Hamsafar Kanchi OS part 2 by moonlight

Holla guys! I am back again and thank you so much for the comments.. There was no internet for past more than a week so i  couldn’t submit it …and sorry for not commenting in some of the Ffs…i read all of them together..all in all were 30…so didn’t have time to.comment… I am so sorry
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Part 1

Then  night Kabir  told Sanchi
Kabir : Sanchi  before you sleep i wanna talk with you…
Sanchi : kabir please we  will talk tomorrow ….
Kabir  : wahi toh Sanchi tomorrow you will get up then you will get busy in your work then when i  will come  home i think  to spend sometime with you by that  only our bond will grow  but no you do all work and directly sleep and you deny to go out with me so just think sanchi when will we  get time to talk with eachother…
He said holding her arms…

Kabir  : Sanchi  i want you to know me  and i wanna know you completely till when this will go when  i am trying my best to inprove it and you are doing like this! ….

Sanchi  jerked his hands which was on her shoulder….
Sanchi  : you tell me when my heart is not ready for all this so what should i do let you force yourself on me…. i cant get into this forceful relationship when i myself can’t get comfortable…. understand so better not force me to talk with you or to go with you…..

Then Sanchi  goes to bed and covers herself with blanket….
Kabir  feels sad at her behaviour but he ignored maybe she is missing her family so he just slept…

“Aadavtein thi tagaful tha ranjishein thi
Bichandne wale me sab kuch tha
Bewafai na thi
Bichadne wale me sab kuch tha bewafai na thi…
Ke dhoop chaav ka aalam raha judaai na thi…
Woh humsafar tha woh humsafar tah…”

While Sanchi  in blanket let a tear out

Sanchi  : i am doing so bad to him why always i have to go to in these kinda situations why Sid  we cant run off now….

She slept hugging the pillow….
Next morning she got up and saw Kabir  getting ready…
She then saw that she got some mesages…
She checked it were  from Sid ….
Sid ; bring 10,000 money today at xyz mall…
Sanchi  just closed her eyes at what kind of a man he is yr….

Sanchi : morning….
Kabir  : oh good morning sanchi actually i was thinking that why dont you go to your parent’s house for some days as your mood will also be good and you will not feel irritation here… you are missing them right go and meet them…
Sanchi was just thinkiing yr this man is seriously somethinģ extra…. he is so calm and patient and so thoughtful for everyone….
Sanchi  : umm no i am ok just last night was bit mood off i am sorry…
Kabir  : are its ok you have right to fight with me but yŕ dont fight like this always…
He laughs… Sanchi  smiles.

Sanchi  : actually Kabir  i wanna go to mall to buy something so just need some money….

Kabir  : that’s good that you wanna go out and why are you asking me Sanchi  for money you should have taken my cards you dont have to ask me my money is urs too whatever is mine is urs also so dont need to take permission….

Kabir  takes some money from cupboard

He  handovers 30,000 ruppes to her
She gets shocked

Kabir  : her take some cash and here have this credit card and keep it with you whenever you wanna go to shopping just take it ok…. chalo have to go bye take care….he goes tapping her cheeks…

While Sanchi  just standing surprised that why does he trust her so much…

She went to mall and gave money to Sid…
Sanchi  : Sid  this is the third time i am giving you money till when all will go haa….
Sid  holds her hair furiously
Sid : why are you feeling bad haa its his money so why are you feeling bad….
Sanchi  : coz i am wasting this money on you… its his hardwork why are we wasting it damn it…. Sid  till now we have time let’s run please from here from everyone….
Sid  : no i wont go now till you won’t  bring his money we  will not go….
Sanchi : ok stay here i am going….
She leaves angrily while Sid  smirked at her…..

Sanchi then angrily came home she was climbing the stairs when her leg got slipped and she directly fell from the stairs…
She had a cut on her head and she fainted….
Kusum  saw her and panicked to see her like that she hurriedly calls the doctor and Kabir  from office…
Kabir  after listening to the news he  came home immediately….
Doctor examined Sanchi…
He came out….
Doctor : mr. Kapoor  nothing serious just had a cut on her head and a fracture on right leg she just need some rest then she will be fine….
All thanked  him and went inside….
She was sleeping kusum  went from there letting Kabir  to be with her….
He then sat beside her and a tear escapes from his eye which directly hit on her hand….
she opened her eyes and saw him sitting beside….
She tried  getting up…. this alerted Kabir  and he immediately hugged her….
She felt a current passed through her body she loved this feeling
Kabir:  thank god you are safe what if  something  had happened  to you why can’t you see and walk haa you really scared me….i was so scared when mom called me… i will seriously kill you if you dont see and walk ok….
While sanchi smiled and hugged him back letting all her worries to be at held for sometime….

