Hamsafar Kanchi OS part 3 by moonlight #last shot

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Recap: Sanchi fell from the stairs…kabir took care of her…..Sanchi started having feelings for Kabir ..so Sanchi called Sid to end their relationship…….

Let’s continue…
Sanchi thought that today she will tell Kabir  everything of Sid  and confess her love then its his decision to let her stay and start a fresh life or her throw her out which she deserves….

At night she decoarted her bedroom so well…
At that time bell rang Kabir  came with pale face behind him it was Sid …
She got a shock of her life….
Sanchi  : kabir …
Kabir  : Sanchi  this bloddy bastard is saying that you are having an affair with him after marraige too is it true… Sanchi  i know its all false just say me once i will kill him here only….
Sanchi  with teary eyes
Sanchi  : its all true….
Kabir  was standing as if someone had killed him…or his existence….
Sanchi  : kabirbut i was going to say you all this but he said…
Sid : Sanchi  what is the need of hiding now tell him you love me…
Sanchi :  just shut up and get out or else  i will call the police…..
Sid smirked while Sanchi  threw him out….
Sid  : you are  leaving me and going to your kabie na now see how your Kabir  treats you when he got to know about the truth….
Sanchi slammed the door on his face….
Sanchi  goes to kabir  who was standing like a lifeless body….
Sanchi  : kabir
She shakes him and cries
Sanchi : kabir  please dont listen to him please listen to me yes i loved him and i was going to run away because my parents didn’t let me marry him and made me marry you i was frustrated Kabir  and  i didn’t see your love but now my eyes have opened I have  seen his true colours he only wants  your money Kabir  please listen to me Kabir I  love you yes i love you your nature made me change my thinking i love you only you….
Kabir  : its all lie…
He grabs her shoulders tightly….
Kabir : i thought you are behaving rude coz you miss your parents coz you were finding hard to adjust…. when i was showing my love my friendship to you you were in that bastard’s thought right…. i told you sanchi firstly that i hate lies  tell me truth i will forgive you but no you didn’t if you could have confessed me na i would have helped you go away with him but no you stayed you choosed to break my heart and destroy me and see you succeed….
Sanchi  was crying
Sanchi  : no Kabir  i was going to say you today   i really started liking you and today i was going to confess you that i love you….
Kabir : bas enough enough of your lies i will not tolerate anything else…. just get out of my house…
Sanchi  looked at him
Kabir  : i am giving you divorce and don’t worry you  will get lots of amount how much you want if you want i will sign my whole property too in your name now go live you’re life with whomever you want just tomorrow morning i dont wanna see your face….
While sanchi was just pleading
Sanchi  : no kabir don’t do this to me one chance i dont want any money i just want you please one chance….
Kabir  : chances are only given once and once trust is broken it cannot be mended …
He walked towards the room.. and shut the door
While Sanchi  was crying and pleading him like hell
Sanchi : please kabir forgive me i will not repeat it again please i love you…
She was shouting like mad
Sanchi  : i love you not that sif please open the door please…
She sat there pleading him….
While kabir also sat at the edge of the door….
Kabir : what have you done… what have you done i trusted you more than anything i loved you so much and you loved someone else… was my love so weak that you couldn’t  love me…
Kabir then examined the room and saw flowers all over the room he got angry and started messing up the room angrily… and sat on bed…
They both cried while kabir changed nd slept on bed…
While Sanchi  kept on pleading him and slept on the entrance of door….

Next morning kabir got up and the flashback  of last night flashed  he again becomes sad.
Kabir  after sometime opens the door of entrance and saw sanchi sleeping on cold floor with tears marks on her face….
He was feeling sad for her but she has done even worse….
He then picked her up and then he got another shock she is suffering from high fever her body was burning….

He left her on bed and called the doctor…
He cursed himself that how can he… why didn’t he checked her at once at night…
He was so angry on her for not keeping her health good…. for taking her as advantage….

