 2015

today we got our exams and its at 12:30. we got our contributions from girls it was 2000+. we were happy about that. but the boys if our class were busy in their works and ignored us. we too didn’t care about that. my exam started and as I was French, I completed my paper in half an hour. I was sitting simply as sleeping in exam halls is forbidden. at 4 pm, we submitted our papers. then we got out of our school at 4:20. I m a night class student, I have to reach school at 5. we walked our way to departmental stores. we bought baby diapers, pain killers, glucose bottles, rusks, biscuits and match boxes. we got them billed separately in whole sale and retail. we paced them out in counters. we got our token and priya was responsible. we teased each other, passed comments, etc.

the people there passed a strange view over us but we ignored them. unfortunately, we missed our tokens. it was lost. our things will not be given unless we return our token. priya started crying. we began to search and I found it. wheuuu… its solved. we came out and it was 5:45. we crossed the road and stopped near a pharmacy. we were too hungry. so, priya and keerthi went to nearby food court and ordered noodles and mushrooms for four of us. cat and me standing in the pharmacy. we bought first aid kits and bandages. it was our last contributed money. I emptied my purse for coins. there was about forty coins. we counted them and again the shop keeper and costumers saw us in a strange view. as usual, we ignored them. then we paid our bills. we went to the food court and ate with a lot of fun and giggles. it was near 6:40.

we searched for coin boxes but couldn’t find any. priya went home in share auto. we three were on our way to home. it was truly an unforgettable memory.


something happened that we didn’t expect….

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  1. it is heart touching dr..really feel bad for sis s also living there and am too afraid that something will happen to her 🙁

  2. Is it real one or you were imagining about it?? Whatever it was , it was good… But what happened next?? Say us dear!!!

  3. Its a new try dr. . . I luvd it 🙂

  4. The way u penned it is good …. The whole part … It’s difficult to write wat one experienced its grt ….

    And the suspense one its gud … Tel wat hapend nxt ? Eagerly waiting

  5. Nice yaar

  6. what happened yaar… Ruby dont wry yaar… definitely your sis will be fine…

    1. yep dr almighty will make everything fine…thnx for ur consolment dr 🙂

      1. dont worry ruby ur sis will be safe………
        all of us are praying for tamilnadu………………….
        and aruna urs was really nice…………………

  7. It’s really heart touching story, I feel the pain of who r suffering with this…very awesome job ruby as u decided to write about this….I’m really grateful to you n all the people who are supporting the victims…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  8. Nice story…… like it…. ruby dont worry everything will be alright ur sis will be safe

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