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Amrita asks Karan why is he so serious. He says he told her that he doesn’t want a selfie. She asks is why is he always in a bad mood, the kids come to take a selfie with her, she takes Karan in the frame as well. Veer thinks that he has considered them theirs, how can he say a big thing to them. He comes near Amrita and Karan, and calls them for something important. Dimple also follows, asking what is it about. Veer takes them along.
In the ward, Kabir calls Khushi in dizziness. Amrita recognizes that this is Kabir, Khushi’s friend. He was about to come to funcition. Veer says he had an over dose, Karan asks is it drug. The doctor says medicines. Amrita asks Dr. Anil will he be online. He tells her that the boy has been addicted to the medicine for a long time, and it is a sample

medicine. Veer says it has even been leaked from the same medicine; Dimple is it from Muskan, really. She thinks about her conversation with Bobby. Amrita looks at Veer, who it can be. Veer says it is Khushi. They were all shocked at this. Dimple and Karan look at each other, Amrita is disturbed.
The friends thanks Khushi for inviting them here. She makes them meet dadi, Mrs. Kapoor asks did they have cake. Malika asks Khushi her boyfriend Kabir didn’t come. Khushi says he isn’t her boyfriend.
Amrita says Khushi is her daughter, she can never do this. Veer says the boy was taking Khushi’s name. Amrita says this doesn’t prove Khushi did it. Dimple says all the evidences are in front of her. Karan says to Veer, that he is faint and addicted how he can be true. Veer says he isn’t blaming, he just want to know the truth. If he had to blame, he could have told them in front of everyone. He assures Amrita he is with her, but they can’t guarantee that Khushi isn’t involved; they must handle the childrens well.
Amrita recalls that Khushi talked to her about Kabir. Dimple says that the samples were missing, and even today samples were missing; Khushi has been here from morning. She went there, for sometime. Amrita defends Khushi, but Karan asks Veer to let them treat the boy; then they will all cooperate. Dr. Anil tells them about the condition of patient, Karan asks Anil to change the blood of Kabir. Amrita says Khushi can’t do it, Dimple says they can’t say anything.
Khushi takes Sooraj’s photos, he asks about Amrita and Karan. Everyone says Dimple isn’t here as well. Amrita comes there and then, and drags Khushi inside. Everyone gets worried. Babay says there is something wrong, they all go inside.
Amrita brings Khushi inside the corridor. Khushi is shocked to see Kabir on the bed, she asks Amrita what happened to him, she had called him to the party. Amrita says he has drunk medicine, which can be addictive. A medicine which isn’t allowed to be sold in market, and he says his friend Khushi brought him the medicine. The question is, how he got the medicine. Amrita asks her to tell her the truth, did she give her the medicine. Khushi was quiet for a while, then says she didn’t know he is addicted to medicine. Everyone had come to the ward. She says God promise, I don’t know about medicine’s addiction. Amrita asks did she give him the medicine. Khushi nods, Amrita slaps her. Khushi cries, Mrs. Kapor hugs her but Amrita takes Khushi by arm and says this girl did theft in the hospital. She thought her mama wouldn’t know, she was stealing. She is her mother, she knows about her pain in sleep as well. The grand daughter of trustee, and daughter on head nurse and Dr. Avinash is stealing. Amrita cries, that what they had done if something had happened to the boy. Babay takes hold of Amrita as she was crying hard. Khushi faints, and fell on the ground. Karan holds her and asks them to take her to the other room.
A couple comes calling Amrita. Mrs. Kapoor asks what happened. Amrita comes there. The couple says they are Kabir’s parents. His father blames Amrita for being involved in crime of selling drugs to school boys. Veer comes there, and introduces himself. Karan tells them not to shout here, but he says that after father’s death, a daughter of a nurse would have thought where they will get the money now. Her mother must have taught her all this. Amrita shouts at them, enough!

PRECAP: The other boy is also found and tells them Khushi brought medicine for them. Kabir’s mother says they now know, who is mistaken.

Update Credit to: Sona

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