I rubbed my eyes vigorously as i sat up on my bed admiring the beautiful scene. The rising sun. It’s such a beautiful day. I can hear the birds chirping outside. They’re enjoying their time with each other.

“Bhai, are you still sleeping?” I heard my sweet sister as she carefully peeped inside to check if i was still asleep. She walked in when she saw me awake.

“Good morning bhai” my sister chirped.

“Good morning sweetie.” I greeted back.

“Are you free today?” She asked as i noticed her crossing her fingers behind her back.

“Yes” i replied while she jumped up with  excitement.

“Yay! Now we can play all day!” She beamed while continuing to jump up and down on my bed.

“Yes. You both can play all day but before that, I’ve something for you Laksh! Look at these pictures and tell me which one do you like?” Ma ordered handing me some pictures.

I looked at the bundle in my hands and sighed.

“Maa, i told you that I’m not interested in marrying anyone who loves my money and not me.” I complained.

“But beta, you’ve to get married some day… Look at you.. You’re twenty seven dear and once you cross thirty, we will have difficulties in finding a bride for you” Ma explained.

“So who asked you to find a bride for me. I’m good alone. And moreover, i don’t want any girl to marry me because of my money or simply out of sympathy.” I retorted.

“But..” Ma tried to cut me.

“End of discussions ma” i said as Uttara helped me sit on my wheelchair..

Ma left the room while muttering something under her breath.

So hey, did i introduce myself? I’m Laksh Maheshwari, a twenty seven year old handicapped bachelor. I’m neither some one who falls for every girl nor someone every girl falls for. But still, everyday, my ma gets new proposals for my marriage by different people. How? Money! Money can buy everything you know!

Money money money! Every human is so much addicted to this money. Parents are ready to hand over their daughters to anyone because of money. I mean come on, who is more important for you? Your daughter or your money? They say that if their daughter marries someone who is rich, she’ll have all the luxuries of her life… But guys, have you ever heard of something called feelings? That money can’t generate? Of course money can’t buy feelings.

Uttara slowly started pushing my wheelchair towards the bathroom and left me inside near the shower, she brought my clothes and left them on the platform…

“Thank you sweetie” i said as she smiled

“Anything for my sweet brother” she replied as she went out.

I got ready in about half an hour and then moved towards the dining hall.

Our house is a huge two storey palace with only four people living in it. Me, my sister, my mom and my dad. We have about twenty five rooms in our house and mine is on the ground floor because i can’t walk. I reached the dining table and met dad.

“Good morning dad” i said.

“Good morning my brave boy” he replied with a warm smile.

We chatted for sometime while having our breakfast. As soon as i finished eating my breakfast, Uttara started jumping.

“Now we can play” she chirped.

“Okay okay, take him with you. Stop jumping monkey” my dad teased.

“I’m not a monkey” Uttara cried as dad chuckled.

“You are” he chirped.

My dad is the coolest dad on earth.

Before anyone could say anything, Uttara pulled my wheelchair. As usual, she took me to the Avon Garden.

“Hello Uttu!” I heard a girl of her age chirp.

“Hi” Uttara replied.

“Come and play with us” Another boy suggested.

“No, i want to play with my big brother” she retorted clutching my shoulders.

“Pleasssssse” they pleaded as Uttara shook her head.

My sweet sister. No human believes that my sister is twenty years younger to me. God knows how did that happen!

“Uttara, go and play with them, you know that i can’t play right?” I asked as she simply nodded and followed her friends with a sad face. I saw the little kiddies playing with Frisbee. I remember, last year, when i had come here, i used to play with these children. I miss all that, but now, i can’t walk, and so, i can’t even play.

I saw a ball coming towards me. I tried moving my wheelchair but it didn’t move when suddenly, somebody, pulled my wheelchair with a huge force.

“Are you okay?” I heard a girl’s voice as she came in front of me to check if i was alright.

“Yes, thank you so much” i replied softly.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she screamed.

“What happened? Why did you scream?” I asked worriedly.

“You are Laksh Maheshwari right? The great great great great great great Laksh  Maheshwari!!!” She chirped.

We have another Gold digger here.

“Yes” i muttered without any interest.

“Please please please, can i get your autograph?” She cried.

