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Amrita tells Mrs. Kapoor that she doesn’t trust this man at all. She says he has already mistaken once, a patient lost his life. Karan was shocked at hearing this. Amrita asks what will she do if his hands start to shiver, because Sooraj has personal relation with him. She tells Karan she wont let him repeat his mistake. Karan says she must let a doctor fulfil his responsibility and goes inside. She stops him and says he won’t do Sooraj’s surgery. He jerks her hand off and says he will do Sooraj’s surgery. Amrita knocks at the door, and calls him not to do the surgery. Mrs. Kapoor stops her and says she must not let her ego come between necessity, they need to trust Karan right now. Khushi also says Karan has always helped them, he will make him worried. Amrita didn’t accept, as Mrs.

Kapoor asks her to have trust on him, he is a skilled doctor.
Karan thinks about what Amrita had accused him off, as he begins the surgery. He gets a flashback of his mistaken surgery. He remembers the time Amrita wanted him to be courageous. He was lost when the nurse tells him that the heart beat is dropping. Karan closes his eyes.
Amrita asks the doctor to look inside for surgery as she doesn’t want him to operate. The surgeon says he trusts him as Karan is one of the best doctors in town. Karan looks at Sooraj, and notices the heartbeat going slow. He asks the sister to pump out water as soon as possible, else infection might spread. Sooraj begins to breath again, Karan is relieved. He takes his mask off, and comes out of OT. Amrita asks how is Sooraj, Karan was silent and heads to leave. Amrita holds his hand, he jerks it and leaves. The nurse comes out of OT and says Sooraj is out of control.
They were all sitting besides Sooraj waiting for him to come to consciousness. Khushi asks about Karan, she says Sooraj is safe because of him only. Mrs. Kapoor also says that he took quick decisions and saved Sooraj. Amrita agrees and says she will just find him, and say thankyou to him. Mrs. Kapoor asks her to say sorry as well. Amrita says she is right, she will go and talk to him.
Karan comes out of hospital, thinking that this was all between them. She brought his secret out, ruining all the professional secrecy and the trust of a friend, he will never forgive her. Amrita comes running behind him but Karan gets into a car and asks the driver to go to railway station. Amrita turns to see Khushi behind. Amrita says he must have something important. Khushi asks her to call him, she says she will say sorry and thankyou to him as well. A sister comes to announce their child is conscious now.
In the room, Sooraj says he hasn’t still got what he asked Mata Raani and until it gets fulfilled he can’t come back home. She asks what he asked, SOoraj says he wants her mama to get her job back. Khushi says she didn’t lose it, but Sooraj says she has lost her job. Khushi asks this is the reason of tension between her and Dr. Karan. Amrita says they don’t need to worry, she will get a new job soon. Khushi says yes, she will get it real soon. They all hug each other.
Sooraj stood aside, as Amrita was praying. Amrita brings him to her and smiles hugging him when the peon announces that the taxi is here. Mehr and Babay were standing at the door, when Amrita comes out of taxi. Babay complains that she didn’t tell her even, and thought they wont know even. Mehr and Babay were worried, Babay scolds Sooraj that he will take Babay’s life. Amrita says she was so busy and worried, they were just in hospital there and couldn’t think about telling her. Sooraj says he is alright and just have cough. Amrita says Babay will make qara for him. Mehr says Babay has brought Sarson ka Saag and Makai ki roti. Babay says she know, Karan told her that she was hungry at Mata Rani. They all go inside.
Amrita says she can’t know where Karan brought him from, Mrs. Kapoor says one must thank God. Amrita gets a call from Muskaan Hospital, it was Mr. Gupta. She assures of coming in a while. She looks at Babay.

PRECAP: Amrita comes to hospital and has a confrontation with Amrita. He was enraged looking at her, and leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona

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