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Babay asks Amrita why Mr. Gupta wants to meet her. Mehr says may it be something positive. Amrita says she thinks Karan must have complaint about her, he was already angry. Mrs. Kapoor says she thinks she must call Mr. Gupta and ask her for job, Amrita says Dimple will get a reason to talk about her. She goes to change and leave.
In the hospital, Amrita comes to confront Karan. All what she had said, came to his mind in a flashback and he leaves her on angrily. Babay and Mehr watched this. Babay says to Karan trustees called Amrita, Karan asks what can he do about it then.
All the trustees were in board room, when Amrita comes inside. Mr. Gupta hands her a letter, she takes it. Mr. Gupta says her suspension order has been cancelled, he explains that whatever they did was according

to the situations at that time.
But now the board thinks that it was emotional decision, and as for Sonlal he took the medicine illegally, which caused reaction. The board apologizes her. He tells her that this is all because of Karan, he build up the case against Sonlal and dismissed her so that Sonlal is peaceful. Amrita asks it means Karan didn’t want her to go. They say yes. Amrita says alright, she will join.
Outside the board room, Amrita asks Babay where is Karan. Babay knew about the case, she tells Amrita he wanted her to be here always, he also created drama in her private nursing job. Amrita says she had a big mistake, she said so much to him and needs to talk to him. She comes out, and calls Mrs. Kapoor. She tells her that Mata Rani has listened to Sooraj’s pray, she can join Muskaan again as soon as possible. Mrs. Kapoor tells Sooraj his prayers have been heard. The kids cheer aloud. Mrs. Kapoor asks how was it possible, Amrita tells her about Karan’s planning, she says she took him wrong and said a lot to him, she won’t come home without saying sorry to him. Mrs. Kapoor says this way their hearts will get clear for each other. Amrita is worried.

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Amrita comes to Karan’s house but it was locked. She thinks he is neither in hospital nor in house, she must wait for him here. She sits on the bench out, until it is really late. His car pulls up, she calls him but he unlocks the door and shut it from inside. He comes home, she says she knows he is really angry. He is right in shutting the door on her face, she has always hurt him, she deserves his punishment but she will not move from here until he forgives her. She says I am sorry Karan, I am really very sorry.
Karan walks inside whil Amrita sits on the stairs outside in cold. It was 10.30 night, Karan looks at Amrita sitting out from his window and goes inside. It is 11 at night, she was still sitting out. He goes inside again. He finally comes out and asks her to come inside. She comes inside, he says she has come to say sorry, she may go he forgive her. She sits on the floor, holding her ear. He asks what is this. She says she has hurt him a lot and want real forgiveness. He asks her to stand up, and makes her stand. She says she know she has hurt him, she can’t take her words back but she can say thank you for everything, siding her in all the times, finding Khushi, saving Sooraj; what had she done without him. They need him, she is so so sorry. She knows he has some lackings, he is angry, shouts and is childish. He smiles. She says he is really a good man, she is lucky to have him in life. He is elated. She says whatever the problem is, there is Karan to be with her and Sooraj is right that he is really a super-hero. She says thank you. Karan is unable to say anything in courtesy. He asks her to go home, she says she wants his forgiveness. He laughs if he has to write on stamp-paper. She says his writing is too bad. He says she knows she is stubborn, she has made him up. She says thank you and leave. Karan is happy that she needs him.
Karan comes to hospital asking about Babay. He was in a hurry and finds Babay in the canteen. He was cheery and tells Babay that today Amrita said to him what he always wanted to hear. She came to his home, and said that he is important to him, and she needs him. Babay asks did Amrita really said so. Karan says there is something in her heart as well. Mehr comes to hear this all. He says soon she will be molded to him, and leaves. Mehr smiles at his happiness. Mehr asks Babay is it possible, can life give a second chance. Babay asks is she saying this. Mehr says life has forwarded another chance to didi. Babay says Amrita isn’t ready for this, Mehr says her mind can even change.
Next morning, Amrita serves children breakfast. Sooraj asks why isn’t she sending him to school. He says doctor has said to him to rest. Khushi asks did she talk to Karan, Amrita says she talked to him, said sorry and they are now friends. Amrita says she had never thought Karan will be an important part of her life.

PRECAP: Amrita takes Karan for tests, but Karan holds her hands and says I am in love with you Amrita. She is shocked and turns back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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