“What? Autograph? Why?” I asked in confusion. People take autographs of the rich too?

“Aren’t you the brave soldier Laksh Maheshwari who got his legs paralyzed while fighting the last war against Pakistan?” She asked.

I nodded.

“Oh my gawwwdd! I can’t believe my eyes!! Wait!”she Jumped and went somewhere and came running back with a bag.

She removed a book. It had my picture. It was my autobiography.

“Please sign here” she cried handing me a pen. Her hands was literally shaking as she handed me the pen.

I took the book and quickly signed it.

“Thank you so much!” She chirped.

I smiled. I was wrong. She’s not a gold digger. She’s a pure crazy soul.

Uttara came running to me.

“What is happening here bhai? Who is she?” She asked as the girl turned towards Uttara.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” Uttara screamed.

“What happened to you?” I asked worriedly.

“She’s the one. Ragini Gadodiaaaaa! She teaches small under privileged  children for free. She was given an award last year.” Uttara informed.

“Oh” i managed to say.

“But how do you know me?” She asked Uttara.

“Huh? I saw you on TV. You’re a  celebrity” Uttara cried.

“What? No.” The girl cried.

But don’t people like publicity?

“But i heard that you live in Gujarat.” Uttara said confusingly.

“Yes, but I’m here to complete my studies” Ragini replied.

“Don’t you miss your parents?” Uttara asked and Ragini looked a little disturbed by her question.

“What happened? Is everything okay?” I asked her.

“My parents died last month in a bomb blast” she replied.

“What?” Uttara asked in horror.

“Sorry, she didn’t mean to hurt you” i said as i saw a drop of tear in her eyes.

“No I’m fine. Just that i really miss them a lot” she said while wiping her tears.

“Ragini didi, can we be friends?” Uttara asked innocently.

“Of course” she chirped.

We both exchanged our numbers thanks to Uttara who literally pleaded me to do so and because i love my little sister so much, i couldn’t deny.

Days passed and i and Ragini often met at the park after i completed my work in my dad’s office.

“Bhai” i heard Uttara.

“Yes sweetie” i answered back.

“Mumma and Papa are going to London for some business project.” She informed.

“I know that baby girl” i replied as i slowly pulled the my Tiny sister in my arms.

“But they are taking me with them” she complained.

“So go, London is a beautiful place. You’ll enjoy there” i told her.

“But if i go, who will take care if you?” She asked worriedly.

“Babu, don’t worry, you go and enjoy there, I’ll take care of myself” i assured.

“How will you cook?” She asked.

“I can order food” i replied.

“But who will help you sit on your wheelchair in the morning? And how will you sleep at night?” She asked

“Hmm… Don’t worry, I’ll do something. I’ll call my best friend Sanskar here, he’ll help me” i answered.

“Oh my bhulakkad bhaiya, Sanskar Bhaiya and Swara didi are in Brazil for there Honeymo…” She replied.

“Understood! I understood darling, I’ll call someone else then” i said stopping her in the middle of her sentence.

“You forgot again! Your friends are in Manali. You remember?” She said hitting lightly at the back of my head.

“Oh yes! How can i forget that” i replied.

“I’ve an idea” Uttara chirped.

“What idea?” I asked nonchalantly.

“Ragini didi!” She chirped.

“What? No!” I said immediately.

“Why not? She’s so nice, I should ask Mumma about it” she chirped and ran out.

I tried moving out but i was too slow to stop my little kiddo.

“Mumma, if you’ll take me, then how will Bhai stay here alone? So can i call Ragini didi to help him?” She asked excitedly.

She’s asking mom if a girl can help me. Of course, she’ll agree readily.

“Yes of course, by the way, who’s this Ragini didi?” Ma asked eyeing me suspiciously.

“She’s my friend” Uttara replied.

“Your friend? How will a little girl help my child? Not everyone can be like you. Right?” Ma asked.

Uttara went ahead and told everything that happened that day as ma smiled.

“Call her Uttara!” She chirped.
Hours later, Ragini was at my house, for the first time. She looked at the huge place with wide eyes.

“Welcome beta, thank you for coming here” ma chirped as she slowly hugged Ragini who was left shocked due to her excitement.

