Hamesha Tumko Chaha- Kaira OS – Bounded by your love forever

An OS based on Kaira and is inspired by Veer-Zaara. Posting here since Wattpad is in maintenance.

A young woman by the age of 24 wakes up from a slumber and wishes her mother good morning. Her eyes sparkled like a diamond, her fresh scent of rosemary and lilies spread over the gardens as she watered the plants. She wore anklets and the sound was like music to the ears. Everyone in the neighbourhood, the city and the country of India and Pakistan, knew her family and her itself. Many proposals came but she rejected them all. Her father who is a strict man, picked out all the marriage proposals for his daughter, but they all went out in vain.

Her name was Naira Jebina Hussain. A Pakistani woman who wanted to marry for love and not for a business deal. Her middle name became Jebina because of her nani. She identified herself by that name because she was proud and she wanted to fulfil her nani’s wish. She was frail, weak, bedridden and sad on the inside and outside. One person who made her happy was Naira. Her one saying is “Naira beta, tumhara zindagi main bohot khushiyaan aygi agar tum yeh sara rishte, na kehdiya. Jao aur koi ladka doondo, mera aashirwaad hamesha tumhara saath hai. ”

Naira replied “kaash nani, par lekin baba naraaz ho jaayenge. Main khoshish kar leti hoon”. She kept saying those words but it was futile. What she didn’t come across is that, one day someone will rescue her and reside in her heart and soul. For which the love could be restricted to bound in a marriage.

A young man (a pilot of course) aged 26, saving the lives of many people but came across an angelic face that struck his face on to hers without blinking any further. He saw trouble that arose, dirt on her face after begging for help, and wrapped a rope around both of their waists to help them safely land on a safe road. Her hair was bothering her as it kept covering her eyes because of the wind, and he helped move the hair. Naira saw the name tag on his uniform and it read ” Kartik  Abhimanyu Singh”. She saw his eyes sparkle like the peals and the shine in his eyes. As she looked deeper, she didn’t realise that one day he would become part of her mind, heart and soul.

They both safely landed on safe road and stared at each other’s faces for more than 2 minutes until the silence was cut off by Kartik himself.
K: “Hi my name is Kartik and I’m sorry if you’re hurt by any chance.” No reply from Naira as she was in shock but satisfied.
K: “So what is your name, pretty eyes?”
N: ” Mera naam hai Naira Jebina Hussain. Thank you for saving my life and for helping me.”
K: “You’re most welcome, beautiful lady. Can i ask, tum yaha kyun ai, jab tum Pakistan mai rehti ho?”
N: ” I came to fulfil my nani’s wish.”
K: “I’m glad to hear that”

Their conversation ended but they became friends. They both recognized a connection but drifted away to their homes. Naira who stayed in a hotel found a note in her bag pocket that read
“I would love to see you again Miss Naira, here’s my contact number and meet me at the riverside tomorrow, i will wait for your arrival.
From your new friend Kartik”

She smiled at the note and saved his number in her phone. She sent him a message saying “I found your note, it was nice meeting you, i will meet you tomorrow Kartik ?”.
Kartik who sat on his recliner, saw the message and smiled. He closed his eyes and watched back how he saved this unknown girl who was troubled and begging for help, and would slowly become his close friend. He muttered her name “Naira, what a sweet name” and drifted off to sleep for tomorrows meeting.

He stood at the riverside waiting patiently for her, she was far but he could smell that she was just there. He heard her anklets, he noticed a whiff of fragrance that smelt of rosemary and lilies, and turned around to see her. She was wearing a suit like always but somehow for him, she looked breathtakingly beautiful. She had a sweet smile that played on her lips, her eyes that always sparkled like a diamond, and her face that wore very minimal makeup. Kartik wore casuals but looked handsome. He wanted to take Naira to his parents, not his real but for him they were. At this sort of point, it would be like a couple who are in a relationship that are serious, would meet up with their parents. But in this case it’s different. She knew no-one here, she needed home food, and also a mother’s love. Kartik took her on a 3 hour journey to his home land of love.

An old man riding a bicycle (like in the movie) was stopped by several children that panted heavily and said “Babaji (out of respect) Kartik bhaiya koi ladki ke saath aarahi hai. Kya wo shaadi ki hai.”
B: “Acha, to ane do use, mai use marungi agar wo shaadi ki hai. Chal mera saath, mai tumhara ammiji ko batata hoon.”

And he ran with his cycle towards his wife panting heavily and out of breath saying, “Saraswati ji, humara Kartik ai hai aur wo bhi kis ladki ke saath. Shayad wo shaadi ki hai humara bina.”

