Hamari Sister Didi 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khushi gives the medicines to Kabir, she was upset. He asks why is she worried. She says she never steals, and now she has to do it for him. She was crying, that she has started to lying and stealing. He says she is his best friend, only a few people can steal for others. He tries her to calm down. She asks is he telling her the truth. He asks will he lie about his mom. She tells him to say get well soon to his mama, and promises to give him her notes. Kabir laughs when she has left.
Karan asks Amrita how can they do anything. Amrita says she isn’t allowing them to touch her. She suggests that they can get her MRI. Karan asks why she intervene in everyone’s matter. He asks what if he disagrees. She says she will do it even then. He says she must do it then, he heads to move forward

then turns to smile at her. She cheers that he agreed.
Kabir drinks the medicine and lies unconscious on the road side.
Amrita and the staff see that Jezzy’s husband is there, in her room. They are worried, that they need only 30 minutes. Malika says he loves his wife so much. Amrita says that too much love is mostly show off. Karan comes to join them all, he looks at Amrita, winks and goes inside.
Karan comes to Jezzy’s husband, he asks can he take her home. Karan says that they have removed the cyst, but they have a risk. He asks him to come to his cabin, he will tell him about the risks and precautions and will take his history. Aman asks him to tell him here. Karan smiles, that he loves his wife but his papers are in the cabin. He points at Amrita to take Jezzy.
Aman asks Karan that he left his mobile there, the nursing staff shifted Jasmit to the stretcher. Aman comes to take the mobile, but his phone rings in his pocket. Karan takes him to his cabin, and makes a coffee for him. He says that the operation was about the cyst. Aman was in a hurry, and wasn’t ready to listen to Karan. Karan says he has important information to tell him. He says they must take care about having children.
Amrita waits outside the scan room. Karan takes some time and asks Amrita how much time. She writes 10 minutes. Karan holds Aman for a while. Aman comes to the room, Babay lied there with sheet on. Aman thinks she still is unconscious. Karan looks at him, that he will know about all now. Aman goes outside the room, with his laptop. Babay prays to save her. Amrita comes there, Karan comes to her and says it is good she brought Jezzy soon. Amrita tells Karan Babay is there. Karan asks how will she bring Jezzy back from MRI.
The police searched for children. They were suspicious that children are addicted. The search the place, but the inspector doesn’t find anything. One of them, then finds a sample medicine bottle. The inspector says they must check all the hospitals and medicine shops.
Amrita looks at Jezzy working on his laptop. The staff brings Jezzy. Aman turns to Jezzy as he watches Babay move. He thinks she is conscious. Karan asks Amrita to do something. Amrita comes to Aman, and tells him that his wife had an operation, he must go and wear gloves. He sits beside, on the bench. Babay was worried, Amrita tells her to lie down. Malika then comes forward, her tray drops near Aman. She offers to clean it, saying his pant got the medicine. He says it is ok. She asks him to come to bathroom with he. Karan asks her to turn him on the other side, she makes him sit on the bench. They take the stretcher carefully from the side. Aman watches Malika observing the nearby events.

PRECAP: Karan says Jezzy has internal injuries, Babay says she had abortions too.

Update Credit to: Sona

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