“Poor Ragini!” I heard my dad mumble under his breath as ma made her sit on the sofa and explained everything, i repeat ‘everything’ to her while she nodded.

I chuckled hearing dad.

He’s right. Now ma will treat her like a princess and care so much for her till the time she gets annoyed and runs away.

“And you can stay in Uttara’s room” ma added as she finished giving a list of instructions to Ragini.

“Thank you aunty!” Ragini said softly as ma nodded.

“I think we should leave” dad said before ma could say anything else.

Ma glared dad before nodding and then they left the house. Ragini took me to the gate where we saw them stuffing the luggage inside the car and then they left our house. Uttara kept waving at me till the time they disappeared.

I smiled a bit. My little seven year old sister is so cute.

Ragini took me back to my room and helped me sit on my bed.

“Mr Laksh, do you need something?” She asked.

“Well yes, can you just get that bag to me? Uh, actually, i need my laptop ” i replied hesitantly.

All these days, Uttara used to help me with everything or either of mom or dad would help me when Uttara was in school, but today, for the first time, a new girl is helping me, and it’s quite strange.

“Okay!” She chirped as she ran to the study table and brought my laptop bag. I quickly removed my laptop and started working.

She kept staring at me for some time before going and fetching her bag. She removed a few books and a few project papers and started writing something.

I stared at her for some time, After meeting her for about fifteen times earlier, I’m observing her physical features for the first time. She had long curly brown hairs. She had chubby cheeks that made her look ever cuter. Her back was facing me because she was sitting on my study table.

She was tall and had a very fair complexion compared to mine. She had a tiny waist. She wore a red full sleeves long gown with some purple designs and it looked on her. In other words, in today’s language, she’s hot. Of course, i never use such words for anyone, but i can’t deny that she beautiful and anyone can fall for her.

I decided to concentrate on my work to stop myself from over thinking about her.

I removed a file that had some important catalogs to make my presentation but my file slipped from my hands and fell down on floor.

I looked at Ragini. How should i call her? I decided to try picking up the file in my own.

As i was trying, my hand hit the Lamp on the side table and it fell down disturbing Ragini. She turned back and ran up to me. She made me sit properly and picked up the file and handed it to me. She placed the lamp back in the side table.

“Mr Laksh, why didn’t you call me? Huh? Why am i here for?” She asked softly.

I smiled.

“I’m sorry, but i didn’t want to disturb you” i said with a warm smile.

“It’s okay, now, what do you want to eat? It’s almost one” she said looking at her watch.

“Uh it’s fine,i can order food” i said.

“No. I know you don’t want to take my help, but i cook for myself everyday, so i can cook for you too” she said stubbornly.

“Okay, so go and cook anything you like” i said…

She blinked her eyes at me.

“Okay” she said softly and left the room.

Seconds later, she was back in my room.

“What happened?” I asked her.

“I’ll take you with me. What if you try to help yourself on your own again and fall down from the bed?” She said and helped me sit on my wheelchair.

I tried stopping her but she didn’t listen and soon i was in there kitchen observing her while she cooked Rajasthani Kadhi and rice. I kept staring at her as she brought the ingredients and cooked for the two of us.

“Mr Laksh, do you like eating this?” She asked.

I nodded.

“You know, my ma used to make this when i stayed with her. And i loved it.” She said and i smiled.

“You miss your ma right?” I asked.

“Yes i do. I miss her a lot.” She replied.

She said and took me to the dining hall where she arranged the plates and served food for us. We sat in front of each other.

The food she cooked was delicious.

“Mr Laksh, you don’t feel bad about your legs?” She asked me out of nowhere.

“Sometimes i do feel bad, because i had to leave my army because of this, but i know that my family is with me, so it doesn’t matter.” I replied without looking at her.

“Why don’t you get your legs operated? I mean, you do have legs, they’re just kinda paralyzed. And you are quite rich, you can get yourself cured” she said.

I smiled.

“I know, but it’s like, anyways, the army won’t take me back so what’s the use?” I asked.

She kept quite and after we finished, she took me to my room, brought my clothes and went out. I quickly changed into my night dress. She came back with a glass of milk.

Oh mom!

“Here’s your milk” she said placing the tray on The side table.

