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Amrita says she will break his hands, if he holds hands on her. She is Jezzy’s childhood friend. Aman pushes Amrita who goes to Karan. Karan watches him with anger. Amrita stops him, saying this is Jezzy’s fight, they must let her fight. Aman takes Jezzy inside, she jerks his arm and says she is no longer the older Jezzy. He tells her to wait, he won’t leave her today. He takes his belt off, and wounds it around his hand. Karan asks him to stop, he looks at him and holds the hand. Jezzy takes his hand in the air. Babay bucks her up. She snatches the belt, and says this is enough. She wounds the belt around her hand and hold it up. Aman covers his face, Jezzy stops. She asks is he afraid, she isn’t weak like him to hold hand on someone else. He had to show his manhood to her, by beating

her. She doesn’t have to do this all. She could have killed her long before, by poisoning him. But she won’t beat him even today, she isn’t an animal like him. Police will punish him, she will tell the whole world what is the reality of a man, who loves his wife. She says she won’t keep quiet, until he gets punished as he ruined her life. He leaves aside, while Jezzy cries. Amrita comes to her and hugs her. Karan asks Bobby to get the police. Police says to Karan, that they have taken his complaint. Karan requests them not to leave him. Jezzy thanks Amrita, Amrita says that she has done what ladies can never done for their lifetime. She asks her to stay like this, and never lose herself for a man. Jezzy says if they hadn’t done that drama about kidnapping, she couldn’t get anything. Dimpla asks what drama, Jezzy tells her everything. She says their drama freed her today. Amrita says she writes well, she must write poems and ghazals. Karan asks what the difference in both is. Jezzy says he will know, when she will write. She says she will write her story, that love isn’t everything respect is. She says to Karan, that the girl he will marry will be really lucky. Karan smiles. She says she is Jassi from Jazz again, invites Amrita home. Karan asks Bobby to take her home. Dimple asks them to do some work, if the drama curtain are down. Malika says there is a lot of work related to hospital day. They were all excited and leave for work. Amrita thanks Karan, Karan says in friendship there is no sorry, no thank you. She asks how many time, he watched the movie. He says he left the counting, after six times.
Kabir and friend sit drunk. The inspector says to his fellows, that they must find about it. He scolds him to get where the medicines come from. Kabir says to friend that Khushi is a good girl, she will be badly caught.
Karan says to Amrita he did something for the first time, beyond his duty. For once, he thought is will be useless. He makes coffee for both. She says he made her understand it so well, she could never have. He says at least someone understand her. She appreciates the coffee, and heads to leave. He asks what she is performing, she asks what he performed was commendable last time but he must come prepared this time.
SOoraj and Amrita come to Khushi, who was reading story book. She hides her story book behind. Amrita asks to show, but Khushi says it is nothing and complains that she has come so late, they had to do a lot of practices. Sooraj says to Amrita, she is the one to leave preparation in the last moment. Amrita accepts the mistake, and asks the children to think about something. Sooraj suggests her to become superman. Khushi tells Amrita to dance. Amrita says that she must suggest something, to make the day special. Mrs. Kapoor watches them intently, smiling. Amrita says to children that they don’t help her. Sooraj says they aren’t getting any idea. Khushi says she must not always get senti. Mrs. Kapoor takes a magazine, places it in front of Sooraj and goes to bring milk. Khushi says this is a great idea, as it said they must do Joy Dance. Amrita hugs Sooraj, that one gets idea if one wishes for it truly. He watches Mrs. Kapoor and smiles.

PRECAP: Khushi steals medicines again. Karan denies the inspector that the medicines are being stolen from their hospital. Amrita also says that no one steals here, as this hospital’s staff is like a family.

Update Credit to: Sona

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