The Handsome Hunk And His Letter Girl (RagLak) Chapter 1


The Handsome Hunk And His Letter Girl ( RagLak ) Chapter 1

A beautiful house…. but inside it was very silent…. There were no servants in that big house.

Then a wine bottle rolled and came near the entrance. A drunkard of mid 50’s came out of his room.

It was early in the morning but he a totally drunk! He couldn’t even balance and walk properly! He was walking slowly and he fell down on the sofa.

Then his face was revealed and it was shekar!!

Shekar : ragini! You useless pig!! Kaha ho!!

The scene shifted to an elegant room of the same house. But inside a gil sat in the corner and was weeping holding her stomach so that she won’t make any noise.

When she heard her dad scream like a pig she stood up and closed the door and sat there weeping closing her mouth with her hands. And she was ragini!!

Flashback starts…

The before night… The before night. Ragini was in her room studying. Then she heard shekar come in shouting and blabbering.

He saw ragini. Ragini went near him and took away the wine bottle. He was angered by her action.

He took her books and started tearing them. She threw the bottle and went near him and tried to stop him by pushing him but he over powered her and pushed her. As a result she fell down and hit her head to the table.

Tears were flowing down. She wanted to cry her heart out. Then that dog her dad came near her and held her by her hair and pulled her up.

He slapped her and abused her. He pushed her into a room and locked it.

She closed her mouth and was weeping. Then she heard some noise.

It was the doorbell sound. Shekar opened the door and a cheap lady of his age came in.

He pulled her close and went inside his room and locked the door. Whereas ragini knew what was going on and she cried rememberin her mom.

Flashback ends…..

It was clear the the whole night she was crying. Then shekar slept there.

Then ragini checked the time and wiped her tears. She ran into the washroom and got ready for her college.

She was looking fab in her blue suit but still her face was dull and expressionless.

She took her books and left for the college. She didn’t have any disturbance as shekar was sleeping.

The scene shifts to a hotel.

A girl was lying on the bed and she was wrapped in the bed sheet.

And on the other side a guy was driving his car and was heading towards the college. He was looking very happy!

In the room the girl got up and saw her condition. She looked for someone and she didn’t find any. She realised that she was been betrayed!!

She started weeping. Weeping soo badly..

And the guy imagined the situation and smirked! He was laksh!

Flashback starts…..

Lucky was having fun drinking last night. A girl entered the same pub. She was impressed by him so was he!

He slowly talked with her and offered drink which had drugs mixed in it. She drank it.

Then they left for the hotel and laksh was having that famous smirk of his plastered.

And the next morning after have all the pleasure he got up and saw her.

Laksh : tch tch…. I am helpless darling!

Saying this he smirked and left from there leaving her alone…..

Flashback ends……

The scene freezes on laksh smirking and ragini running to catch the bus for college……

Precap : raglak meeting. Ragini’s biggest truths to be revealed!

So here I am with the first chapter! Hope you peeps like it! Tell me should I continue or no! I know it’s very small but I have my science exam so couldn’t write much! Hope you guys like it! Thanks! And can you guys just tell me do you want Beautiful Nerd Chapter 10 or handsome hunk and his letter girl chapter 2. Because tomorrow I may get some time so yea I will try to update!

Love you all! Muah!❤

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  3. Great update. Loved the introduction of Ragini and Laksh. Although Laksh is a bit of a bad boy currently, it will be interesting to see how love changes him. And aww poor Ragini, the pain and suffering she has to go through is heartbreaking. Can’t wait for the next part.
    P.S: do update this story first, it will be nice to read more of this. But whatever story is easier for you is fine. I don’t mind reading any story of yours ?

    1. Adhithi

      Hey thanks alot

  4. awesome..!!

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    It’s awsm plzz try to post nxt part ASAP

  6. Superb and waiting for precap

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