“Do you need something more?” She asked as i shook my head.

She sat quietly on my chair as i finished drinking my milk.

“Why are you waiting here” i asked confusingly. I was sitting on my bed, i had done everything, and she had already cleared up my bed, so why was she still here?

“I won’t leave till the time you decide to sleep.” She said.

“Why?” I asked.

” because, you don’t want to take any help from me and you’ll do  silly things to help yourselves and get hurt, i know you’re a soldier and you can do everything and small injuries won’t effect you, but I’m here to take care of you and I’ll do that no matter what!” She yelled while inflating her cheeks.

I chuckled. She’s one hell of crazy and cute.

“Cool down girl! I’m sleeping” i said and laid myself down. She walked up to me and covered me with the comforter.

“Good night Mr Laksh” she said softly.

“Good night Ms Ragini” i replied and pretended to close my eyes. She smiled before leaving my room.

I opened my eyes. She’s such a sweetheart.

**Next Morning**

“Mr Laksh, are you up?” I heard Ragini’s voice as i could hear the sound of her heels as she climbed down the stairs.

I got up quickly.

“Yeah, I’m up” i yelled back.

“Oh? Okay! ” she said as she took my hand in hers and made me sit on the wheelchair.

The water dripping down her hairs  fell on my hands as she helped me sit down.

“Thank you so much” i thanked

“It’s alright.” She said and pushed my wheelchair to the washroom. She brought my clothes for me.

“Call me when you’re done” she said and left the bathroom closing the door for me. I took my bath and then changed into a red T-shirt and blue shorts.

I managed to go to the breakfast table on my own.

“Why did you come here? How many times should i tell you that I’m here for you. And you should let me do my work” i heard Ragini yelling from behind me.

“Okay, I’m sorry” i mumbled lowly.

“Hey listen, my friends are throwing a party just for fun, so will you join us? Please?” She asked making a puppy dog face.

“But what will i do there? You’ll have your friends, I’ll be left alone” i replied.

“No. I’ll be there with you. Please?” She pleaded.

After seeing millions of her cute and adorable puppy dog faces, i finally agreed to go with her.

Nearly at six thirty, she drove both of us to a small farmhouse on the outskirts of the city. She helped me get back on my wheelchair and took me inside.

The people inside, maybe her friends, looked at me in shock.

“Heya Ragini! How are you?” A girl of nearly her age asked her.

“I’m fine Kavya” she replied.

“Who’s he?” Kavya asked.

“You don’t know him? He’s Laksh Maheshwari” Ragini introduced me.

“You mean to say Durga Prasad Maheshwari’s son and the successor of Maheshwari industries? Wow!” A boy said.

“No. For me, he’s my friend” Ragini replied.

I smiled at her answer. Finally someone likes me because I’m a human and not because I’m rich.

“Okay” the boy replied with a small smirk.

“But why did you bring him here? He’s handicapped” another girl said.

“So?” Ragini snapped.

“Uh? Nothing” the girl replied.

I could hear people mumbling and making stupid remarks on me which i ignored because I’m kinda used to them now.

“But Ragini, don’t you think you’re a way more prettier to roam around with a handicapped person?” The first boy asked lowly so that only Ragini could hear, but even i did.

“Shut up Raghav! He lost his legs while fighting for us. For our safety. Do you even realize that his legs have more worth than yours? He is a brave honored soldier. So what if he can’t walk? He’s not useless like you. You can’t do anything on your own and you keep commenting on others who work and serve the nation. Shut up or I’ll break your legs and stuff them inside your freaking mouth” Ragini yelled.

I stared at her as Raghav gritted his teeth.

“And more like, i and he are friends and you’re no one to tell me whom should i hang around with.” She added.

With that, she started taking me back.

“Ms Ragini?” I said softly questioning her about what she was doing.

“No Mr Laksh. Not now. I can’t tolerate people who comment on others when they are themselves useless.” She replied sternly and made me sit next to her inside the car.

She kept my wheelchair at the back and sat on the driver’s seat.

“Ms Ragini?” I asked.

“Hmm” she hummed as she started the engine.

“Thank you” i said softly.

“Thank you for what?” She asked in confusion.

