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Amrita and Babay are shocked to hear, Aman announces he is getting Jezzy discharged. Amrita says that she needs to keep under observation for one more day. Aman says they are just increasing their bills, his wife needs to rest at home. He sits beside her, and asks will she drink anything. While leaving, Amrita and Babay discuss about having to discuss something.
The inspector comes with a lady, that she wants to register FIR. Veer doesn’t look up, while Mehr keeps standing. He stands up looking at her, and offers her a seat. He asks is everything alright. She says something is missing, that belongs to her. He asks for the report. She asks does she need to tell him. She says tomorrow, there is hospital day in Muskan, she might find it there. She invites him, saying she will wait for

him. He stands up, while she leaves.
In the hospital, Jezzy was on bed and asks Aman for water. Aman says these people take much formalities. She thinks she will take it herself, and comes to take the glass. She feels pain on her side, and the glass slips her hand. She says sorry to him, while Aman stands up and slaps her hard. Amrita and Karan watches this. He was about to enter the room, when Amrita stops him. They enter the room, together. Jezzy was crying, Aman invites Karan inside. Amrita says Karan will do the check up after which the discharge papers will be prepared. Aman hugs Jezzy, and asks her to tell Karan she is fine. Karan says they will see.
Karan says to Jezzy, that she might know her internal bruises better than him. Aman asks when they can leave. Amrita says paper work will take time. She tells Jezzy, that report will come in a while after which she will be able to go with her husband. Karan leaves, while Amrita holds Jezzy’s hand which she held tightly too. Aman deters Jezzy, that she and Amrita were stuck together, he will tell her at home. Karan hears this, and says to Amrita they will have to do something.
At night, Jezzy got ready to leave in the room. She thinks why she cry, her luck contains big house, bigger car and even bigger pains. The lights get off, she calls someone, Aman or sister di. Someone approaches her from behind and place a cloth on her face. It was a man, who asks her to be quiet else he will hurt her with the knife. They take her into the car, she struggles on them to leave her. She asks the masked men to leave her, else her husband will give them the asked amount of money. They tease her, that her husband doesn’t care for her. Jezzy listens for a while, then holds a rod to hit him. Amrita holds her hand, and removes her mask. Jezzy is shocked to see her, and drops the rod. The other man was Karan. The third, Bobby and the fourth was Babay. Amrita says to Jezzy, that she became a lioness to save herself. Jezzy asks who are they, to do this. Amrita says they are her friends, she was able to defend herself then why is she suffering all his beatings. Karan says they are with her, but she must take the stand. Bobby asks who is he, to snatch her smiles. Jezzy says he knows nothing. Karan asks what they don’t know, that he is her husband. Husband is the one, who completes her life. Amrita looks at Karan. He asks she thinks he loves her, those who loves respect her. Had he loved her, he would have broken a single hand beating her, nor that he beats her, himself. Why is she being a servant to him, this relation is of being equal. Why she allows him to hold his hand on her. Amrita says this is God gifted life, she has to live is happily. Jezzy asks where she will go. Amrita says they all stand behind her, she will have to take the first step and fight.
Aman comes to the room, finds Jezzy’s mobile in the room and says he won’t leave her today.
Jezzy tells Amrita, she doesn’t want to do anything and leaves. She comes back to the hospital corridor, thinking about what Karan had said. Aman takes her in the corridor, and asks why she went away without telling him, did she tell anything to anyone. Jezzy thinks about what Amrita had said; why is she suffering, she must fight.
She takes her hand off Aman’s with a jerk. She says to Aman, she won’t go with him anywhere. She is fed up of living with him. He holds his hand on her, but Amrita holds it. Karan and the staff appears on the place.

PRECAP: Aman says he thinks the nurses have made her out of the mind, he takes the belt to beat her but Jezzy snatches it from his hand.

Update Credit to: Sona

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