S: ” kya kehri ho Chaudhary ji, hamara laadla esa nahi karega. Shayad dost hai aur kuch nai. Par ek cheez mujhe samaj nahi arahi hai. You have become old now and still riding a bicycle.”
C: ” Wo to sahi hai par health keliye perfect. Ek minute kya wo Kartik hai?”
S: “Haan ji, lagta hai par wo ladki jo uske saath hai, bohot sundar hai”
C: ” Sahi kaha”

Kartik came closer with his parents with Naira but little did they know, that babaji is carrying a stick to hit him. Saraswati’s eyes is stuck on Naira’s beauty but also angry with kartik. The silence was broken by babaji “Waah beta, kya kamaal hai, tune shaadi ki hai humare bi na. Chal bata uska naam kya hai.”

Kartik gulped but replied with “Babaji maine shaadi nahi ki hai, yeh mera naya dost hai. Uska naam hai Naira Jebina Hussain aur wo Pakistan se ai hai.”

C:” Naira beta tum andar ao, tum hamara khaas mehmaan ho aur Kartik ka dost bhi. Ao beta”
S: “Sundar ladki aur khoobsurat naam bhi. Ao Naira main tumhe khana deti hoon.”
N: “Shukriya babaji aur ammiji. Tum sab log itne ache ho. Khaash mera papa aise tha.”

And both Naira and Sarawasti walked towards a room which belongs to Kartik and Sarawasti said, “Lo beta tumhara kamra. Tumhara kapre main deti hoon aur baal mera jaise karwa deti hoon”.
N: “Thanks ammiji, yeh baal mujhe bohot pasand hai par lekin mera maa nahi karti hai is tarah. Pehla time hai aur bohor sundar bhi.”
S: ” beta yeh khuch nahi hai, sirf pyaar hai. Mai kartik ki mami hoon, uska maa margayi thi jab wo bohot chota tha. Par lekin mai aur Babaji use bohot pyaar karti hoon. Humara koi bacha nahi hai, sirf wo hai. Chalo tum aur Kartik bhaat karo, main aati hoon.”

Naira felt sad listening to this but smiled remembering Kartik. Kartik was standing there with tears in his eyes but smiled looking at Naira. She was the first to understand his mother and him. Naira slowly went towards the wardrobe and nearly slipped until a figure captured her and protected her from getting hurt. She saw the sparkle in his eyes and he did too. He felt like sudden tingle rushing down his spine and realised that he was falling for her. Not in love yet but started to like her. Naira thought the same and excused herself. They both spent some nice time together and Kartik slowly felt his heart was beating for someone.

Days went passed and this happened everyday and both Naira and Kartik started to fall in love with each other. It was Naira’s last day and she had to go back but Kartik didn’t want her to go. Was he in love? Babaji confronted the same and told him, “Dekh beta, yeh ladki tumhare keliye bohot perfect hai. In these days, you have fallen for her my son. Jao, make her stop, go.” And he did after returning her to a train station to Pakistan. Naira was in love but it was it wrong because of the religion? When one is in love, they would make many attempts to be with each other. She loved him so did he.

She was locked up in the house for falling in love with a Hindu but she stayed put and remembered him. He was everywhere, wherever she went, he was there. In her mind, heart and soul. They maybe separated by presence, but hearts never. Instead they grow for longing of one’s presence. She escaped and ran towards him and said “Main humesha tumko chaha, mera pyaar aur saans bhi.”
K: “Shhhh….ro mat main hoon na. Tum sirf mere ho Naira, agar hum shaadi nahi karsak the to koy baat nahi. I love you and you only.” He kissed her forehead and they were separated from there by the change of events.

Kartik was locked up in prison by her father for fraud and name change and also for trapping her daughter. That was false, he loved his Naira more than anything and for them, religion didn’t matter. Love is love and they loved each other until their last breath.

Kartik was saved, he was old but kept her anklet when he lost her. They reunited, they got married and later on they died in each others embrace at the same time. Love started with them and remained so for the hereafter. This is the end of this beautiful OS.

That’s it, my first OS on Kaira that is hugely inspired by Veer-Zaara. Let me know in the comments below on what you felt of this OS
Your author Zara

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  1. shivaya khanna

    wow really nice and heart touching well written hope for more writing from you

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      Thank you so much for liking it.

  2. Fenil

    Fantabulous OS
    Loved it to the core.
    As i m huge fan of SRK so i loved his each movie and VerrZara is one of the best.
    U write Kaira on based of Veer and Zara great work.
    Emotional and sweet one.
    Keep writing.

    1. Zara123

      Thank you so much for liking it

  3. Vrushy

    Awsome work.
    Loved it.

    1. Zara123

      Thank you so much for liking it.

  4. Priya Rathore

    Can you make an Os for Karthik & Gayu, even thou they never ended up together?

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