The Handsome Hunk And His Letter Girl (RagLak) Prologue


Hey guys! It’s adhithi here! Okay I’m the writer of Beautiful Nerd one of the slowest going ffs! ??

I know I take centuries but I am helpless. So enough of blabbering. Coming to the main point I am here with a new ff of my Bæs RagLak!

So this is a very different and unique concept. And it’s interesting or not you guus should say! So here I have the characters and story in brief.

Characters :

Ragini Gadodia : She is a bubbly yet sad girl. She is depressed with her life. She hates her life. She is the daughter of a gangster and hates her dad.

Swara Gadodia : She is sister of ragini. She loves only her sister. She is a joyful girl but at times is very depressed.

Shekar Gadodia : He is a gangster and a womaniser. He hates his daughters and abuses them. He is just an animal with a human’s body.

Laksh Maheshwari : son of a well known business man. He is the only heir of Maheshwari group of industries. He is a womaniser and loves playing with girls feelings. Is obsessed with kavya.

Mary George : She is a widow and is a councillor in raglak’s college. She loves ragini and treates her as her own daughter. She supports ragini and is aware of her every secret.

Guys Maheshwari ‘s live in Mumbai and the story takes place in kolkatta. So no one is aware of laksh’s behaviour.

Kavya and laksh’s gang support him in all his sins he committed. Swarag don’t have a mom.

Story in brief :

It’s about a youngster who is unaware of the importance of love and relations. He just uses girls. But one unknown girl changes hin totally. He falls in love with the girl through her letter and makes his goal to marry her and give her all the comforts she deserves. So how he will go through the complications and achieve his goal and understand the meaning of true love is what this story is all about!

So hope you guys like it and will support me like you do always! Well I will try to update soon! ???

Thanks guys! Love you all! Muah! ❤

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      Thanks shana

  2. Siddhi

    Very nice and do read my ff Can love happen? it’s based on raglak

    1. Adhithi

      Hey thanks and sure I will read it when. I’m free!

  3. good

  4. Wow, great start Adhithi. The concept is really interesting and the characters of Ragini and Laksh have been penned nicely. Can’t wait to read more ?

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      Hey thanks

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  6. Nice love ragini

  7. Akshata

    nice intro

  8. Nice plot plz continue dr eagerly wating for first episode

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  10. awesome …!!

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  12. something new

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    Awsm & a new concept plzzzzzz continue

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  15. Wow superb concept… Loved this concept… This is something very interesting dear….

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