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The child’s father requests Amrita and Karan. Amrita asks Karan to do the operation. Dimple says she can call a doctor for Chandigarh or Ludhiana. The father says it will take 6 to 8 hours, will he be able to bear. Karan asks Amrita to get the OT ready. Dimple says it is about precision, he won’t be able to do. Karan says he needs to save the patient first. He asks Amrita if she is with him. Amrita says she is like his second hand.
They prepare for the surgery. Amrita notices Karan was lost, he gets the flashback about the operation. He calls for the patient getting ready, shows Amrita the ribs that are fractured and goes for the operations. He again gets the flashbacks about his past, the way he was in a shock to see his patient die. Amrita notices, he had closed his eyes. He tells

Amrita he can’t do it, this is very tricky. He murmurs he can’t take this risk. Amrita tells him he can do this, they have given the anesthesia to the child and within these two hours he has to do the operations. Karan says he may make a mistake, as they take place. She insists. Karan asks her not to insist, he can’t lose another patient. They were all shocked, Karan leaves the OT.
Karan comes out of the OT, Dimple asks what happened. Karan tells the parents this is a complex operation, they need to call some other doctor. Amrita repeats Karan’s oath as a doctor, from behind, which says that he will keep his fears aside and save a human life. Karan turns around, his hands shiver. He wears his mask again, and goes inside. Dimple stops him, but he says he has to do this operation. The parents thank him. They go inside the OT.
Karan looks at the patient, that there are three fractures in actual and they have to arrange three plates. Amrita says she will arrange for the third. Karan asks for the first plate. His hand hurts, Amrita says she will support him, and holds his hand while he operates. He looks at her.
Babay comes and asks Dimple if Karan is in OT. Dimple says if something happen to the child, Karan’s career, their hospital and everything else will be at stake. Babay says Amrita also knows that everything isn’t well in the end, she just gives hope. Dimple says there is a difference between hope and drama. Dimple gets Mrs. Kapoor’s call. Babay consoles the parents. Dimple tells Mrs. Kapoor that Amrita is with Karan in OT, for a rib cage operation. Mrs. Kapoor asks how is he doing such a complex case, she is answerable to trustees even, and here her own daughter-in-law is doing such things. She tells Dimple to keep her informed.
Malika asks Bobby, if all the patients are done.
Khushi comes home, talking on phone to someone. She tells Kabir she is looking for it, he must wait. She tells him she found it, it is just one. She tells him to come from the back door as her dadi mummy might cause a problem.
Dimple tells Mr. Sharma, he needn’t come here. He appreciates Dimple to managing the staff well. She thinks if he knows Karan is operating, there will be a problem. Mr. Sharma asks about it, and is angry who gave him this permission to operate. Dimple thinks what he had said before to her, about complaining about the nurses. Dimple says it was emergency case, and they needed to save the patient’s life. Mr. Sharma goes saying they must not lose hope. Dimple worries that if there is a problem, they will all lose their jobs.
The operation goes on, Amrita tells Karan to be patient. He looks at her, as she holds his hand. Karan asks for the third plate, Amrita says she will check for it.
Two young men shout for small injuries, Malika and Bobby attend. Malika playa a video and gives them the medicine. Babay comes there and says now the item songs will make the youth of the country. Malika asks her about operation, and they hope it goes well. Amrita hears Karan saying, that he can’t fail again. She looks at him.

Precap:A man places water glass on reception. Veer says to Amrita they must ask Karan where the problem is coming from. He suspects a man.

Update Credit to: Sona

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