Doctor closes the door .bijoy and asha were waiting outside
here in office dev was dumbstruck imagining how sona would say that she is pregnant?how would he become happy?how he would enjoy?….tina knocks the door
but he did not notice tina see this from window and call him through phone
as the phone ring he comes to consious and opens the door.tina says sorry and ask him to tell what he has in his heart to her as she is his best friend…dev make her sit and cries a lot
tina says him to calm down.he says i gave her all rights even to kill my heart,she done it…how it would be if she was with me now

tina weeps seeing her frnd dev’s condition…
viky comes to home and see everybody looking soo sad he moves to room and see elena crying.he sits near her and ask her what happened?elena says viky all about her promise and says that she miss her family.he thinks that mom has done a great job.but says that he can’t contradict anybody in this family as he is not thatmuch powerful.and says better u forget ur family and i will take care of u.elena lies on his lap and cries
in bijoy’s house,doc comes out of sona’s room asha and bijoy and asha ask her about sona.doc says congrats you are going to become granpa and granny nad sona is pregnant she is going to become mom.bijoy and asha gets shock.they pretends to be happy before doc the doctor gives some medicine and moves.asha panics and bijoy consoles her. he scolds dev for ruining sona’s life and even done like this..they both cries

here tina gives a post to dev from hospital it was post saying congrats for him for becoming as father.he thinks that this had come because of his lie that sona became pregnant. thinking this he feels sad and cries and shouts “sonakshi….!!!”
here in iswary mainson ,radha rani see the food was as it is and nobody ate,she ask iswary whether the food is not nice!!iswary replies that no their mood is not nice.gkb ask her whether she is sad because of sona and dev’s divorce?iswary replies noand says she is sad for dev scolding her,elena is sad for leaving her parents,viky did not like the food and goes out to eat in reataurent and mamaji will not eat palak as he is in diet
gkb in her broken english,says that if no one likes then i will eat…

bijoy and asha goes into sona’s room and see her sleeping .asha ask bijoy how to say sona about this?bijoy says i don’t know.sona suddenly wakes up and see asha crying.she ask them what happened ?asha sat near her and took her hand in her hand she said her to calm down first to hear this sad news
sona laughs and ask her whether she is going to die …asha closes sona’s mouth sona takes out and says “if i am going to die i will not cry or weep as i am ready for it . i dont want to live in this world as a burden .once i was a burden for shilpa,then for rithwick,then dev ,then iswary ,then dixit family and now to you.i am not able to give happiness to everybody i could give only tears to all.to make everybody cry ,better l will die”
bijoy says sona not to think like that she is the happiness to all and dixits lost their soul happiness by leaving u.sona ask asha to tell her the problem,asha says this problem is not about death,but more then death….she says…SONA… YOU ARE P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T!!sona ask WHAT?? asha says yes dear sona screams loudly dev???and cries and says i don’t know either to smile or cry,to live or die ,but….

nope !!!she recalls dev holds her hand and kisses. Their romance starts. She smiles ands says I love you Dev. He picks her and rests her on bed looking into her eyes. He then kisses her feet. Song continues in the background. They consummate and relax.she says but but….how is this possible???i have only 4%of chance and had to undergo treatment asha intreprets saying that did u remember today u and dev must go for checkup and doctor told that you may have 7-8%chance if u loose your tension and mark today as confermation date for ur pregnancy .it has been done today…
she cries sona says ,i would be soo happy if i have got pregnant before but now????bijoy scolds dev and iswary for ruining her life soan ask him to calm down. she touches her stomach and cries she says ohh baby why did u come.. now to feel all my pain?to feel all my sorrow?u would have been happy with ur father and mother if u were in someothers womb
and cries asha calms her down and ask her to have food sona says she don’t want and ask them to eat,they say how could they eat in this situation everybody cries

here iswary recalls dev scolding her for his tears and cries gkb enters the scene and starts to brainwash iswary.elena cries lying on the bed recalling the sweet moments with sona,sourav,bijoy and asha.. and cries a lot .dev comes to guesthouse and see viky there he ask him to go .viky says he will give him good company… dev nodes yes.he makes dev sit and brings him alcohol .viky makes dev drink heavily and make him unconsious
then he tells him not to be too formal.girls often like boys who is sooo trendy.you must be the way sonakshi did not like u-be trendy ,cassinovo ,flirt with girls ,go in bike .dev says then who will take care of business ?viky thinks this is the time and says i will you dont worry….
dev comes to home having the post from hospital in his hand while coming he fells down iswary come to lift him crying but dev stops her and says he don’t want any help…
while getting up the post falls all see the post saying congrats to dev that he had become as father he keeps it in his heart and says how it will be if it is true?and cries and sona keeps the pregnant test report near her chest and says kow it will be if it is false??

precap:iswary ask viky to console dev for secondmarriage dev hears it secretly and gets angry
bijoy ask sona to abort the child sona gets angry and asha too says her to abort the baby…

stay tuned to read …..

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