“You met me only about  a month ago and you are leaving your older friends here because of me. Thank you for not judging me because of my inabilities.” I said.

“Shut up! I’m your friend. And friends don’t judge each other. They judge other people together” she replied cheekily while dropping a wink at me.

I chuckled. That was it. I realized I had totally fallen for her. I Never saw anybody so pure at heart. Of course she’s too beautiful to stay with a person like me and I’m too pathetic for a princess like her, but heart doesn’t have a mind. It doesn’t understand all this.

We reached home after a long drive and she took me back to my room.

“So, tell me. What do you want to eat Mr Laksh?” She asked.

“Umm….. Anything you make” i replied.

She chuckled and made food for the two of us. After finishing our dinner, she brought me to my room, brought my clothes, brought me milk after i changed and then waited till i finished my milk and went to sleep.

“Ms Ragini! I stopped her as she was taking the tray back to the kitchen

“Hmm” she hummed as She turned around to face me.

” err…. How about watching a movie?” I suggested.

“Wow! Nice idea. Wait. I’ll be back soon” she chirped flashing her million dollar smile. She ran to the kitchen she came back in a while after she finished doing the dishes.

“Okay! Let’s watch a movie now” she chirped.

I just didn’t want her to leave my room. I wanted her to stay here with me. Even if i have to stay awake all night for that.

” um… Which movie?” I asked.

“I don’t know… Umm…. since we have the entire night, let’s watch one romantic, one horror and one comedy movie” she suggested.

“Okay, so which one’s first?” I asked.

“Comedy of course” she chirped.

I asked her to bring me my laptop where i downloaded the movie ‘the modern times’ starring Charlie Chaplin. Who could be a better comedian?

As the movie played, there was not even a single second when we didn’t laugh. Of course. Charlie Chaplin was hilarious. My stomach ached badly by the effect this silent movie had on me.

Next we watched the ‘Conjuring2’ and we enjoyed it a lot. Unlike typical cliché movies, where the two people watching the horror movie keep clinging to reach other, here, we both were completely enjoying the movie while i kept stealing glances of her in between.

As the movie was coming to an end, I felt some weight on my shoulder. Ragini was already asleep. I chuckled at her state. Her mouth was open and her hair kept disturbing her sleep.

I placed the laptop on the side table and tried to lay her down. But as i was doing that, Ragini hugged me and started mumbling something. I tried getting what she was saying.

“Don’t…..Sweetheart…….Teddy……Die…… Tomorrow…… Project…… Good night”

I couldn’t understand a word. Lol.

I laid her down carefully and laid next to her. She was beautiful, She was innocent, She was cute, And even childish. But above all, she had a pure heart.

I kept staring at her for some time before sleep took over me.

The next morning, i woke up as she loosened her grip on me.

“I’m sorry” she said as she sat up with a jerk.

“It’s okay. It’s only six now. You can sleep more” i said.

” no it’s fine” she said looking in all directions but mine.

“Ms Ragini, you’re here to take care of me. So you need to listen to me. Every human needs at least six hours of sleep. So Sleep!” i ordered.

“I’ll go and sleep in my room” she said as she tried to get up. I wanted to stop her, but i couldn’t because i didn’t want things to turn awkward in between us.

“Ms Ragini.” I called out for her.

“Yes” she said as she turned around.

“Can you get me my laptop bag please? I need some catalogs” i said.

“Why?” She asked.

Weird question.

“Uh! Because i need to complete my presentation.” I replied.

“I remember somebody who told me that every human needs a minimum of six hours of sleep. Why? You aren’t a human? Oh My Freaking Gawd! I’m taking care of a tyrannosaurus!!!!!” She yelled sarcastically.

I chuckled.

“Okay! I’m going to sleep. Happy?” I asked.

“Good.” She replied as she laid down on my couch.

“What? You aren’t going back?” I asked in confusion.

“I don’t trust you Mr Laksh! Who knows if you’ll try to get up and take the bag in your own” she replied and closed her eyes.

I smiled and laid back quietly and closed my eyes. I’m falling badly in love. I never knew it had so many effects.

I woke up again at the sound of the dishes.

“Ms Ragini?” I yelled to inform her that I’m up.

“Coming” she replied and within seconds, she was in my room.

