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Karan comes out of meeting room; he was worried about what the trustees had said about his loss of career. Dimple comes behind him and tells him not to worry, as management will not let him go. Karan says if something happen to the child, he will worry about his parents. Dimple says that doctors can’t be responsible for the life and death of patient. The neglecting charge will be placed on Amrita, as there have already been many problems because of him. Karan asks if she has some personal problem with Amrita, why she doesn’t look at her dedication. Patients have to suffer among the rules imposition. Amrita lives her life for no human life loss, it isn’t simply a wall written logo for her. He was about to leave. Dimple says not to tell him Karan in understanding the circus things of Amrita.

Karan says she wasn’t in OT, Amrita was. She had supported him, and her stubbornness and her believe is her talent. She is blo*dy good at her job. He leaves. Dimple says whom is he taking sides of.
Mehr attends an injured patient. She calls Bobby or Malika. Someone brings a tray of bandage to him, it was Veer. They look at each other, Veer smiles and leaves. Mehr thinks to herself, she has gone crazy. She says she doesn’t have to think about what he said, she doesn’t want to get hurted again.
Kabir says thanks to Khushi. He was lost. Khushi asks what is it about. He says his dad is being so strict, his pocket money has ended. Mrs. Kapoor peeks from behind the tree. Khushi asks what does the book cost. Khushi says she will ask her mummy to give him the money. He forbids, saying if his parents know about it, they will scold it. Khushi gives him whatever amount of money she has. He denies. She says her mummy will give her pocket money, he can take them. He takes the money, and says she is really his best friend. Mrs. Kapoor thinks where is Khushi being stuck.
In the hospital, Karan comes to his cabin and thinks about his recent operation, the way he was afraid to do the operation. Amrita comes to his room. She calls him, he was lost then asks her how the child is. She asks how is he. He says what can happen to him. She asks is it something in his past, that is disturbing him. A nurse brings the patient’s report, Amrita hopes the report is good. Karan reads the report, and cheers saying, the child is absolutely fine. He hugs Amrita, saying WE have won. Veer looks at this all. A nurse comes to call Amrita, for a patient. She leaves saying to Karan, that she will just be back. Veer says he knew Amrita won’t be able to talk to Karan, he must do it. He goes into his cabin and asks how is he. Veer says he has been noticing for quite so many days, that he stays a bit tensed. Karan says it was a complicated surgery. Veer asks is it about surgery. Karan asks what does he means. Veer says his gut feeling says he is worried, it there something in his past. Karan again gets the flash back of the OT, turns and curtly says that there is nothing in his past. Veer says his face tells him, there is something. Karan gets enraged, and holds Veer’s collar. Veer looks at his hand. Karan loses it. Veer says he wants to tell him that there is someone who wants to kill him, a third man had shooted at him in Lalit’s room. Amrita saw the man herself, he was with a mask. He asks who is it who wants to kill him, and why. Karan goes to his desk, sits and says thanks for his information, but he doesn’t want to tell anyone. Veer asks how will they protect them then. Karan says he didn’t ask for protection. Veer says this is his job, and he knows his limits. Karan drags him out of his office, Amrita watches this. Karan says this is his limit, stay out of his life. Amrita comes and asks why he said this all to him. Veer was angry, and says he is mad that he isn’t ready to open his mouth. Amrita says he is just disturbed. Veer says he didn’t tell anything, she may try now.
Karan runs out of hospital. Amrita runs behind him. He sits in the car. She opens the door, but he locks it and leaves. She follows him on her scooty, while Karan drives rashly on the road.
Suddenly he has an accident. Amrita remains calling him. Amrita comes to the car, Karan holds his head up the steering. Amrita asks him to open the door as she has to talk to him. He doesn’t say anything. He looks at her

PRECAP: Amrita tells Karan that the past he has been running away from, has approached them. He must let them help him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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