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Babay asks children about the preparations. Sooraj says they have done tremendous preparation. Amrita tells Babay mummy ji have given them a superb idea. Khushi takes an opportunity, then Kabir’s text. Amrita notices where is Khushi lost, and tells her to go with Sooraj. The peon says Karan has called the whole staff.
The inspector tells the team, that the representatives of the companies provides samples of these medicines regularly to the three hospitals. They must visit there.
Karan says he knows Avi used to give them all bonus, but he is afraid that this year. He stops. They were all worried at once. He says they will be granted bonus, a bit lesser that that from each year. He hands them all their cheques. He says he knows the staff gives the hospital a lot. Lalit gave them

the funds, but it has been used in daily running of the hospital. They did an accdident case, where they provided free medical to everyone. He is only able to give this much fund to the hospital, he is sorry. Amrita watches her cheque, then places her cheque besides Karan. They all do this. Karan asks what are they doing. Babay says what she will do about it, she will take it when she needs it. Karan says this bonus is their right. Amrita says they can get it any times, they will take it later. Bobby is reluctant to give his bonus back, Karan says he needs it, he must keep it. Bobby says needs will get fulfilled, when the hospital remains. Dimple asks are they serious to return the bonus.
Amrita says Muskan is a family, they gets salaries when Muskan remains. Once the finiacial crisis are over, they will happily take it. Karan says they think about hospital a lot, thank you. Amrita says they must think about their family themselves.
At the hospital, there is a dengue case. Amrita comes to take over. The friends curse each other, for going to jungle. They tell Amrita they are film students. She scolds them, they make documentaries on dengue. She tells them they can’t go home, for two to three weeks. They gets tensed that their project, they have to make a documentary. She suggests that they must shoot it here, by finding a good story. She switch their camera on, and says they themselves are the heroes. Karan watcher her, she passes him out when he was lost. He say he was watching her performance, she tells him to take his performance’s tension. He says there is no chance. She says this is a rule that the head doctor has to perform must.

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Khushi is worried, that Kabir is in much hurry. Sooraj helps Kiara practice. He says she will be a super star after the performance. Khushi takes their leave.
Amrita asks about Karan’s performance. He says she must keep it in her duty list, that she must not worry Karan. She says this is her bonus. Dimple hears this. The peon announces there is police in the hospital.
Khushi enters the store room, and finds the medicines. She is worried, and apologizes baba ji for stealing, but her friend’s mother needs them.
Karan says they only use medicines after writing them down. The inspector says they must check their inventory, may be some staff member is stealing them.
Khushi opens a drawer when a nurse comes in. She hides behind the shelves, and goes to drawers again. She can’t find the medicines. Amrita says the staff can’t steal the medicines. Dimple says their records are up to dated. Karan promises to cooperate with them. Amrita asks what kind of people will sell the medicines for addcition. Dimple tells Karan that two bottles are missing.
Khushi finds the medicine box. The box was sealed.
Dimple says it can be Bobby, as he is needy. Amrita corrects her that they all returned their bonus to hospital. No one can make money, but selling two bottles. Karan stops them both, and says they must find out the reasons.

PRECAP: Karan says they have to rule it out, they have to catch it. Khushi gives medicines to Kabir.

Update Credit to: Sona

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