Hamari Sister Didi 17th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Amrita asks Karan to go and thanks Baba. She has to pray for Aaliya. She takes his hand. He watches her throughout the time. Aaliya says she won’t let Karan die so easily, he will have to suffer each moment with pain.
Babay and Mehr see a patient off. They discuss that it is over now. Malika comes and calls Mehr. A girl argued with Bobby, saying her husband is a VIP and needs a separate room. Bobby goes to call doctor. They all watch the lady, fully dressed up. She comes to Bobby again, they dicuss that she has a little operation of fibroid. Malika imagines herself in her dress.
Kabir and his friend sit together. Kabir notices Khushi coming and hide the bottle. The girl come there eating icecream. They were worried, but the girls back up.
Dimple tries to contact Karan,

the patient read the letter aloud. Dimple goes irritated. Malika says that this is being rich, each flower is 40 rs each. The patient, Jeny asks isn’t here any suite. Dimple comes and asks why so much noise is here. Malika says she needs a suite. Dimple asks them to come out, she will watch it. Babay notices, that she has pain in her stomach. Jany denies showing her, and asks her to leave. She lay down.
Khushi writes her diary, that lying is wrong but she cant let down her friend Kabir. Sooraj had gone to bring Dadi mama’s glasses to show her a drawing. Amrita works in the kitchen. Sooraj tells Amrita that gum ended, Amrita laughs that not Khushi is left. Sooraj gets saddened. Amrita says she will make a sweet chashni, it will get stuck so well. Amrita makes fun, he must keep ants away. They all laugh, Amrita asks Mrs. Kapoor why is she hiding her smile. Mrs. Kapoor says that sweet chashni sticks the project, not relations. Amrita asks Sooraj to make a bridge on lake too.
Mehr stops, a lady called Veer. It was another man, but Mehr gets saddened. Malika comes and teases her by singing, Mehr leaves.
At night, Karan sits in his lawn smiling. He had a heart balloon which he makes fly, and smiles. Amrita Aaliya watches him from the gate and says she will take the smile from his face. He left her die each moment, by killing her Aryan. She will give him death, but the next time she will come prepared. arrives there, Karan cheers up thinking he is watching her all around. Amrita keeps her scooty aside, then feels something. She heads to pick the litter. Aaliya thinks she will see how Amrita saves Karan.

PRECAP: Amrita comes to Karan in hospital, and says I love you to him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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