Later kabir took a good care of Sanchi  he used  to make her eat food now sanchi had  started being friendly with kabir they both were good friends now… he used to sometimes massage her fractured leg she insisted him not to do it but he was too stubborn to listen….

Sanchi was so happy with him

Like this one month passed she was all ok now when suddenly Sid  called her

She came out of room and talked with him…
Sid  : hey where are you and you have taken money from him na…
Sanchi  : you didn’t ask me once how I am .. am i fine or not just money you want na listen meet me at park at 4 ok bye…
She cuts the call and moves to the room
Kabir : Sanchi  where is my file…

She  takes his  file out…
Sanchi  : here is your file it was here only and haa your wallet and watch…
Kabir  : thanks so much Sanchi  what would I have  done to myself if you had  not been here….
Kabir  kissed her forehead
Kabir  : take care love you bye….

Sanchi now got clear that she only loves kabir her kabjr  her husband her friend she decided to end Sid’s chapter thats why she wanted  to meet him
Sanchi  : kabir listen

He  turned around
Sanchi : come home early….
Saying this she kissed his cheeks and went away….
Kabir stood there suprisingly and recalled the moment and was happy that she has started loving him  and first time she said to come home early…
He went from there happily…

Sanchi  reached at park Sid   too came….
Sid : haa Sanchi  say…
Sanchi  : listen mr. sahil  i am ending this so called relationship here only i dont wanna be with you anymore the one who cannot take care of me who dont know am i alive or dead who has just sell his love for money how can he love me no Sid  i thought it was love but it was just nothing just nothing…. on the other hand Kabir  he always helped me stood  by my side when i was not well yeah i fell from stairs he took care of me he loves me truly despite i gave him so much  cold behaviour he is not like you and you know you cannot be like my Kabir   i was wrong to predict him wrong and now i am going to my husband i have let him wait for too long but not now now i will go away from you just dont come infront of me again….

Saying this she goes while Sid thought

Guys I will end here the epi…there is only one of left…which I will upload soon….because now the internet won’t gone and I will comment in each and every ff..
Love you all
Take care

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  1. Loved it very much

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    Tania…. it was marvelous episode dear.. Goli maro Internet ko..sabka yehi haal hai.. same problem but speed is less..
    Kanchi rocked it yaar.. hate Sid character (which is good as per your story build up) plz isse inki life se jaldi nikal do..
    Amazing article dear

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you so much Mitu dear…sid’s chapter will be out so dont worry….thanks for commenting…love you loads ❤❤

  3. NegiSanyukta

    Fabulous. U just nailed it dii. ?????
    Saanchi realise her love for my Kabeer bhaiya. ❤❤❤
    Sid deserves this.
    Keep writing dear.

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    It was awesome epi.Finally Sanchi realized her mistake.
    Plz post next shot asap.I am damn sure this Sid is planning something dreadful.Hope Kanchi remain fine.

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      Thanks a lot Anonymousa…yes Sid is upto something…which you will get to know in the next epi…love you loads….❤❤❤

  7. RuCh23

    The last Kanchi scene was soo sweet ??? i think this Sid person will tell everything to Kabir ??? and he’ll be so angry and broken ??? coz he told Sanchi from the beggining that he doesn’t like lies. But I hope eventually they’ll patch up ??? love your stories Tania ???

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    The epi that was mindblowing ossssmmm fantastic fabulousss and mny more
    I think sanchi herself tell kabir everything and he ll trust hr may be dont know
    And ya plzzz post HRI AND TL

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      Sanju dear….thanks a lot….about the both ff I know I am late..and promise you i will post them too as soon as possible…next part is submitted for this OS…love you loads❤❤❤

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    Dhamake dhar come back!! Amazing Mindblowing Outstanding!!! Just hope Sid is out of Sanchi’s life but a good build up character!! Nailed it can’t wait to read more

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      Thank you so much Palak di…Sid will soon be out of her life…next part is submitted dear…love you loads ❤❤❤

  14. U knw what,,i missed ur ff soooooooooo much.. Epsd was amazing as alwys.. Plz,,give a happy ending of kanchi with lots of romance..

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