Hamari Sister Didi 1st November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Karan was walking in his room, and wonders who in Patiala, is asking about him; this is so strange. He looks into the internet and finds a post reading which he is shuts the door immediately. Amrita comes with his medicine, he shouts can’t she come after knocking. She asks why is he so worried, he leaves the room saying he just needs some space. She wonders what happens to this man, opens the laptop to find out why he is so worried. She reads the post, the truth about Dr. Karan Oberoi, he is a murderer. She is shocked and clicks the video. Before it can open, Karan asks what she is doing. Amrita says what is in this, that he is so worried. She asks why she opened his laptop without permission. Suddenly the video is played. Karan was drunk, and boasted about his being a legend. Amrita looks

at his skeptically, he laughs that this all is a courtesy of social media.

He comes into the living room, getting the flashback of OT again. Amrita comes behind; he turns and asks what it is. She must first look into his details on internet, and then we will move on. Amrita asks what he thought, was in the video that made him so worried. Karan asks why she is asking his very personal details, he isn’t interested in her informal life. He shouts at her to leave, and isn’t listening to her. She tells him strictly to stop it, and shut up. He knows well, she is more stubborn than him and knows she won’t leave like this. She tells him to lie down. He sits on the couch; she tells him to lie down, sits besides his couch, holds his hand and tells him to relax. She sings, he asks her Hello! What is it. She says when my children listen this, they relax. She says he is even younger than her children, she says that a nurse’s care is like a mother’s. She makes him close his eyes, and sings for him.

After a while, he asks why is she doing this all. She wants to make a way into his heart. She says she doesn’t do it to everyone. The hospital needs him well soon. He says when he will die, there will come a new one. She says Dr. Karan is a single piece. He looks into her eyes. She says no one can take his place, and tells him to close his eyes. He doesn’t close them, she puts her hands to make them close and begin singing again. After a while, he has fallen asleep clutching her hand between both his hands. She gets it freed, carefully.

The next morning, Amrita says Dimple took good revenge from her. At 4 am, one can neither be there at night, nor day. Mrs. Kapoor comes there. She tells her to sleep, as she has prepared the lunch of the children and her breakfast. Mrs. Kapoor asks did she eat anything. She says she will look for it in hospital. Mrs. Kapoot stops her, and gives her apple to eat. Amrita says she always waited for her Surgi, every year on Karwa Chot. Mrs. Kapoor asks is it Karwa Chot. She nods and says she used to get ready, Avi was with her. When she is getting the Surgi, Avi isn’t… She says he must be very happy. She touches her feet, and says she must sleep as it isn’t 4 am yet. Mrs. Kapoor goes inside. Amrita looks at Avi’s photo. She says she fasted for him each year, every year he made fun that if fasting made people well, who would need a doctor. This time, she wants to fast, maybe he calls her from somewhere making fun; I miss you Avi, and shows her the apple saying this is Surgi, mummy ji gave. She says he is there, always with her.

Amrita comes to hospital, and marks her attendance on the register. Her phone bell rings, it was Dimple. She gives her a list of work about the stock room, ward duty and OPD. Amrita says OPD is a full time duty. Dimple says she must manage it. Dimple says she will have to see the maternity ward too, and must also not make calls during duty time. Amrita taunts, that this will make her pour her professional irritation on them.

PRECAP: Amrita comes to Karan, to ask him something. Babay comes and tells her about many casualties, in result of an accident.

Update Credit to: Sona

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