Hamari Sister Didi 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karan tells Amrita he feels someone is watching him. Amrita asks who can it be, someone from Aryan’s family. He says they are big people, but he doesn’t know. They were sitting on swings. She asks him how high can he ride. He says he is injured. She says he forgets his injuries at the time of work, he is afraid right now. He smiles, and they take the challenge and begin taking highs swings. They enjoy it.
He tells her he has to go to mazaar tomorrow. He says he go there every month on 9th. That incident happened at that date. Sooraj calls Amrita, Karan asks her to go inside.
Amrita was preparing breakfast, she thought about looking for Aryan and see if they can really search anyone of facebook, by using Khushi’s id. She writes the name, and is shocked to see the guy. She

says he was write, he is such a good looking person and left so early. She looks for his friends, a status said there will be all the answers on the mazaar. She thinks Karan is also going on mazaar and fears what is going to happen.
Karan gets ready thinking about the OT incident. He gets a call, and stammers while answering. The man asks is it Karan Oberoi, says he knows he is there. It was Aryan’s father, and asks him to speak. He says he is Aryan’s dad, he sends them things to their house. He doesn’t need this all for their forgiveness. He asks him to move on. Aryan’s mother says they don’t want it, they just want him to pray for his peace. His father says that doctors aren’t God, he must move on in life. He blesses him and disconnects the call. Karan was left speechless. He cries, and says how he must live by destroying their life.
Amrita calls Karan in worry. She then calls Babay, and asks her to go to Karan’s house and stop him if he has not left. Babay tells her that she will go there, now. Karan was sitting in his car, and leaves when Babay comes. She tells Amrita he has left. Amrita takes her things, Mrs. Kapoor stops her way but she promises to return soon.
Khushi comes to Kabir, and gives him medicines as per Amrita’s saying. She asks why her mama takes this medicine so much. Her dad said they must take it only 2 to 3 spoons. He says that his dad doesn’t let her mama go to doctor, and she coughs a lot. Khushi promises to bring her more of it from hospital. He smiles, when she has gone inside. He tells a friend he has brought it, they were addicted to it.
They come to mazaar. Amrita following Karan. Karan buys flowers, while Amrita goes to the flower shop, the owner denies. Karan says that all these are for you, Aryan. Amrita searches for Karan. Karan gets into a rush of people and moves on. She prays for Karan’s safety.

PRECAP: A gun fells off a woman’s hand, Amrita says she knows why she wants to kill Karan. The lady says she must know she won’t leave Patiala without taking his life.

Update Credit to: Sona

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