Hamari Sister Didi 12th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karan is worried if Amrita will tell everyone. Amrita thinks when will they hide the truth, what about Karan’s future. She thinks about telling mummy ji. She meets Veer and asks did he got removed Karan’s security. Veer says he wasn’t ready to cooperate, and asks did he say something to her. She was lost, he asks she is hiding something. She says she is worried about him. He says what can police do, he is behaving in a non-cooperating way, what he should tell his seniors. Amrita says they can’t be irresponsible, if he isn’t cooperating. Veer says why is she letting his job in danger, Karan will ask when he will need help.
In the ward, Amrita comes to Babay. She asks what happened to her, but she asks for the reports. She asks they have to get prepared the discharge papers,

Babay and patient corrects her that it is another patient. She says she will see to it. As she prepares the injection, she thinks about Karan. It drops. Babay takes her to a side, and asks what happened. She says she is a bit tired. Babay says she knows her when she even hadn’t her children. She never forgets her patient’s name, how can she mistake. Amrita says why is she making her worried. Babay blesses that God will solve all her problems, kisses her on forehead and leaves.
Karan comes to hospital, Bobby meets him and says sister didi told him everything. Karan asks what she told him, Bobby says that he approved of his leave. He thanks him. Karan says it is ok, and heads inside. Dimple gets him on his way, and asks did he see the news. Karan again loses his color, Dimple says government has boycotted the pharmaceutical company after raiding. He meets Mr. Sharma, who asks why he came here. Karan asks why. He says he must rest at home. Karan smiles, that he won’t strain himself.
Babay prays, when Amrita asks did she call him. Babay asks her to pray, she will find all her problem’s solutions in the religious book. She thinks that a truth has bound her, she can’t be quiet, nor tell anyone. She knows Karan who always cares for others, who is the Karan who took a life; whom shall she side. She opens the book, it reads time will tell the truth. She says she needs the courage to forgive Karan’s mistake, and the path of truth.
Karan was in his cabin when Amrita comes. Karan says what they talked yesterday, he wants to say about it. She asks what about it. She says she went straight home, and was with kids. He asks shouldn’t that bastard get hanged. She says he must get a bigger punishment than that, he will have to take care of himself, behave with others and live the opportunity life gave him; else she will again come to do become what she was. He smiles, comes to her, hugs her and says promise.
Kabir says to Khushi that if he had told her mummy that she should go to hospital, his papa would have scolded him, beaten him and mummy as well. It is better to stay quiet at their home. He notices Khushi for a while. Khushi says it isn’t like that, Kabir says mummy is still ill, he wants some more medicines without telling his dad. She was reluctant, but he says his papa will harm her and her mama too. Khushi says that her mama loves then and is like a friend but she can’t take advantage of her; she can’t help her anymore. Kabir says he will see to his problem, and leaves.
In the hodpital, Amrita was working at the nursing station, but couldn’t focus. She thinks when will she take the burden of this truth, Karan’s life in endangered. She thinks how will Veer give him protection, before knowing the truth. She was lost in corridor, that who wants to kill him and how she can save him. Karan comes to reception, and notices Amrita lost. She hits the bench, he takes her to sit on the bench and massages her bone. She says she is fine, he asks how is everyone at home, and aunty. She says all is fine. He asks why is she lost, she thinks someone will attack him again. She says how can she leave it, inspector Veer needs to know this. He says he doesn’t know. Amrita says there must be some enemity. He says there must be some, but ultimately what is written will take place.

PRECAP: Karan feels someone in house, and wakes up, heading to see.

Update Credit to: Sona

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