Hangouttt @kaira @ keesh (Part 1)

Karthik, why don’t we try to pair up Naksh bhai and keerthi di?

What do you mean naira?
Karthik, Bhai is feeling more lonely after tara bhabhi left him and even keerthi should get married and that’s what I thought this to do!

Hm… I don’t think this is a good idea naira! They don’t make a good pair!

Nah! Karthik… they indeed make up a good pair! Do you remember their performance on the day of our sangeet?

Dancing is different from practical life naira! I think you are thinking a lot about your bhai and keerthi! Your brain needs a holiday!

Holiday? And me? Karthik! Don’t you think you are over reacting? Listen Karthik, I’m a girl, I have to think about my maayka and sausural as well and I have to manage them on parallel arcs! And look I’m not overthinking about bhai and keerthi! I said what I thought and Karthik, don’t try to divert the topic asking about the holiday trip okay?

Naira, I’m your husband and I have all the rights on you and I can ask you anything and divert any topic.

What if I say it as well,Karthik.

Don’t argue naira… let’s go for a holiday and get some rejoice.

Karthik, I don’t want to repeat my answer.

You are becoming insane thinking about others.

(Karthik shouts and goes away shutting the door hardly)

Hm….. Got annoyed! If I say yes he will get annoyed and even if I say no as well he will get annoyed and then I should go and wait for the excuse.
Chalo… let me go! I know where he will be!
(Naira goes on to the terrace and see Karthik standing there with a lot of irritation)

Karthik’s face developed as a pure red tomato fusing up and flaming out with toe to tip annoyance filled…

Karthik…… she called out with her skimpy voice…

She gets no reply from her HUSBAND.

Karthik…… she cried out again !

And the same again! No reply….

MENDHAK…… she again called him…

HA….. He shrieked out!

I’m sherni right? Then why are you shrieking? You should just say TAR TAR TARTAR….

(listening this he gave a broad ‘U’ smile)

I hate you Naira!! You ultimately know how to cool me down!! Huh!! So now , we are going to a holiday right??

Okay!! Let’s go!! And Karthik shall I call NAKSH BHAI AND KEERTHI DI as well??

Naira! Don’t expect such things from me… don’t again make my blood run inside the nerves with a high temperature !

Stop your TAR TAR now… tell me where did you plan?

Hmm…..that’s the spirit… I didn’t plan yet!! Suggest me!!!

Let’s go to KANYAKUMAARI Karthik…. The place will be good!!

What?? Kanyakumari?? Naira… what about TIRUMALA, SHIRDI AND SOME OTHER TEMPLE ha?? Please for god sake ha!!

(Naira pouts)

I was just joking Karthik…. To see your reaction I don’t want to go there!!

Then… where else??

I’ll ask and tell you Karthik….

Whom will you ask??

Ah…ah.. i…i..i… I will ask Google and tell you!!

Very funny!! Naira…

Wait let me go and ask!!

(Naira goes down and calls Naksh)

Bhai… I planned for a holiday will you also join us??

Me?? No Naira I’m not interested… you both go and enjoy!!

Bhai! This is a surprise-panning for Karthik… so I need some one to help me right?? Bhai, please!!

Naira, when you will enjoy with your HUSBAND what should I do??

Bhai! Even Keerthi Di is coming!! I’m sure she will give you a best company!! Please Bhai!! Don’t say NO!!

Okay!! Naira… if you insist!!

Great Bhai!! Thanks ah lot!! So tell me where??


Darjeeling! Great Keerthi Di!! Good selection Bhai even selected the same!
(Ends the call….guyzz actually Keerthi stays in her house not in Goenka’s villa)

Hm… both on same words!! Not bad!

(Naira goes to inform Karthik)

Karthik…. They said DARJEELING..

They?? Huh!! Oh…. Google suggestions?? Ohkay

Wow!! Husband very Brilliant!

So… shall I book the tickets?

No Karthik I’ll do it!!

Why?? Why not me??

Accha fine!!you do for us I’ll do for them!!

For them?? Who else??

Them??… actually book the tickets I’ll go and check them I.e google suggestions for packages okay??

Kuchbhi.. okay go!

(Naira checks and finds packages where as Karthik finds something fishy but ignores it)

Karthik… see these couple packages… good one right?

Yes!! Shall I book…

Yes…book two packages fast..(stops realising what she said)

Twi??two couple packages??Naira, tell me what are you planning for ??

Karthik.. then tell me how many will you book??

One package!

Ha?? Only one?? That means you just planned for yourself?? You said holiday..rejoice….refreshment and only you will go?? Now only you will go and enjoy?? No Karthik you are not at all a good husband you are very bad husband you are selfish ?? you are…..

Chup…chup Oy Sherni… stop your TAR TAR like Mendhak

Naira… listen it’s couple package….couple includes one male and one female… if I consider myself as male you are then ultimately a female!! Aokay?? Then we will be couple!! So one package is enough!! Ha!

Oh yea?! I forgot (she gets relieved)

That’s what I said Naira!! Your brain needs some refreshment!! Go and get ready we should start by 6:00 here we have flight at’s 3:00 now quick… go and even I’ll come and yea inform mum a and papa too..

Okay Karthik… I’ll do inform them and get ready..

(Naira goes and informs Swarna and Manish and books one more package and informs the schedule to Naksh and Keerthi as well.)

They get ready and start from goenka’s villa!! Keerthi also starts from her house and Naksh as well!!

Keesh reach the airport and greet each other!!

Later Kaira also reach there and Keerthi waves her hand!! Naira gets delighted and Karthik gets ??? shocked!!

Precap: what will be karthik’s reaction?? Will he continue his journey or go back??

What do you think guys?? What will be next??

Buddies!! I planned only few shots on this and I think we have more three or some four shots!!

Hope you all liked it!!
Thank you!

This is lasya!

❤Stay tuned❤

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