Hamari Sister Didi 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Babay was reading a book. Amrita asks what is she doing in the morning. Babay says she thought Dimple will make her worried, so she thought about coming here to study. Amrita tells her Mummy ji gave this to her at the time of Surgi. Babay says we all get what we want, but at times, it is a bit late. Amrita says she is happy for whatever is coming to her. She changes, and goes to take a round.
Karan wakes up, but the noise of Amrita mixing coffee for him. He sits up and asks she doesn’t have anything else to do in hospital. She smiles, comes to him and gives him the cup. He holds it, but Amrita disappears. He wonders has he been dreaming of her even while awake, he must adjust the dose of medicine. He comes out of the shower, and dresses up when Amrita comes into his room. She asks where

he is going, he looks at her for a while then says he is going to hospital. She is shocked, then says he is right. She will get his breakfast ready in the hospital. She goes to bring water for his medicine, and watches the keys there. She picks them up, gives him the water and locks him. He asks what is he doing. She says she can’t argue with him, he must rest inside. Karan is left calling, and struggling with the door.
Mehr runs after Maliks. She asks why she sent her there. Malika was excited, and asks did he say I love you to her. Mehr says he did. Babay comes there with the sweet. Malika says she is fasting Karwa Chot. They laugh, and ask for whom this year. Malika says she fasts for a single person every year, who will hold her in his hands. Amrita comes there too; Dimple passes by and asks her to make some lists with her. Amrita goes behind her. Amrita places the lists; Dimple comes again to ask her to go. Amrita checks the BP of a patient. Malika brings breakfast for Amrita, she asks her to place it on a side.

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Mehr helps Kiara to walk. Kiara she won’t be able to do it. Mehr says that it is just like in the childhood. Veer comes to look at her, Mehr smiles looking at him. He leaves smiling. Kiara says this inspector comes here quite often. Mehr says he is on duty here. Kiara says is he on duty of love. Mehr says she must not say anything to her. Kiara says she is grown up now; she must treat his illness of love as well. She says that Mehr had told her to live again; she must also not bind herself to one thing. Mehr thinks about Veer asking her to dance.
Amrita asks Veer does he think Karan is still in danger. Veer says he has employed huge security in hospital, but he is answerable to his seniors too. He must ask Karan about his statement. Amrita says he is must worried now, and asks Veer for two day time.
Karan closes his eyes, sitting on his couch. He watches Amrita in his dream, opens his eyes. Amrita stand smiling at him. He stands up looking at her, as she prepares for his medicine. He says he watches her everywhere. She smiles, and gives him the injection. He says he doesn’t even feel the injection. She smiles again, he looks at her intently. She smiles, and leaves him smiling. The door opens, Amrita stands there. Karan is taken aback, looks around and asks what is she doing there. Amrita asks who he was expecting, he asks him not to shout as she is already much tired and came to give him injection. He looks at her intently, if she is really there. She asks him to sit, he shouts at the injection and says she is already there. He tells her he is cooked. She asks him to call a friend, he must have one; as he has lived in many cities. He looks at a cone in her pocket, and asks about it. She tells him it is for Malika, as she is fasting for Karwa Chot. He is silent, and asks her if she is alright. She nods, and asks him permission for a question.
Babay comes to inform here, there was an accident at Highway and there are a lot of patients.

PRECAP: Dimple watches Amrita binding arm-strain to Karan’s arm, in the hospital.

Update Credit to: Sona

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