Hamari Sister Didi 15th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Amrita looks worriedly for Karan. Karan was thinking about what Aryan’s mother had said. He prays and sits on a side. Amrita asks everyone about Karan. Karan thinks about the face of Aryan, dead. He thinks that no one goes empty handed from here, he wants a signal that he has been forgiven. The flower leaflets blow with wind. Amrita comes across the netted wall and says please come to her Karan.
There Amrita calls police station, and asks about Veer, then hangs on giving them a message to call Amrita. She was running, when she hits a lady’s shoulder and a gun fell off her hand. Amrita looks at her, then the gun. She had her picture in hand. Amrita asks You? I know, why you want to take Karan’s life. The girl says she must also know that she won’t leave Patiala, without leaving

her. Amrita says that Karan isn’t a God, but a doctor. The lady says she won’t let him go, she will make him suffer in pain in front of her.
Karan dances the way people in the mazaar were doing. The lady looks at the gun, picks it up and goes the other side. Amrita stops the lady who now moved to Karan. Amrita stops the lady-Aaliya and asks will Aryan live again with her, by killing Karan. Will he laugh with her again. Aaliya says she just want Karan dead. Amrita says she knows her pain, and has gone through it. Aaliya says Aryan was murdered, Karan played with her Aryan’s life. He wants to show himself as a big doctor, he erased her Aryan’s all dreams. The heart breaks, but the pain prevails in the whole body. Amrita says she might not be able to understand her pain, she has her Avi’s memories, her children. Aaliya cries that she and Aryan didn’t even get a chance to begin their life, she kneels down. She says a moment it took, and her Aryan left her. She stands up and says that she will kill Karan, and if she comes in her way, she will kill her too. Amrita asks what will happen next. She will go to jail, will remain there alone with her pain. She will be left with no way to lessen her pains. Aryan has left, she is alive her pain is. Taking a life, the pain will penetrate in her and Aryan’s families. Aaliya cries hard. Amrita shows her her photo, her family’s, her friend’s photos, this is the real Aaliya. Did she think about her family, they will have to suffer the same pain she is going through. Aaliya says she herself isn’t unable to live with this pain. Amrita says this pain is her companion, she must make it her power. Aryan is watching her everywhere, everytime. He doesn’t want her to take someone’s life, he just want her to be happy. She sits down, and asks Aryan to tell what she must do. Amrita hugs her, and tells her to breathe. She must let him go, this way he will be hers. Aaliya leaves Amrita, she goes behind her. Aaliya puts the gin in the dustbin. Amrita says now her injuries will be filled soon. She tells her to take care of herself, and thanks Baba ji.
Amrita looks for Karan now, and finds him. She smiles, goes to him and hugs him. He is shocked, then places his hands on her back. She tells him that she has forgiven him. He asks who Aaliya, she shows him the photo. She tells him Aryan, she is his fiancé. She was angry at him, and wanted to take revenge from him. She searched him on facebook, and Aaliya had written about mazaar in a status. She found Aaliya, she had a pistol and wanted to take his life. She wanted to take revenge, but she isn’t a bad girl but injured. Her words worked on her as an ointment, she has forgiven him. He is free now. Karan asks where is she. Aaliya looks from the tree. Amrita says she has left, but forgiving him. Karan hugs Amrita, Aaliya watches this. .

PRECAP: Amrita and Karan come to mazar hand in hand. Aaliya says if Karan dies, his pain will end up. She will make him suffer, each and every moment of his life.

Update Credit to: Sona

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