At tht time doctor came…
He examined her and gave her a injection….
Doctor : mr. Kapoor she is really weak it seems like she was starving from yesterday i have given her injection if fever doesn’t get low we have to admit her to the hospital…
Saying this doctor went while sanchi  regains  her consciousness
Kabir  was looking at her with blood shot eyes…

Kabir  : why you always do this to me Sanchi  why??? why haven’t you taken  good care of your health what do you wanna prove by doing all this say me
Sanchi  : i dont wanna prove anything Kabir
She said with heavy voice
Sanchi  : do you think i am doing all this because i need your sympathy…
Kabir  : most probably
This felt like a punch on her heart
Sanchi  tries to  get  up but still was too weak Kabir  came to her help she shows him her hand
Sanchi  : ok then i am doing all this for sympathy… my love is a sympathy for you… i agree that i did a mistake and you have that right of never forgetting me but remember you cant just say my love as sympathy…. listen carefully Kabir  i will not go from here i will prove my love to you… but dont worry about my health it will get healed ok…. this is all my repentance which i did by breaking your heart and if death too comes i will welcome it by open arms…
Kabir : Sanchi  what nonsense are you speaking just sleep here got it….
Sanchi  : i am fine kabir i am fine…
Saying this she started walking and then again she started feeling dizziness
Kabir holds  her at nick of time neither she was gonna fall…
He  picked her up and taped her cheeks
Kabir  : Sanchi Sanchi
She  opened her eyes…
Sanchi : i really love you Kabir  i do…
Saying this she again closed her eyes….

“Mohabbato ka safar is tarah be guzra raha
Shikasta dil the musafir shikataininaa thi…
Shikasta dil the musafir shikataininaa thi…
Ke dhoop chaav ka aalam ragmha judaai na thi
woh humsafar tha….”

Kabir  made her sleep….
He called the doctor he prescribed some medicines…
He goes out to bring it…
While after certain time Samchi  again started feeling bad and again she woke but did not find Kabir  at that time Sid  enters her room through window….
Sid  : hey babe
Sanchi  : how dare you enter here just get out or else i will call security
Sid : shaant Sanchi  and i heard you are not well why don’t  you die Sanchi … marti kyu nahi ho tum…
You know what why i told that things to kabir  because i wanna see your love broken like this…

Sid  : you told na you love Kabir  i can’t let you win so easily you know what let me tell you the truth i never loved you never i made you convince to marry Kabir  so that i can get some money to play gambling and see you were so dumb to trust that i will marry you… you know what i have my own gf who is rich and she also fulfill my physical desire understand unlike you who always told me that dont touch me haa we will do after marraige… are have you seen your face how can you think i will marry you…
Sanchi  : thanks sid for showing me your real face and gave me one reason to hate you now get lost or else kabid will kill you…
Kabir was listening to all this…
Sid  grabs her hairs
Sid  : he cant do anything…
While she shouts at pain
Kabir  calls the security and enters the room and beats him black and blue….
Security took him away…
While Sanchi  came to kabir with trembling legs…
Sanchi:  forgive me kabir just one chance more please…
She folded her hands while kabir  couldnt take it he hugged her….
Kabir  : sshh i heard everything you love him it was not your fault i understand and i know you love me more will start our life ahead freshly….
Sanchi  kissed his forhead
Sanchi  : will never leave you will love you forever you are my humsafar my soulmate my life is now dependent on you i am happy that i got you but sad that i understood it so late but now i will never leave your hand despite you wanna leave me i will not leave it
Kabir : who is gonna leave you my mad wifey i will never let you go from my arms promise….
Kabir then placed her on bed and kissed her forehead and was going
Sanchi  : where are you going…
Kabjr  : wait i will come with breakfast
Sanchi : no please dont go just stay with me for sometime please
Kabir  : but swara you are not well
Sanchi  : now you are here na i am good please stay  for few minutes
He smiled and lay beside her while sanchi  cuddled in his arm more seeking his warmth while kabjr  too wrapped his arms around her hugging her tightly….

This starts a new journey of their life….

Story ends….

Thank you everyone for reading this boring OS
Love you all
Take care
Moonlight Tania

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    AmZing ,superb ,fantastic, mindblowing …

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    Mindblowing Tania ! Loved he last part .. That horrible sid uff !!

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