“You go and get ready fast” she said as she helped me get on my wheelchair and left me in the bathroom. I came out wearing the clothes she left for me.

“I’m done” i shouted.

She came running to my room.

“Here, take this” she ordered as she handed me a glass of hot milk.

I quickly drank it because it’s no use denying. She’s just another version of Annapurna Durga Prasad Maheshwari, and it’s really hard to say a ‘no’ to her.

“Good boy!” She chirped as she took the empty glass from my hand.

“In not a boy” i replied.

“Oh! Sorry! Good girl” she chirped.

“Ms Ragini!!!!!!” I yelled as she ran away sticking out her tongue at me. I chuckled.

Days passed quickly and we both were much more comfortable with each other now. I had helped her in finishing her project that she submitted two days back, and so she was quite free now.

We both were sitting on my bed. I was busy in my laptop as usual while she was reading some romantic fiction novel.

“Mr Laksh, which is your favorite love story?” She asked out if nowhere.

“Umm……” I mumbled. I couldn’t remember any at that moment.

“I mean Romeo Juliet, Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Lancelot and Guinevere, Tristan and Isolde,Paris and Helena etcetera etcetera..” She said.

Basically, it would be mine and yours, but since I’m never gonna tell you that, i need to think of some other story.

“Umm… I think Shrek and Fiona” i replied.

“Wow!” She chirped

“By the way, I’m going to cook dinner. You better don’t try to get up… Or wait! Come and Help me!” She said as she made me sit in my wheel chair and took me to the dinning room. She brought the chopping board, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and two knives.

“Take this and help me in cutting the vegetables” she ordered.

I chucked again! I will be chopping something after four years. And I’ll be helping someone cook for the first time after my legs got paralyzed. This girl doesn’t treat me like others. She’s different. In a good way of course.

Anyways, we started chopping. She made some Mexican dish i can’t recall it’s name.

After the daily stuffs, she went to her room after tucking me in bed. She acts like mom some times!

I am badly in love with her. But i won’t tell this to her no matter what. Of course she’s a very beautiful soul but maybe when she knows about my feelings she’ll hate me. Because how can a  beautiful girl who is not a gold digger marry a handicapped rich boy? Of course she won’t.

I slept while thinking.

**Next Morning**

“Mr Laksh?” I heard Ragini whisper.

I opened my eyes.

“Actually, your mom called. She’s coming back today.

“What? But they are coming after a month right?” I almost yelled as i sat up straight.

“I know, but she’s worried about you. So she and Uttara are coming back” Ragini replied.

Somehow, her regular glowing face was not visible. She looked sad.

“Hmm.. good then! You can go home then” i said with a small smile.

She flashed a fake smile before leaving the room. She didn’t even help me in sitting on my wheelchair.

Some where, in my heart, someone told me that she was sad because she was going to leave me. But i didn’t believe it. I didn’t want any false hopes to develop inside me.

Mom and Uttara were back by afternoon. Mom insisted Ragini to have lunch with us.

I and Uttara were sitting on the table, while Ragini and Uttara served food for us.

We all started having our food. And I’m already missing Ragini’s food. I looked at Ragini and then at mom. She did catch me looking at Ragini and smirked.

“Umm… Ragini beta!” Mom said.

“Hmm” Ragini hummed as usual.

“Are you single?” Mom asked as i choked on the food i was eating. I knew this was coming.

“Err… Yes!!!” Ragini replied hesitantly while biting her lips.

“So beta, actually my sister wants to meet you….  She wants you to meet her son Prateek… I mean only of you’re fine with it” ma said.

“Wow! Prateek bhai will marry Ragini didi?” Uttara asked excitedly but was ignored.


“Aunty actually…..” Ragini started to say When mom cut her off in the middle.

“Beta, it’s no harm in meeting him. I mean the final decision will always be yours only.” She said.

“Ooohhh!!! Okay” Ragini replied hesitantly.

The very next day, all four of us were sitting in my Maasi’s house.

Why am i here? Oh yes, mom of course. She wanted me to come with Ragini so that she felt good.

After some typical mommy-maasi ‘bla-bla’ session, and some Prateek stealing glances of Ragini session and me burning with jealousy session, mom finally asked Prateek to take Ragini with him so that they could talk to each other…. ALONE!

