Hamari Sister Didi 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Khushi give Kabir the medicines carefully.
karan says to AMrita they must rule out the culprit, it is their duty to catch the thief.
Khushi says she gave him the full box, but her mama will suspect. She asks him to come on hospital day, he promises.
Karan watches the arrangements, a man congratulates him for Hospital day. Amrita instructs about the arrangements to staff. His eyes stay on her for a while.
Amrita meets a lady, she says today all the patients forget about all their pains. The lady points Dimple, everyone else turns to watch her too. Amrita also laughs.
Dimple catches Bobby, as he brings a lady. Pummy ji says she must let her be here. Dimple says she can’t sit for long, it is doctor’s orders. Pummy aunty asks Amrita, she says Muskaan is

her home, and she is an elder here. Karan comes there, and scolds Bobby as it isnt good for Pummy aunty to be here. He says they have kept a special seat for her, a bed on the balcony. She must lie down there, everyone cheers. Amrita says thank you to Karan. Dimple dislikes.
Mehr waits for Veer, Krishna comes there. She says her heart is beating fast, he teases her. Malika comes dressed up, Mehr is left open mouthed watching her. Bobby also appreciates Malika’s dress. They notice Dimple staring and watching her. They both were in the same dress. Dimple says she is wearing original dress, she got from US for $500. Bobby assures Malika she looks beautiful.
Dimple says to Karan he is always in search of someone. He tells her to smile, and not be so serious on the day of celebration. Mrs. Kapoor comes there, and appreciates the arrangments. Karan says it is done by Amrita. He is also a guest here, Mrs. Kapoor says he must sit with her. Mehr keeps waiting for Veer, thinking about the anklet he had given. Babay teases her, that he will come. Mehr says he is never late, he might not come. Babay says he waited a lot, Mehr says it is her turn, but she is sure he will come here.
Kabir lies drunk in medicine addiction. They notice the police approaching, and run. The leave their medicine bottles there. The inspector runs after the boys.
The function starts. Babay hosts the show. Amrita tells Khushi to get ready as it was their performance. Khushi was lost. Amrita sends the children on stage. THe play begin.
In the middle Khushi had lines, that she will help her friend at any cost. She gets into Kabir’s thoughts and is lost. Amrita asks her to say her lines. Khushi says this is wrong. Khushi asks is nothing wrong in friendship, does the lies get true in friendship. What rule has God made for friendship, she must go to the other dangerous jungle.
Kabir and friend hide from the police.
Kiara and Amrita watch Khushi lost.

Update Credit to: Sona

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