Hamari Sister Didi 13th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Dimple and Karan talk about achievements. Amrita comes inside. Dimple invites her, and asks did she get the coffee. Amrita says to Karan it is his injection time. She asks Dimple if she can get a half leave. Karan says for sure, she needs a break. Dimple leaves annoyed, while Amrita gives Karan injection. He asks what she will do at home, as it is only 2. He says that the other nurses don’t understand him. She asks what is the problem with her nurses. She says she is thinking about spending time with children and want a leave for one day. He agrees. She takes his house key, he teases is it for the maid-work. She says she has to check the locks, windows and doors.
The guard tells Amrita about someone’s breakthrough. Amrita gives him CCTV cameras to be implanted and be careful. She

comes inside, and shuts all the windows. The guard adjusts the cameras. Amrita checks the house, and finds a broken mirror. She thinks about joining the hole, she gives keys to guard and says tomorrow is her leave, he must take extra care.
At night, Karan comes to sleep, but wakes up by some sound. He goes to check what it is. He watches a cat, and says what is he doing. He sits on the sofa and thinks Amrita said he must not waste the next chance life gave him.
Sooraj is afraid of a cockroach, Khushi comes there and asks him why is he so afraid. Mrs. Kapoor asks what happened. She smiles looking at the cockroach, and asks him to come down. Khushi denies killing him. Amrita comes there, and kills the cockroach. Khushi teases Sooraj to be a coward. Sooraj shares an idea with Amrita, Mrs. Kapoor asks her to accept his idea. At night, they makes Khushi afraid of bhoot. She shouts, but they get her and hugs her. They all laugh.
Khushi wakes up at night, and tells Amrita she is hungry. Amrita suggests about noodles, they both heads to kitchen. Khushi tells her she had a fight with a friend, they can’t make up. Amrita says that one has to do anything for friend. Khushi thinks about Kabir. Amrita says that fb, is also kind of a directory. Khushi smiles that it is about like, dislike, doings etc. You can do a lot on a single page. Khushi leaves to sleep.
Someone knocks the door, Amrita checks out but there was no one. She heads forward, takes as wooden rod as protection and looks out someone standing out. She hits the man out, but it was Karan. She is shocked to see him, he asks why she kept that security on his house as the guard also came with him. He says he was getting bored. She says he could have called. She asks him for tea, or noodles. He asks to sit in the car, as it feels awkward.

PRECAP: Amrita reads a mail, calls Karan but he leaves. She thinks he is also going on a mazar today, and heads to leave. Mrs. Kapoor comes in her way.

Update Credit to: Sona

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