After a lot of time, the two came out of his BEDROOM and sat in front of us.

Maasi gesture something to Prateek before he nodded slowly with a smirk.

“So, beta, umm…. ” maasi started.

“I’m ready for this marriage aunty” Ragini said softly looking down. She wasn’t even happy.

“But Ragini… Are you sure?” I asked. I’m going against my favorite brother too..

“Yes. I’m one hundred percent sure and I’m happy too” she replied with a fake enthusiastic smile.

I knew it was fake.

Being my mom’s sister, my maasi wanted everything to be done quickly so their engagement date was fixed and every freaking ritual would get completed in the coming week. The engagement would be done in two days. Their marriage date was set in the next month’s second week.

I really didn’t want to be a part of their engagement, but since my sister insisted, i couldn’t deny her. Ragini and Prateek exchanged rings in front of my eyes and i couldn’t even cry, because soldiers don’t cry. Prateek looked happy but Ragini didn’t. Every time the photographer came to click their picture, she put on a fake smile.

Days passed and Ragini and Prateek
did every single ritual together. Haldi, Mehendi,Sangeet, everything!

Their marriage was just in a week’s time now. Dad had already come back from London and was shocked to hell to know that mom just let Ragini go from her hands and marry Prateek. Who wouldn’t be shocked? She was the one who wanted me to get married so badly, right?

Today, Ragini was again at our house. Not because she really wanted to be here, but because mom had asked her to stay with us.

“Aunty, can we go to the beach today? I just want some relaxation” Ragini said.

The fact is that i really didn’t want to accompany her. I can’t be ogling over my soon to be ‘bhabhi’ obviously. Buy again, who would just argue with mom.

In this one month’s time, Ragini forgot to smile. She wasn’t the chirping girl i knew anymore.

Uttara didn’t come with us because she was busy selecting new clothes for the marriage.

We both, were sitting on the beach sand. Facing the water. It was almost nine in the night so no one was present there. Just we two. And that was more awkward.

“Ragini! I wanted to ask you something” I said finally after a long silence.

“Ask” she replied simply.

“Are you really happy with this marriage?” I asked and she nodded.

I frowned a bit.

“Then why don’t you smile the way you used to do earlier?” I asked.

She looked intensely at me and before i knew, I was pushed on the sand with her on top of me, hugging me.

“Because i love you Laksh. I don’t want to marry Prateek….. He told me that his mother is about to die and seeing us getting married is her last wish. Buy i don’t love him. I love you…. I don’t want him to lose his mother because of me…. Please Laksh… I love you and only you” she cried. I felt her tears on my back.

I slowly hugged her back.

“I know you think me as your friend but i never considered you as a friend. I loved you ever since i came to know about you. But the day i met you, i was totally yours. I didn’t tell you this before because I thought it would ruin our friendship but now, i can’t take it anymore. Please save me from this marriage. I can never be happy with Prateek” she continued.

I slowly rubbed her back.

“I love you too Ragini” i whisperer as she broke the hug and looked into my eyes. Forgetting that she was my soon to be sister in law,  we started leaning in. We kissed unknowingly. But it was intense.

Our moment was disturbed by the clapping sound coming from behind us. We quickly straightened ourselves.

“Hash! Finally! I really thought that i would have to marry her” Prateek cried dramatically.

“Shut up! You’ll be marrying only me okay?” A unfamiliar girl yelped at him as he chuckled. She must be his girlfriend.

“Stop giving that look. This was all a plan. Because we knew you both love each other Uttara told us that she saw you both stealing glances of each other every time you met” mom chirped.

Wait whaaaaaaaaattttt???

“Don’t worry. You both are getting engaged today” maasi teased.

I noticed Uttara still jumping and clapping like a monkey at the back. My sister is amazing!

Ragini was looking down on the sand of course because we kissed and everyone saw us. She got up and came to help me sit on my wheelchair.

“It’s okay bhabhi, we can do that for now. You have the entire life to help him out with DIFFERENT things” Prateek chirped making her blush.

We both looked at each other and smiled. Who said that physically disabled people are unlucky. I think that’s what made me lucky enough to have her and to call her mine! She’s mine!

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