Hamari Sister Didi 7th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karan holds Amrita and calls her name. She was unconscious. He holds her from back and makes her sit on a nearby bench, her head in his lap and calls her, tapping he face. He sprinkles water on her face. She moves, he makes her drink water from the bottle. Babay smiles watching this, as the couple she had brought was also drinking water. Amrita sits up, he asks what had happened. She says the day was hectic, she didn’t eat anything. He says he will go to canteen, then takes sweet from her pocket and puts it in her mouth. She laughs, that he is having sweet in her pocket. The couple also eat the sweet. Babay asks Mata Rani, what she wants. Karan scolds Amrita, what kind of nurse is he. She asks why is he shouting now. He says he will take her to nurse station. She heads to go herself, and

was annoyed that he always scolds her. She says if he cares for someone, he must do it in a way. He says he isn’t worried about her, it was just blocking his work. She leaves saying, she knows he is the great Dr. Karan. He watches Babay with the couple, calls her and scolds her. Babay says his age also increased today, he got someone’s fast broken as Amrita hadn’t eaten anything. Karan asks so what, she must take the couple inside. She nods smiling. Karan thinks about Amrita.
Amrita comes home late at night. Mrs. Kapoor was awake. She asks why she didn’t sleep, children must have slept. Mrs. Kapoor asks how long her duty happens to be. Amrita says it was emergency, and a big surgery. She says it was a bad accident, people were badly injured; God may save everyone from such situation. She gives her medicines to her, that Karan sent. She heads to change, Mrs. Kapoor asks her to sit. She asks when will it go, doesn’t she feel her children are being neglected. There are timings of duty. She must have shown this responsibility to her children, they are really thristy for her love. Amrita promises to take care, and heads to change.
Amrita comes to children’s room, who were now sleeping. She sits beside them, kisses Sooraj and Khushi, and fell asleep with her.
The trustees blame Karan for being irresponsible. Dimple heads to blame Amrita, but Karan says he had to take the decision looking at the condition. They now have a hope, towards that child. The trustee says rules are rules, he should have asked a trustee. Karan says their first responsibility is to save the patient. The trustees ask, had something happened to that child what will he do. He wouldn’t have taken the charge. The trustees say he needs a clean chit from trustees, and till then he can’t take any administrative decision. His career now depends upon that child.
Sooraj says he won’t go to school, nor will let her leave. He denies from everything. She asks him to go and bathe. He says he won’t. She says she had told him about the case in hospital. Sooraj says there is always something in hospital, he just asks for some day. Khushi also advocates Amrita, but Sooraj runs out angrily. Mrs. Kapoor says he misses her a lot. Amrita sits with Sooraj, and asks till when wont he bath. He says till there isn’t unbearable smell. She asks how will they bear the smell. He says it is not his problem. She says to Khushi that they must find a way to it. She brings water hose, and plays with the kids. The phone bell rings. Khushi picks it up, it was Kabir she talks to. Mrs. Kapoor listens to her conversation, and recalls it was the same guy who came with her.
In the hospital, Amrita tells a couple about family planning. The couple insists for having a son at home.
Veer calls her outside. He asks she didn’t ask her. He says he is in recovery now. She says he doesn’t like sharing his personal life. He says it is part of his duty, and must tell him. She asks for one more day. He says it is for a single day, else Karan will have to answer.

PRECAP: Veer asks Karan if he had a fight, Karan tells him to go out and heads to take him with collar.

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