iswary reach home and take drunken dev inside the house .GKB once again starts to yell that dev will not drink and does not have such habits but he is like this only because of sona
iswary tell her to stop as she is also angry.viky says that sonakshi got divorce from dev…
everybody gets shock including iswary. radha says that dev is now free to show love towards his mom and nobody could stop him . iswary watches her and cries

here auto stops in front of sonas house and sona did not even notice it and staring at the sky from the window. asha shook her and she cries that i feel if i have been dead…asha closes sona’s mouth and says her not to say like that as she is the only hope for them after sourav’s travel to US and elena’s
departion.they 3 hugs and cries autowala see them and feels sorry for their situation
they get out and asha brings sona in and make her sit in the sofa.asha and bijoy call her to take food but she says no .they insist her to drink milk but she says no and moves to her room and sees photoes of her and elena
their family photo and their marriage photo and sits in the bed and cries thinking about the past lovely funny and sad moments she falls on her bed and cries a lot…
in iswary mansion,dev sits in his bed and sees the empty wall in front of him without any flickering iswary comes and call for food and he says no”she insist and dev in angry shouts on iswary that he is in this state of madness because of her and sona who confuse and put into trouble but making him choose between mom amd wife , how could i?
if u want me to eat just bring my food with poison and i could die than being like this -a waste body without heart and soul ,JUST GET LOST???

iswary cries and goes out and dev falls on his bed and cries …..kuch rang ……plays
iswary go and say to mamaji and he ask her whether he could talk with him?she says no as dev is fuming in anger and try for any idea to calm him down.GKB and viky ask elena to prepare food for them and sends her out and gossips about dev and sona.
they say that sona is gone and dev is now unconcious and starts drinking alcohol so this is our time to do our job and tell viky to plan for the changing the property in his name
viky says that i am ur son and does not want any advice i am all ready with a plan… radha and viky high fies…
dev comes out of the room holding his head saying that he has a sever headache and ask them to give some remedy he comes and sits in the sofa and think about the incident happened in night
and cries iswary comes and says that u are only crying and now sona will be happy and normal without u dev gets up and goes out without eating breakfast and sits inside the car and cries while moving to the office
here sona comes out of her room seeing asha and bijoy sitting on the chair and talking about something seriously. she is soo weak that she immediately falls in the sofa .asha and bijoy catches her and ask her if she is alright she says that SHE IS FEELING TIRED AND HAVE A VOMITTING SENSE
ASHA SAYS THAT IT IS BECAUSE OF CRYING ALL NIGHT…AND TELL HETR TO BE CALM she nodes and sit and watch the photoes of their family

suddenly she runs to bathroom and asha and bijoy follows her they see her vomitting and nurse her smoothly and bring her to her room asha says that tihs may be because of not eating the food and ask her to eat but sona refuses as she is still feeling vomit sense
bijoy fearing something could happen ask asha to call the doctor .asha agrees.
at iswary communications , dev sits in the chair and reminisces about sweet moments from sona and dev’s meeting till the divorce and gets tears . some one knocks the door and he wipes off the tears and excuse him to come in
it was one of his employee with a sweet box he ask him to take sweets dev ask why?whats special?the employee says that he has become father to a girl child.dev congrats him and takes sweets
he moves thanking dev. dev thinks that he like children that too girl child very much. and thinks that if sona and dev were not divorces yesterday they would have went to hospital for treatment today and gets a call from doctor
the doctor ask about sona’s treatment and he lies him that she got pregnant and hangs phone and cries hardly kuch rang….plays

here iswary prays god for the welfare of dev and all creatures in the world and for peace in their life elena comes and says that she feels soo sad for dev and sona’s divorce and says if they were together they woud have went for treatment
iswary hears and cries
GKB tells elena to promise her that she should not have any connection with her family any more orelse she will not allow her to be in their house..elena cries and gets confused
she calls bijoy and says him about this and ask for solution asha plucks the phone and says that elena wants only the bahu’s house and not theirs and she and everybody feels happy if she is happy with her husband
elena and all cries….
elena comes to the living room and promises to GKB that she will not have connection with her family
here in sona’s house doc arrives and bijoy welcomes her .she goes into sonas room and sona was fall asleep

precap:doc says congrats …..and says that sona is….
here dev gets a post from hospital saying congrats for him for becoming as father and thinks that this had come because of his lie that sona became pregnant…and feels sad

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