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Malika flirts with Aman, indulging him in talk. Karan leaves Jezzy inside and heads to go. Amrita tells him he is out, they can’t leave like this. Amrita says that they must jump from the window. Karan argues that he is the head doctor here. Babay takes Bobby, to go from the window. Amrita requests Karan to go too. He resists, then goes from the window. Aman tells Malika he is fine now. Aman comes inside, and asks Amrita how is Jezzy. Aman notices the other stretcher in the room, then looks at Jezzy. He heads to his laptop.
Karan argues with Amrita that his clothes got tore because of her. She smiles that he isn’t their spider man, but doctor man. She tells him that it was all possible because of him today. He says that all her plans aren’t always useless. Amrita says one must

always go on the heart’s path. Dimple watches them. Amrita tells him she will pay for his shirt. He says she will have to buy him the new shirt.
Amrita gets Veer’s call. He waits for Amrita, and apologizes for not picking her phone. Veer asks is Karan alive. Amrita thinks about Aaliya, she tells him that he is alive and will remain. He asks what is it about. Amrita says it wasn’t a big deal, she has even forgotten. Veer asks is she serious, is Karan in danger. She denies, that it wasn’t a big this. He says she must tell him, if needed. Amrita says to herself, sorry Veer, Aaliya is gone, what is the use of scratching her bruises. She turns around to see Aaliya coming to the hospital.
Amrita comes to Aaliya and asks she promised she won’t come here again. Aaliya says she came to meet her. Amrita asks so late. Aaliya says she knows her duty is at night, as she stalked Karan so much. She wanted to thank the person, who made her fire cool down. She wants to thank Amrita for showing her a new way, she must ask sorry from Karan. She won’t come here again, and will look after Aaryan’s parents. Amrita asks Aaliya to make her pain, her strength. They hug each other, Amrita leaves. Aaliya says that atleast now, she will remove police from her. When she will forget that some Aryan had an Aaliya, she will return and then she won’t be able to forget her again. She tears the tickets she just showed to Amrita.
Dimple comes to Karan’s room, and asks why he got so irresponsible. She says that Amrita’s dramas are good only in films. He will be suspended if anything happens tomorrow. Karan stands up and says she doesn’t understand Amrita. She stays in her limit’s line, just tests the water on the other side for some minutes. Dimple asks him to open his eyes, before it is too late and leaves.
In the morning, Karan asks for the round patient’s list. Amrita comes and asks about Jezzy’s report. Karan says she was right, she has broken injuries, rib broken. Babay says she had abortions for four to five times as well. Karan says in such state, her injuries will multiply like this and there can be only one reason, to be hurt on one side again and again. Amrita says that she knew she is hurt, her husband hold her the way he is trying to remind her about something. Someone is beating her, that is why she has injury on the single point.
Dimple asks Bobby how is it possible, he must check again. Bobby says bottles aren’t here, he counted and reminds it well. Dimple says he knows it can be a big issue, police is strict these days about it.
Amrita and Babay come to the room. Amrita tells Babay she was the champion in word game. Babay leaves, Jezzy remids that she wasn’t the champion. They begin. Amrita says Shaadi. Jezzy says Barbadi. Amrita stops, then says Pati. Jezzy says Dard.
Malika says she thought he loves her a lot. Babay says the men thinks they feed the woman, so they get a right to beat her. She recalls that she couldn’t bear a child, so he beat her daily and made her realize that she lacks something. Mehr says she was handicapped, so he left her. Malika says her dad wanted a boy, so he left her and her mother. Babay says daily beating, she could never have the courage to leave her. She thought the new generation will be change, but it is still the same.
Amrita asks Jezzy that she must not hide everything, and lighten her heart. She is her friend, and will be able to help her. Jezzy cries, and says once he started to beat her, beat her daily. People thought she was very happy, she hugs Amrita and cries.

PRECAP: Amrita and Jezzy talk to each other, Aman comes there with the bouquet and hear the conversation.

Update Credit to: Sona

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