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Everyone welcomes Amrita, as she comes to the stage, smiling. Karan watches her intently. Dimple notices Karan, as Amrita performs. He smiles. Amrita slops in the stage and is about to fell down, Karan gets up to hold her. She tells him she had bet on him, to call him on stage. He asks was it a drama. He notices everyone calling for a performance. She asks him to start the performance. He begin to dance with her. Khushi comes to the stage as well, Sooraj following. Babay appreciates her Dr. Dian. Amrita hugs her children. Karan smiles that she made him dance too. Amrita watches Avi’s photo, and comes down the stage and goes inside. Karan follows her.
The police asks the taxi driver about a boy, showing him the shoes. The driver tells them he took a boy with an off-duty inspector. They

head to the hospital.
Amrita lights a candle on the cake, in front of Avi’s photo. He says she sees this Muskaan, he made it with utmost love. He called it his dream that the family expands. Karan comes behind her. Amrita says she will spend her whole life, to fulfill his dream. This celebration, smile is all his. This is all for him, only. Dimple comes to hear this too.
Karan leaves, unknowingly. He meets Dimple in the way. She says it is strange, sometimes we forget ourselves for someone. He has changed, but still is alone, for whom. She looks at Amrita, and says it is a hopeless change.
The inspector comes to hospital and asks about the child. The receptionist says inspector Veer brought him here. The inspector suspects on him.
Babay invite Mrs. Kapoor on stage. She says had Avi been here, he must have been very happy. It was his dream that they are living. Today, Muskaan is because of its staff and invites Karan on stage to say something. Karan goes up.
Karan says he watched the celebration preparations, and thought why they are doing it all. He asks the question to himself from day one. For Muskaan, rules and bindings are static.
Veer comes to the inspector and tells him that he found the boy on road. The inspector tells Veer that he is a drug addict. The doctor comes there and confirms it.
The inspector says the medicines were being stolen from the hospital.
Karan says that the environment like this, is called chaos in big cities. He wanted to change this chaos, but he realizes it was a big mistake. They break rules, but bind the hearts. Here, I have learnt a lot, one thing is that they have to save people’s life, it shouln’t necessarily come under rules.
Kabir wakes up. Veer asks his name. Kabir was reluctant, the inspector gives him his card. Veer calls him Kabir. He asks him to answer some question.
He appreciate the passion of the staff. He saw the doctors and nurses treating patients as their family. He started to consider them as his staff, but time changed the thought. He knew this thought was only Avi’s. Avi was his crazy best friend. He only talked about idealism, but he got to know his world here. He is only a Dr. Karan Oberoi, who is trying to get the thinking. Amrita couldn’t stop her tears. Karan says he will opt this dream, only for Avi.
Amrita comes to Karan, she asks he did it all for Avi. Thank you so much from Avi. Sooraj calls her, and she leaves. Karan turns to watch her.
Veer asks Kabir where he got the medicines. He tells him that he must be mistaken but he must cooperate with police, else they will take him to jail and his track record will be ruined. Kabir says Khushi brought the medicines for him. Her mother is a nurse at Muskaan.
Amrita calls for a selfie, Karan denies but Amrita insists. They all take him, and they take a selfie with him.

PRECAP: Amrita recognize this is Khushi’s friend. Veer tells her it is Khushi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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