Hamari Sister Didi 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Babay discuss to Amrita about Jezzy. She had flu. She shows her suspect on her illness, and tells Amrita her husband has made the hospital a flower garden. They both laugh. Amrita comes to Jenny, she denies cooperating, but Amrita says she has come here for treatment. Her husband comes to the room, hugs her and says he was shopping for her in London. Babay watches them so does the other staff. Malika is impressed. Amrita comes and scolds them all for peeking inside.
In the morning, Karan comes out of bath, when Amrita arrives. She says sorry, but he scolds her not to knock the door. She says he didn’t lock it even. They both smile.
Khushi comes to the hospital, thinking about Kabir. Babay asks her what happened, but she was disturbed. Dimple comes there, asks Khushi she is

again here. Babay says she came to give the lunch, Dimple asks her to leave now. Amrita comes there, but promises to come to her after sometime.
Amrita comes to Jezzy’s room, she was in pain. Amrita asks what happened to her, Jezzy says her diamond hurt her on her skin. Amrita says pain doesn’t decrease, when you hide it; why is she hiding and from whom. Jezzy says to Amrita to recall the time of childhood, she always said there is no good in running behind money but love. She must look at her, she has been left so far behind. Amrita sits beside her, and says that happiness are like the pain, no one can see them. If she wants to show she is really happy, she will accept it. Her diamond’s shine is more that the shine of her happiness.
Khushi comes to Karan’s cabin, hiding everyone. Dimple just enters the room. She takes the medicines she require and is about to leave the room.
Amrita says to Jezzy that they played the doll’s game, they can play it again. She will tell her one day, what her pain is. Amrita says her eyes still show the crazy Jasmit, who couldn’t hide anything from her Ammu. Amrita observes Jasmeet, when her husband arrive. She straightens up, and tells Amrita to go away as everything is alright. She complains him about the mosquito, he shouts on Amrita. Jezzy dislikes his hug.
Karan comes to hospital; he comes across Amrita, and is lost. Amrita says I love you to him.

PRECAP: The nursing staff hears Karan saying to Jezzy’s that he loves his wife, he will show him her papers. The staff heads to take Jezzy on stretcher to know about her pain.

Update Credit to: Sona

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