My handsome boss or a crazy follower-A swasan OS

They both sat near the river bank enjoying the cool breeze with Swara’s head on his shoulder and his arm around her shoulder. She was playing with his fingers and enjoying nature.

Sanskar: Did you know about it?

Swara:(confused) About what?

Sanskar: That I was the guy who followed you??

Swara: ( looking into his eyes and Smiling) No, Not until I heard your footsteps when you came today.

Sanskar just nodded and they again started looking at the flowing water.

Sanskar: But why did you say me Idiot??

Swara with a pout removes her head from his shoulder and says: Because you came to my house with a marriage proposal, I got engaged to you, I confessed what I feel for you and not only this I even proposed you but you still didn’t confess your feelings to me.

Sanskar smiles looking at her pout and placing her head on his shoulder again kisses her forehead and confesses: I love you Swara. From the time you joined the office I liked you and slowly I started loving you. Rather I used to give you extra work to see you and also followed you to make sure you reached safely.

Swara: But why you never confessed and leave that whenever I came to your office you kept your eyes glued to the file as if I was never there.

Sanskar: Well because I didn’t want you to know about my feelings. Accha waise Swara why didn’t you ever stop me to follow you. It isn’t safe if it would have been someone else and he would have tried to misbehave with you then??

Swara: No worries, afterall I’m a karate kid and winks at him.

He smiles and they again look towards river. Suddenly Sanskar shouts: Swara look there is a cockroach on your shoulder.

Swara:( Frightened) What

She gets up immediately and tries to jerk it off screaming:aah…aah. But soon realises that there was nothing and Sanskar was playing a prank with her. She looked at him angrily while he smirks and says: What happened Karate kid?? And winks at her.

Swara:(angrily) You and she starts beating him while he keeps running and she chases. Finally they stop and break into laughter. He admires her laughing. She soon realises his gaze and looks down shyingly. He keeps on looking at her and all of a sudden holding her waist he pulls her towards him. Before she could react anything he puts his lips onto hers expressing all the love, longing and admiration that he had for her. For Swara everything happened in a blink of moment so it took her a few seconds to compose and finally she too kisses him back. Soon both parted due to lack of air and she shyingly puts her head on his shoulder and hugs him.

Swara:( still hugging him) By the way Sanskar whom I gonna marry my handsome boss or my crazy follower??

Sanskar: (tightening the hug) Both because I love you and you are my life.

Swara:(smiling) Love you too Sanky.

And from here starts the new journey of their love.


Hey guys its my first ever OS. Don’t know how it is but would be glad to know it from you. So plz drop your valueable comments in the comment box below. All sorts of comments are invited.



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  1. Pooja26

    short & sweet 😉

    happy diwali 😉 😉

    1. Thank you and same to you

    2. But it isn’t complete and I’ll try to post again.

  2. Simin

    Simple and sweet

    1. Thank you but it isn’t complete I’ll try to post full again.

  3. it was amazing u could have written long
    pls write more but next time make it long pls
    a very happy diwali to u too

    1. Thank you but it’s isn’t complete one I’ll post again.

  4. awesome…!!loved it…!!

    1. Thank you

    1. Sorry guyz but it isn’t complete one I’ll try to post whole soon.

    2. THANK You

  5. Rabia

    Nice ??

    1. THANK You

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  7. Manasvi

    It was nice dear??

  8. mou(swasan lover)


  9. Arshaanya

    Sweet n simple…
    Loved it

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  11. Rabia0032

    It was awesome but you could Show us some flashback scene na…but It was nice…

  12. Sanswa

    Was graceful dear…

  13. Mariyajap

    Nice one

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  15. Deeksha

    Nice dear….

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  17. Mica

    aawwww,,, shoorrtt, but i know there is next episode waiting…awesome Mia*run to next one

    1. Thank you dear. I have already posted full one. I hope you would like it.

  18. Loved it to the core

    1. Thanks dear but it isn’t complete. I have already posted the complete one. Hope you’ll like it and HAPPY DIWALi.

  19. Sanjanaagrawal

    Short and sweet …. and same to u …

    1. Thanks dear but it’s isn’t complete. I have already posted complee one. Hope you’ll like it.

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