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Babay prays for Amrita and Karan. She says they both need each other, they must be joined.
In the morning, Amrita gets ready for hospital and thinks what Karan had said to her. She was frustrated, and says how will she work with Karan when she doesn’t feel like watching his face. She is worried what if someone in Muskaan knows about it, Karan can’t give her anything but defame her. She can’t even sit back at home, she has got job again with much difficulty, she has children to look after. She says she will ignore Karan as much as possible. Mrs. Kapoor comes there, and asks if she is still not ready. Amrita asks if the kids are ready. Mrs. Kapoor says today is their off and asks Amrita why is she worried. Amrita says there is nothing, asks her about tea and leaves. Mrs. Kapoor

thinks what can be that she is hiding from them.
Malika asks Dimple about their transport and bonus. Dimple says management have changed their decisions, she was curt again and leaves. Malika says to the receptionist that Babay was right. Dimple catches her, and turns to reply. Amrita comes then, Dimple says she was unwell yesterday, she must take care of herself. She asks Amrita to get her record files by evening. Amrita says to Babay that some people just keep on breaking our hearts always. Babay says sometimes, we must look at the life from someone else’s eyes, may be both feel good. Mehr asks for a treat on Amrita’s arrival, Babay says ice cream from her. The four of them hug each other.

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Babay comes to the changing room of Amrita, she asks what happened. Babay says they haven’t drink tea together for a long time. Amrita was quiet, Babay asks what is it about as she seems worried. Amrita says there is nothing, she couldn’t sleep yesternight well. Babay says if she shares the problem, she will feel better. Amrita says there really isn’t anything like that. She takes her tea to her room for preparing files. Babay says it is now Baba ji who can mold her heart for Karan.
Dimple comes to Amrita and asks if the reports are ready. Dimple asks are done so soon, and tells her to give them to Karan. Amrita intercoms for Sharma ji, Dimple asks why she can’t go as these are official records. Amrita says all records are official, and Sharma ji is reliable. Dimple asks her to go herself, Amrita takes the file to Karan’s door while Dimple smiles back. Amrita stands back thinking all about what Karan had said to her. She enters the room without knocking the door, Karan wasn’t inside. She thinks it is good he hasn’t come yet, as she doesn’t want to see his face. She keeps the file of his desk.
Khushi asks Sooraj to complete her assignment, but he asks her to play with her. Mrs. Kapoor comes there, Khushi complains he pulled her hair. Someone rings the bell, Mrs, Kapoor opens the door and cheers to see Karan. Children also come cheering on his arrival, he was silent. Mrs. Kapoor takes him inside, Karan takes seat. Mrs. Kapoor asks if everything is alright, he says he doesn’t understand anything. He doesn’t know what he is doing is right or wrong, she might be able to make him understand. Mrs. Kapoor asks the kids to go inside, but Karan says they can stay here.
Sooraj asks if he is alright, when his papa went he also made them all sit the same way. Khushi stops Sooraj from talking further. Karan promises he won’t leave him. Karan takes a ring from his pocket, then another and then another and keep them on the table. Mrs. Kapoor asks what is this all, he says I am in love. Khushi and Sooraj smile, and congratulate him. Karan says he doesn’t know as the girl has rejected his proposal, may be something is lacking in him. Sooraj says he must tell him that he settled his life, Khushi also assures about talking to her. Mrs. Kapoor asks who that girl is, Karan thinks about Amrita’s fears of disrespect. He stands up, and goes to a rack behind, takes Amrita’s photo and show it to them. Mrs. Kapoor stands up from her seat, the kids are also shocked. Karan says he loves Amrita.

PRECAP: Mrs. Kapoor comes to Karan’s house and shows her disliking for what he did at her house. She asks him to forget Amrita.

Update Credit to: Sona

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