Hamari Sister Didi 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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There are severe casualties as a result of accident of bus on highway. Amrita runs with Babay to the hospital. Karan is also shocked to see the rush. They all are busy with the working. Karan asks the staff, to call all the doctors. Amrita and all the nursing staff works for clearing the injuries. Karan comes into the ward, and attends all the patients diagnosing the tests. Some men get Karan, while Veer is worried and tells the security to stay around him. Dimple stops Karan, he says there are a lot of people to take care like her and Amrita; right now he needs to work while she must look after the supply of medicines.
Dimple stands there, watching Amrita run to a direction. She comes to a ward, where Karan was. She was feeling dizzy, then thinks there is no time to eat something. Karan

feels pain in his injuries, but a patient calls him. He tells Amrita some work. Amrita leaves Vaiju to give injection, she was giving it to the other patient. Vaiju was worried, that she is watching this much blood for the first time. Amrita tells Vaiju that they are nurses, they can’t lose their strength. Malika also comes to complain. Amrita says they have to handle this.
Amrita comes to the corridor, she says they can’t work like this and needs to get organized. She calls everyone to her. They all gather. She also calls Veer. She says they are in chaos, they have to stay strong in this emergency, they must divide the work and get organized. She says she will divide the work of patients. Karan watches this, Dimple as well. Karan smiles looking at Amrita, while Dimple is watching curtly. Amrita bucks the staff up.
Mrs. Kapoor thinks about the situation in hospital. She calls Amrita, she tells her there are a lot of patients here, Karan is also here. Mrs. Kapoor says he is unwell himself. Amrita tells her not to worry about her. Mrs. Kapoor tells her to stay there, as she is needed there. Amrita promises to call her later.
Karan tells Amrita all the patients got the treatment. She asks about the critical patients. There are some more patients. Veer comes to tell them, while Amrita and Karan are worried. Amrita tells Bobby to arrange for more beds from the store room. A patient gives way to a critical patient, as there were no beds in the hospital available. Babay says the situation isn’t under control, as there are even more patients than the staff. Amrita asks the attendants to help the patients. She announces about it. Karan scolds her, but Amrita says she will watch each patient personally.
Babay brings an emergency case. He asks for the blood group of the patient, and then finds a chit showing AB+. Bobby says they have only one bottle. Veer says he can donate one bottle, and make an announcement on radio for arranging more. Mehr looks at him.
Karan feels strain. Amrita asks does he feel pain, he must rest. She gives him an arm strain. He asks how will he work. But she says he will work easily, and binds it around his chest. Dimple curtly watches this all.
Malika faints in the storage room. Mehr and Babay helps her to bring her to consciousness. Babay says she was fasting. Malika asks for water, and says to Babay that how can she overlook her patients for her dreams. She is nurse Malika, not Malika. Mehr brings water for Malika, she stands up and says people are waiting for them.
Amrita asks at the reception and asks for water. A boy comes their, his parents ask for Dr. Karan. Karan observes the patient. He says they have to do the operation, and tells Amrita to call Dr. Samar or Dr. Anil. Dimple says they are both busy with casualties. The parents requests Karan to operate. Dimple says he is injured himself, but Karan gets a flash back of his past.

PRECAP: In the OT, Karan tells Amrita he can’t take this risk of doing such a complex operation. Amrita tells him that he can do, or no one else can. But he denies doing the operation, and is worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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