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Karan comes out of the OT, everyone waits outside. He tells the parents he has put in the plates, but they have to keep him inside, they will see if the lungs have been punctured or there has been internal bleeding. He says to be honest it was a complicated operation. The father thanks Karan for operating on his son, as he is a big doctor. Dimple smiles. Amrita comes out and smiles too. She says he is right, Karan has done this surgery, now he will be alright. They must pray for Rahul. The father was really obliged to Karan. Amrita asks them to take rest, they will shift Rahul to CCU. Amrita asks Karan why he is hopeless, he should be happy to do a big surgery with injured hand. He should be proud, he did it. Karan says he couldn’t have done it without her. They all look at him, while he

says to Amrita smiling that he has said a lot to her in anger, but the truth is that she is a great nurse. She has proven today, that a nurse is a right hand of doctor and equally shares the part in saving a patient. He tells her to update him in every two hours and leaves. Dimple comes to scold Amrita, but Amrita teases her for always encouraging her team. Dimple leaves angrily, while Babay and Malika laughs with her. Babay appreciates her and Karan’s effort. Babay tells her there are 65 patients in hospital, on recovering phase. They leave to their works.
Veer asks Amrita to talk to Karan, else they won’t be able to do something. Amrita says he is right, she must talk to him and heads to his cabin. Karan sat in his cabin, thinking about his condition. He says it is ok, be confident, that child will get saved. He thinks about Amrita consoling him, and recalling him his oath. He drinks water, when Amrita enters his room. She thinks Karan has recalled some old operation, he has to forget about it anyway and this was the first step. She closes the room.
A suspected man enters the hospital, and asks a nurse for Karan. Veer follows him. The man comes to Karan’s door, and was unaware of the security men standing there. Veer follows him on the stairs, the man checks something from the pocket. Veer asks to check the man, the security men asks him what he is hiding. The man shows his child’s photo who has got lost. Veer apologizes him.
Sooraj calls Amrita and asks when she will come. Amrita tells him there are so many patients. Sooraj asks won’t she come. She promises to come there after looking for all the patients. She asks Sooraj to count about the patients. Mrs. Kapoor takes the phone and asks Amrita, Karan did an operation which was complex. Amrita says Karan couldn’t say no to the patient. Mrs. Kapoor says he has become irresponsible living with her. Amrita says that an irresponsible doctor saved a life today. Mrs. Kapoor says they aren’t God. Amrita says that patients consider them so, she asks about Sooraj’a counting. Sooraj says there are total 90 patients in the hospital. She asks if there are 6 nurses, how many patients a nurse will have to look after. Sooraj agrees that she may stay there. She hang on, and as she turns a bottle was about to fell down. Karan holds it, they both smile looking at each other. He sits on the bed, and checks on the patient. He asks Amrita isn’t she tired. She says she doesn’t feel it. He asks if she is made of stone. She smiles, Dimple comes there and doesn’t like the intimacy. She hits a nurse, scolds her and leaves. Amrita opens the bottle, and ruins her shirt. Karan says to her that he can’t be her both hands. She smiles, and goes to change.
Babay asks a girl, if she hasn’t eaten anything. She tells her to eat something, her BP is low. The girl says her husband is injured, she has fasted for him. Babay takes him along. Amrita regrets that she doesn’t have another uniform. Babay brings the husband and wife on roof, they break the fast.
Amrita comes to the roof, looking at the moon. Babay notices her from the next balcony. Amrita feels dizzy, and is about to faint. Karan comes from behind, and holds her from falling.

PRECAP: The trustees forbid Karan to do any further operation, and say that his career depends upon the life of that child, else he will be dismissed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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